Udaan 14th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lakhan and his goons coming to take Chakor to haveli. Chakor says she won’t come till she gets education. Kasturi says leave Chakor, don’t take her. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to take Kasturi and send Chakor with him, else he will lose both of them. The goons tale Chakor. Sheru is on the way. Baa comes and stops the goons. Lakhan says its Bhaiya ji’s order, you don’t come in between. Baa says I won’t go, leave her.

Chakor says she will do hunger strike and will not go to haveli. Baa and Vivaan say they are with her, and she asks him to call Ishwar Rawat. She asks villagers to support her, as she is fighting for them. She says she does not want kids to become bandhua and get education for them, come forward. Bhuvan asks Baa to stop Chakor as no one will support her. Lakhan

says if Bhuvan is saying this, let us take Chakor. Chakor says she won’t go. Lakhan pulls Chakor and Baa falls, and gets hurt.

Lakhan gets worried and asks the goons to lift Amma, they will take her to haveli. Bhuvan says no one will come to help you. Sheru comes barking and bites the goons and Lakhan. Lakhan asks the goons not to beat Sheru, else Bhaiya will kill them knowing it. Chakor smiles.

The doctor checks Bhaiya ji as Sheru has hurt him. Lakhan calls Manohar and asks him to make him talk to Bhaiya ji. He tells Bhaiya ji that Sheru has come in village and is biting everyone, not letting us reach Chakor. Bhaiya ji says he attacked on me and now my goons, when dog forgets the loyalty and bites on hand who gave him food, it means he got mad and you know what to do. Lakhan says fine. The doctor hears this and get tensed. Vivaan comes and greets them, he runs to his room. Bhaiya ji says he also went with Baa. Manohar says he is just a kid, I will see him.

Vivaan calls Ishwar and Manohar takes the phone. He scolds Vivaan and says Bhaiya ji will kill you. Vivaan says let him kill me like everyone. He raises his hand and Ranjana stops him. Manohar locks Vivaan and tells Ranjana that even you want him to be away from Chakor. Lakhan aims at Sheru and asks Imli to move.

Bhuvan says if Chakor does not agree to us, we will also not listen to her. Kasturi says she will cure Chakor and asks Imli to treat her wound. They see Lakhan aiming at Sheru. Chakor comes infront of Sheru and says first shoot me if you want to kill Sheru. Lakhan says fine and aims at her. Bhuvan asks Lakhan to stop, he can’t kill Chakor. Lakhan says you take Chakor away, Bhaiya ji told me to kill Sheru. Kasturi says I will kill you of anything happens to my daughter. The goons take Bhuvan away. Lakhan says Chakor you won’t agree, then let this happen. They cry. Chakor stands stunned.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji her plan. Chagan comes infront of Chakor to stop his dad Lakhan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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