Udaan 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli traps Chakor and Vivaan

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The Episode starts with Vivaan praying in temple for Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. He hears a tantric and goes to see. The man says my son is saying he is seeing some ghost. The boy says I really see a girl’s spirit. Suraj sleeps. Chakor thinks of his words and gets sad. Mahiya…plays….. She removes his shoes. He wakes up and asks her if everything will get fine between them again. She says yes. They have a moment. Her phone rings. He asks her to talk, she spoiled his sleep, go from here. She answers Vivaan’s call. He says come fast to temple, I need to talk something imp. She asks how can I come now. He says just come fast. She says fine. She says Suraj, I m going to temple, maybe Vivaan got some clue, I will come soon. He says then go, Vivaan has called you, switch off the lights. She switches

off lights and goes.

The boy says my mum is waiting for me, where is Chakor. Chakor asks the boy what is he doing here. Vivaan says Ankit has seen someone’s ghost. Ankit says I can’t take her name. Chakor says don’t get scared, there is nothing like ghosts, tell me who has seen you. Ankit says Imli’s ghost. The boy goes with his parents. Chakor says we should come here tomorrow morning, we will get clue about her, we have less time, Suraj will believe us if we get clue. Vivaan agrees.

Its morning, Chakor feeds Saanvi in hurry. Suraj argues with her. Vivaan comes and says I m ready. Suraj says so that’s why you are in hurry to go. Chakor says Saanvi isn’t having food. Kasturi comes and asks Chakor to go, she will manage Saanvi. Chakor says I have to go. Suraj says go anywhere you want. Chakor says its fine, once Imli’s truth comes out, Suraj will understand. She leaves with Vivaan. They reach the temple. Imli looks on and smiles saying I was waiting for you two. Kasturi gives kada to Suraj. He thanks her and calls her a magician. She says I didn’t make this myself, Chakor gave me its recipe. Suraj gets glad. Tejaswini comes to show function pics to Kasturi. She sees Suraj and says its nothing. He asks her to show. He sees Chakor and Vivaan’s pics and says I didn’t know about this Utsav. Tejaswini says Chakor called Shaurya for program. He gets upset. Chakor and Vivaan come to the room. He refuses to go in and asks her to go. She gets the black hood and red bag. She asks Vivaan to come and see.

Vivaan says it means Imli is here. They try to go. Imli locks the door and smiles. They shout for help. Imli says you have to spend the night here. Vivaan holds his head. Chakor gets shocked seeing him and asks what’s happening, just be strong. Suraj comes there. Imli says hero’s entry happened, now Ram Leela will happen, Suraj will be Ram, Chakor will be Sita and Vivaan will be Raavan. Chakor holds Vivaan.

Vivaan says this room will never open, we will die. Chakor says I m with you. Suraj comes in and sees them together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Safiya Hosein

    These ‘missions’ Vivaan and Chakor are on are becoming quite boring. The story line is dragging too much.
    Now I am really hoping that Suraj has been playing with everyone all this time just to weed Imli out by making her think she is succeeding in her plans. At least that will give the story a bit of a jolt!
    Maybe we can see a bit of a bromance and catch up between Suraj & Vivaan. After all soo many years have gone by and so many things have happened in both their lives. They are brothers right.

    There is no way Suraj could question Chakor’s character like that. He loves her way too much. And it was his idea for Chakor to help Vivaan and try to bring some normslcy back to his life.
    There are so many diversions, it’s confusing; firstly, Karan’s entry, then Imli’s return, Vivaan’s return, Vivaan’s captor ( who has not been spoken off since, & who Suraj & Chakor are aware exists), Suraj’s sudden jealousy of Chakor & Vivaan’s friendship……..

  2. why are they spoiling suraj”s character …

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