Gangaa 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma ji congratulates Niru. Sagar brought his wife home. He married Janvi. Niru is shocked. Amma ji says I know you have many questions but we will talk later. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t take stress. I am calling them inside. Just bless them. Sagar and Janvi come in. Niru looks pointedly at Sagar. Janvi touches Niru’s feet but he does not react in any way. He looks away when Sagar touches his feet. Niru asks about Ganga.

Ganga is sitting on the terrace teary eyed. She thinks of what Sagar did. I wont cry. I have to handle myself for Bappa and his dreams come what may. I wont cry. Someone pats at her head. She is relieved to see Bappa and hugs him. He says I always told you we have to aim for the real moon and not for its shadow. She says I was only doing that. My moon is Sagar. He makes her sit. The one who you think to be the moon is not the moon, it is just the shadow. He broke down before a situation only. Your Sagar is nothing but merely an illusion. She says he isn’t an illusion. I love him a lot. He knows it too. But this is only your wish to gain love. You are only looking at Sagar as someone thirsty for love. God is the real love. Understand the real love. You will be at peace then. Love lights inside us day and night and takes away all the darkness, all questions. Figure out that love and your real self. If you find it once then you wont need anything else. See your real self for once. You will be at peace then. Always remember, my brave girl does not need Sagar nor Babu nor vermilion or any support. You only have to look inside your heart to find all the answers. She looks at the moon. Her Bappa is not there anymore.

Niru finds it all wrong. What does Sagar want? Amma ji says only God knows. He wants to talk to Sagar. Something is going really wrong. She talks about court and its formalities. I have called Janvi’s parents. We will do the rest of the rituals once they are here. He still finds it wrong. She reminds him that he also wanted Sagar to marry Janvi. He says I only want him to be happy. Janvi’s father will not be able to forgive this insult. The world is small. Sagar’s career would have been finished. This is what scared me. Did that fear made me do something wrong? She denies. Everyone gets scared of many things in life including me, Madhvi and almost everyone. We all know Sagar does not love Janvi. He only married her in his madness. Let it be. Stay calm and accept it as soon as you can. He feels restless. Did Sagar again do something? She stops him from even completing his sentence. Pray that this marriage is successful.

Sagar is in the corridor when he comes face to face with Ganga. She thinks of his promising words initially while he thinks of her donating him to Niru. They both go separate ways.

Sagar comes to his room. He is taken aback to see his room all decorated. Madhvi and Prabha have done it. Madhvi asks him how it is. You did not give me enough time to decorate the room. Prabha says he stole the most beautiful flower of the world. Janvi smiles shyly. Madhvi is happy to see her in an Indian outfit. She puts kajal behind Janvi’s ears to ward away all the evil eyes. Prabha and Madhvi leave. Madhvi gives her the box of vermilion before leaving the room. Make Sagar apply it. This is the biggest indication of marriage.

Janvi asks Sagar to put vermilion in her forehead. He is about to do so but stops recalling marrying Ganga and his outburst later. Janvi tells him to go ahead. He comes out of his trance. What did I do? I got angry and took such a big step. What did I do in anger? He says Ganga and goes out of the room.

Ganga is sitting by the stairs when she hears Sagar calling out for her. She gets happy for a second but then goes in a room. She closes the door from inside. Madhvi, Prabha and Janvi look at them from upstairs. He bangs at the door. Open it or I will break it. She wipes her tears. She finally opens the door. He asks her to come. I have to talk to you. She stands in front of him as she says no. You cannot go past this. Everything between us got over when you married Janvi. We share no relation now. He asks her how she can do this. She reminds him that he did this. You broke it completely. He says wow. You put the blame of your act on me so easily. Listen to me carefully. It all happened because of you. She says you cannot cover up for your mistake wont by blaming someone else for it. He says you hurt me by donating me there. I wanted to hurt you the same way you did. I wanted to make you realise my pain. She asks him if he is happy now. I am indeed in pain but look at yourself. I told you not to marry Janvi but you went ahead with it. I told you not to take any step in anger which might destroy 3 lives but you dint listen to me. See where you have brought us now. You were stubborn since childhood but no one will be able to set this right this time. She holds the door when he takes her name. She says this door wont open for you now. He asks her to open the door. If you don’t open the door today then I will not come back before this door ever. She says that will be right for us. He leaves from there in anger.

