Siddhi Vinayak 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi gets Vin out of Kundra House safely

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Siddhi Vinayak 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Family members are boggled as they fail to see Vin. Police says we knew you were hiding your son inside the house only. We will find him before he manages to escape again. Shankar insists that this isn’t the truth. Manjari joins them. She says he might be hiding inside the house. I heard his voice from inside as well. Police overhears it and heads back inside. Siddhi wonders what Ma is up to. Shankar does not want anyone to put false charges on Vin. He shouldn’t be found inside the house. Siddhi prays to Bappa to help her.

Inspector shouts for Vin. You wont be able to escape from here. Family members tell him that Vin cannot be here. Manjari insists that she heard the voice from inside only. They rush upstairs to check his room. Siddhi shouts after them that Vin is not in the house.

She follows them.

Vin is shivering badly inside the fridge.

Police does not find Vin in the room. Siddhi is relieved thinking that Vin would be hiding in the fridge then. What is Ma doing though? Does she know that Vin is hiding inside only? Constables check the vent also. They find a bloodied bandage there. Siddhi lies that this isn’t Vin’s but her bandage. My son is not in this room or house. They refuse to believe her. we will check the rest of the house. Siddhi is worried for Vin. Shankar says we must find Vin asap. Manjari pities Vin’s state. He will either shout for help very soon or he will die!

Police is checking in the kitchen. Siddhi prays to Bappa to save Vin. One constable is headed towards the fridge. Another constable drops something and Siddhi makes a fuss of it. They go out.

Kundra family follows police in whichever room they go. It irks police but they cannot do anything. Shankar scolds Inspector. You can do your duty somewhere else. Inspector tells him that they heard Vin’s voice. Don’t shout. Our Senior Inspector will join us soon. Shankar tells them not to speak to him in loud tone. He shows them the door. Few labours walk in just then. They have come to take the fridge. Siddhi is happy thinking she will now be able to take Vin safely out of the house. She guides them to kitchen. Gauri thinks Siddhi is only worried about her parents and fridge. She does not seem to care about her husband at all. Siddhi and Prachi go to kitchen. Manjari says the same thing to Shankar. Why does she have to go to her home at this moment? What’s the urgency? Shankar asks Siddhi about the fridge. Siddhi shares that Prachi got it for their parents. He nods. Vin is absconding and police is looking for him. We will send it later. Siddhi stays put. Shankar asks him if she understands what the situation is. Prachi seconds him. Siddhi mentally apologizes to him for countering him. I am sure you wouldn’t have said no if you knew the truth. She tells Shankar that they will take the fridge today itself. Manjari is unhappy to see Shankar quiet. What is she!

Senior Inspector tells them to stop. Do you think we are fools? You played Vin’s voice intentionally to divert our attention so you can take him out. Siddhi declines but Senior Inspector stays put. Manjari intentionally tells the labours to be careful. (He) will be hurt. Police questions her on her words. Senior Inspector demands to see the fridge. Siddhi asks him if he hasn’t seen an empty fridge before. Senior Inspector tells her not to tell them how to work. Manjari is happy thinking that Vin will be caught again. They open the fridge but Vin is not inside. Manjari looks angrily at Siddhi. How can it be? I saw Vin sitting inside on my own.

Siddhi tells Inspector that they trust law completely. I would have brought my husband to you if he was here. Can I take the fridge now? He apologizes for the inconvenience. Vin is dressed as one of the labour carrying the fridge out of Kundra House.

Flashback shows Siddhi going to the kitchen stealthily. She realises that the fridge is on and panics. Are you alright Vinu? She uses the knife and hair pin to break open the lock. I am here. You will be fine. Vin falls down on the ground. Siddhi says don’t know who switched it on and locked it. He tells her he is fine. Don’t worry. She tells him that they have really less time. You know what you have to do. Police is searching for you. Flashback ends. Siddhi thinks I feel as if Ma is responsible for Vin’s condition. Is this why she was trying to misguide police? Did she saw Vin going to kitchen? Siddhi and Prachi take the fridge.

Prachi is happy to be back home after so long. I feel at home. Siddhi thinks her drama will never end. I did all that to get Vin out of the house safely. Aai Baba aren’t here right now. A lady greets Prachi. Did you never think of your parents in the past years? Prachi says I missed them but I was busy. I am here now. She asks Siddhi to come. I have to surprise Aai Baba. That lady tells them that they haven’t returned from Kohlapur yet. Prachi gets sad but Siddhi knew it already. She takes a backup key from that lady. She praises Prachi on her clothes and jewellery. Prachi boasts of the price.

Shankar is thinking where Vin could be. Rajvir and Gauri are clueless. His voice was coming from here only but he was nowhere to be seen. Shankar calls Commissioner.

Manjari is angry as to how Vin got out of the fridge. Who opened it and how? How did Vin escape? How did he go out of the house if he was not in the fridge? Siddhi would have helped him for sure! She dint do the right thing. She ruined my plan once again. I will see her!

Precap: Siddhi and Vin spend some time together in Siddhi’s parent’s house. Manjari asks Prachi about Siddhi and gets to know that she is in Chawl. Manjari thinks Vin would be also there. I am coming to ruin things for you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Hmm, i do wonder if Vin will pick up the subtle hint that Manjiri is looking to throw him under the bus? Subtle but also obvious she does not have Vin’s interest at heart. Now that Siddhi suspicion has been confirmed, i am hoping she will point all evidence out to Vin, which he is aware of, but chooses not to see. Perhaps time will allow him to face the ugly truth of his step-mother.

    1. Glad to see that someone else watches and comments this show.
      Siddhi should tell him what Juhi said to her. Maybe even record what the little one had said. Also, she should investigate Manjiri’s photo with her real son. Boy, it will be so difficult for Vin to know what kind of a woman he considered his mother. The story is too dragged these few episodes… Manjiri always figures everything out…

      1. Summer

        Hi Jelena,
        Yes, good point. It would be really useful to have Juhi statement recorded. Manjiri is certainly becoming very bold, i think her 9 lives are almost up and it’s high time she is put behind bars.

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