Udaan 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli dancing infront of Suraj and his friends on the song Namak ishq ka…. Chakor is leaving and tells Ranjana that she has to practice for national marathon, Vivaan has slept. Ranjana thanks her and sees Vivaan. Chakor goes and stops hearing Imli’s name. Chakor goes there and sees Imli dancing. She gets shocked and stops the music. She covers up Imli and looks at Suraj. Imli cries. Suraj asks how dare you come here, leave from here. Chakor asks what will you do, will you kill me, Imli will not dance. Suraj says fine, I will kill you. Akash says leave it Suraj, its fine we can get any other dancer, she is superstar runner Chakor, you can do anything later, now not. He stops Suraj. Chakor leaves with Imli.

Chakor and Imli are on the way. Imli cries. Chakor gets angry and

asks what were you doing there, I can’t believe my eyes, you were dancing infront of them, answer me, I know you changed a lot, but I can’t believe you become a dancer, you always answer me, tell me why did you dance there. Imli cries and says I did not wish to dance, but I had to dance, as I m bandhua, I have to do what I m asked to, I have to do slavery, I hate myself, I felt I m a toy, they were playing with me. Chakor cries and says I can understand your pain. She hugs Imli. Imli says its good you came to save me, don’t know what would they do with me.

They come home. Imli sleeps. Chakor sees the papers and recalls Bhaiya ji’s words. Its morning, Kasturi asks Chakor to come and see who came to meet her. Chakor asks who. Kasturi asks her to come and see. Chakor sees the villagers. She asks why did they all come. Chagan says they all came to bless you for your victory in marathon, when you win, the village will get freedom. Kasturi says yes, everyone has hope from you. Bhuvan gets a handicapped man there, and says some sad story of that couple, they all have hope from you. Chakor cries. The boy says my mum says I don’t need to work as bandhua when you win race. She hugs the boy. Everyone cheer for Chakor. Kasturi tells Chakor that you have to win this race. Imli shoots at the pots and recalls Suraj’s words. She gets angry recalling how his friends threw money on her.

Suraj comes to her and says I was finding you everywhere, I m talking to you. She asks what happened, do I have to beat anyone or shall I have to dance again. He says you danced so well, Chakor came in between, else night would have been more colorful, you entertained my friends, I will show you a movie, I booked cinema hall, won’t you have to come. Chakor looks on. Imli says I want to say no, but I can’t, I m your bandhua, I have to do what you say, I don’t have my wish. Suraj scolds her angrily. She says tell me time to come at cinema, I will come there on time. He says it seems you are not in your senses, leave it, we will go later. She leaves. Suraj sees Chakor.

Chakor waits for Imli and waves to her parents. She boards the bus. Imli comes running and asks her to stop. Chakor sees her. Imli shouts asking her not to lose, win and come, just win. Chakor smiles and nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yayyyyyyy weldone Imlu…
    Love Chamli..

  2. Amazing episode, chakor pls win this marathon with any cost……iam glad to see imli turn positive…….

  3. Happy to hear dat 4rm lmli via the precap..

  4. Very nice that suraj need a slap in the face an I hope chakor give him

  5. Why r u not update on you tube

  6. Nice episode. . Is udaan going offair???

  7. Y they are not uploading full episodes in youtube? ??? Or else where we can watch full episodes

    1. Hey dear….watch telenagari.com or desi tashan online vedios .

      1. Thank u so much dear…

  8. Suraj is a good badboy I kinda lyk his acting I don’t see anything worth being mainlead in Vivian I think aditya is far better then him

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