Madhvi asks Prabha not to tell anything to Niru. His health might worsen. Prabha nods. Madhvi looks up and is shocked to see Niru standing there. Did he see everything? Niru goes in his room followed by Madhvi. Niru is in tears. What did I do? I only wanted to make my kids’ life and career better. I feel as if I ruined their lives instead. I am responsible for their state. Madhvi says I am more responsible than you for this mistake. I promise you I will set everything right.

Next morning, Ganga is getting ready. She keeps the vermilion box back without applying it. Amma ji throws a white saree at her. This is in your destiny.

Precap: Ganga says when you could not accept Sagar filling vermilion in my head. How did you think that I will accept it that I am a widow of someone who I never met or knew? I listened to everything that you said till now but not anymore. I will not follow any of your superstitions anymore. Amma ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I knew ganga will do such stupidity but sagar did even grater…. and sagar’s family is such selfish, jahan apna matlb dikha vo usse apne fayde ke liye use kr liya… i am happy pulkit ne (tarika galt apaya- partition nhi krna chiye tha) but usse ehasaas hua ki family is selfish.. I hope this tym Ganga should only fulfill her dreams and should have new life partner…

    1. Hellooo gangs did right thing. Sagar married janavi the he think about ganga.
      Gangs should forget sagar and move on in her life

  2. Mujhe boht bura lga jo Ganga ke sath huwa ab umeed ha sb thk Hoga

  3. Jo bhi huwa boht glt hogya

  4. Ruined a good show as usual idiot writers!

  5. mujhe lag raha hai gaanga he ammaji SE this kaha

  6. sri from Indonesia

    I hate this film.. And the way you wrote the episode is little bit confusing..

  7. sri from Indonesia

    Gangaa.. Just go out of that house.. How can she still live there after everything happens between her and sagar. An unshamed woman. Idiot!!!! Really a nonsense film…

  8. Ganga should have a new love

  9. Thank you for precap

  10. Must Ganga live with them? She needs to get out of that house and then Janvi will show her true colours to Mahdvi and Amaji. They will know what it means to have bad luck! Also reveal ratan and prahba’ deeds.

  11. Ganga should go from that house and should get over all this stupid people and situation…….. Sagar never deserved her……. But they still looked made for each other so much….. Writers have…….. Not happy with the story line for now…

  12. I think gangs should be with pulkar house instead of that niru house.

  13. Gangaa should go from that house and should get over all this stupid people don’t see sagar anymore stupid & crazy , and never forgive sagar , forget sagar..! I have this time gangaa fulfill her dream and should have new life partner …! I’m not happy with the story line for now….

  14. Now Ganga should move on her life . she should leave banaras and start a new life somewhere else and fulfill her dream

  15. I can’t watch gangaa being sad, I hope she moves out of that house and be comes a lawyer

  16. Very true….. She should leave that house immediately and come back after being a successful lawyer and pay back all the favors done by Chaturvedi family…. What do they think of themselves… Especially Sagar … Wo koi shahrukh khan ya salman khan nahi Jo sab ladkiyaan uspe marengie…. aur wo jab chahe jisse chahe shaadi kare ya pyaar kare…..

  17. It’s not Niru or Ganga or Sagar who is wrong. It’s the director and the scriptwriter who do not have the courage show something so bold as widow remarriage to be accepted by the society! Aakhir chaar log kya kahenge? Hai na? Director Sahab?

  18. Sagar does not deserve ganga. Ganga should become an IAS or IPS officer now instead of becoming lawyer and following footsteps of sagar.

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