Udaan 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor performs in haveli

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The Episode starts with inspector saying if Chakor is behind the kidnapping, who has pushed her down the cliff. Suraj gets thinking. Anjor prays for Chakor. Imli and Gumaan come there. Doctor says we have tried our best, but we couldn’t save Chakor, she is no more. Imli and Gumaan smile. Suraj gets shocked. He cries. Mahiya….plays…. doctor says we have to send body for post mortem then you can take her body home. Imli says we are not related to her, we don’t care for her, you can throw her body in Ganga ji. Doctor asks what are you saying, we can’t do this.

Gumaan asks Imli to let Suraj meet Chakor for the final time. Imli says fine. They smile. Doctor asks Suraj about his relation with Chakor. Suraj says I have a relation with her, get the consent papers to claim body. He signs

the papers. He recalls his marriage with Chakor. Anjor comes to see Chakor. She asks Imli why did the red light get off, did Chakor get fine. Imli says yes, she got fine and went to her Lord. Anjor gets shocked. Suraj comes there. Anjor asks him about Chakor.

Imli stops Anjor and says we are also angry on Chakor, she has kidnapped your parents, I know you are worried for them, don’t worry, do as I say, I won’t let them die, I will find them. Anjor cries. Suraj gives her hand. Anjor holds his hand. Imli signs her to be quiet. Suraj goes with Anjor. Imli says I will give a last visit to Chakor. She sees Chakor. She says you really died or acting. She takes a pin and hurts her to check. She says you really died, Suraj wants to do your final rites, it will happen as I want. She goes. The goon signs Imli. He damages the ambulance’s control.

Chakor’s body is taken in the ambulance. The ambulance loses control and goes towards the cliff. Suraj, Gumaan and everyone get shocked seeing the ambulance falling down the cliff. Imli smiles. Minister says Gumaan, your family member left, Vatsala is upset, we want to postpone the marriage. Gumaan thinks I want to get license soon. He says no, we don’t want to delay. Minister says its not right to have marriage celebrations here. Suraj and Anjor come. Suraj says its not right to postpone marriage. He asks Girja to take Anjor, she will live with them, arrange her stay in guestroom. Minister says Chakor was this house’s bahu. Suraj says no, she wasn’t my wife, our house will not lose happiness because of her, marriage will happen on same date in a grand way. Gumaan says as you find right. Anjor looks on.

Anjor comes to beg Imli and asks her to give her mum back. Imli says you will get everything here, you want to go back, why, I m allowing you here just because of Suraj, I will free your mum after Mahendar’s marriage. After one week, Mahendar and Vatsala get married. They take elders’ blessings. Gumaan and Imli smile. Gumaan says I have called a special dancer to please you. The dancer comes. She dances on beedi jalele…… She lifts her ghunghat. Everyone gets shocked seeing Chakor.

Imli worries. Chakor finishes her performance. Anjor says Dandewali….. Suraj and everyone look on. Suraj stops Chakor and shouts Chakor…..

Inspector says she is not your wife. Imli checks the mole of ID. Chakor says I m not Chakor, but Sunehri. Suraj says she is Chakor, why is she doing a big drama. He asks Chakor to live in haveli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope we get an emotional Suraj in the flashback before Chakor tells him about her plan. I wish the show ran for longer so that we could’be got more Sukor tashan and emotional scenes, it’s so unfair.
    Hope we get more Sukor scenes in the next two weeks.

  2. I didn’t like the dance, it wasn’t shot well, but the episode was good. I hope they show Suraj’s feelings. I’m tired of seeing Suraj haters attacking him day and night.

  3. I watch the show for Sukor and Suraj and I’m disappointed by Tue, Wed, Thu episodes, they had a chance to show Sukor senes, or Suraj’s feelings or his bond with Anjor but instead we get stupid Ghumli and an unnecessary dance sequence that didn’t even look good.

  4. Why aren’t my comments from yesterday and today not being posted? They were not passive-aggressive nor foul in nature :/

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