Udaan 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel fixes the engagement

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The Episode starts with Naina joking with Suraj. She feels her dad is really good. Suraj says I wish he was really like you think, but he is a devil, who is planning to kill many people, I should find the silver bag. He goes to check the bedroom. Naina comes. He says the door was open, so I was closing it. She smiles. He asks him to have cake. Chakor calls him and says leave from there fast. Colonel reached Aazaadgunj to know about you and your family. He says I will come. He says I have to go for urgent work, try to understand, sorry. He goes. Naina sees the cake and gets sad.

Chakor falls in the mud. Udaan hai…..plays…… She gets up and runs to the village house. She says the house is so dirty, Colonel will doubt on us if he sees this, we shall clean it fast. Everyone cleans it. She

says house is ready. Suraj’s fake mum should come fast. Vivaan says we reached Suraj’s house. Suraj is on the way. The man says colonel reached here with Vivaan. Chakor worries. She says we have to stop Colonel. She asks a man to take a villager’s look and go out to find Naina. The man goes out and calls out Naina. Colonel stops hearing him. Vivaan thinks Chakor is smart, what a nice idea. The lady comes from back door. Chakor says all the best, come. She gets Abhay’s call. Abhay asks did you tell the lady about Suraj. Chakor says no, didn’t you explain her, what will happen now. Colonel greets the lady. He says I m Naina’s dad. She thinks Vivaan is Suraj and acts. She hugs Vivaan. Chakor says what will happen now.

Colonel asks is this your son Suraj. The says yes. Colonel asks what’s happening, you said your name is Vivaan, why is she calling you Suraj, answer me. Suraj comes and says yes, he is Vivaan. He hugs his mum and says Vivaan is silent to save my family respect, my mum has weak memory and does this mistake often, Vivaan no need to hide anything from Colonel, I respect him like my dad, Vivaan is like my brother. The lady cries and asks did I do anything wrong again. Colonel says its nothing to feel insults, its helplessness. Suraj introduces him. The man says Abhay wants to meet us. Chakor goes.

Abhay says you told us to get contact details from Colonel’s phone, you can get all details transferred to this phone. He shows her and says its easy, you have to take this phone to Colonel’s phone. She says we will get many such chances for data transfer. He says we have to know how is Colonel the marriage functions. Suraj asks engagement. Colonel says yes, do you want to marry directly. Suraj’s mum says kids don’t know customs. Colonel says engagement will happen, we will keep it tomorrow. Vivaan coughs. Colonel says I will invite you as well. Suraj asks what’s the hurry. Colonel says I know everything fast, get habitual to me. He gets a call and says I m reaching soon. He asks Suraj to come to his house tomorrow, he will manage all arrangements.

Chakor cries. Suraj says I told you its not easy. She says I m crying for Naina, I pity her, she has started dreaming for you, she loves you a lot, she is very innocent. Suraj says its not easy, I also feel bad for Naina, she is a nice girl, its tough for me to cheat her, when I think for the country, I feel we can’t think for one girl, we have to think for many people, I have sworn to serve the country. Chakor thanks him for reminding her the truth, we have to stop Colonel, Naina has to give a sacrifice for this land. Udaan hai…..plays….

Chakor gives the ring to Suraj. Suraj asks her not to come along. She says I will copy all his phone contacts. He says you aren’t coming, its final.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. You’re making the officers look stupid. I know Chakor is smart but it’s too far fetched seeing her telling them what to do, that was acceptable when it was about flirting but not about getting phone contacts.
    No wonder the colonel caught their previous officers, they’re so incompetent, how could they send the woman without showing her Suraj’s picture and briefing her about him?

  2. I was hoping to see more scenes between Suraj and the colonel.
    I hope the next three weeks are more than just Suraj busy in marriage rituals while Chakor is busy doing jassoossi work. I want to see Suraj involved in getting the briefcase.

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