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The Episode starts with Chakor getting ready for school. Abha asks her to have breakfast. Chakor says so much food, is anyone else coming. Abha says no, its just few things, have it fast. She says we have to go in race too. Aditya asks her to have food, as she wants to win infront of her family and should have strength in legs. Abha and Aditya make her have food and smile. Ishwar waits at Sitapur bus stop. Imli says leave me, I want to go to my parents. Girja brings her to stable and scolds her. Imli cries. She says your sister have run from here and you are paying for it. Imli says free me, I will stay with my parents. Girja says I will give you water and food if you stay quiet, else not. She locks her and goes. Imli cries.

Chakor and Adiya come out. Chakor greets car as she will take her to her

family, so she is saying thanks to it. Aditya says the car is going school. Chakor says yes, my family is coming there. Abha praises her. Chakor says lets go, we are getting late. They leave. She asks where is her family, as she is waiting for them. Bhuvan, Kasturi and Dadi cry at home having left Imli at haveli, thinking of Tejaswini’s condition. They dream of Chakor and Imli coming back home freely and smiling. The sisters have a talk like always, and they smile seeing them. They disappear and they cry. Kasturi says we have lost Imli too.

Abha calls Ishwar and asks did they reach. He says no, bus did not come, and people said bus often comes late. She asks him to talk to Chakor. Ishwar says your parents will come in bus, then we will come in your race, don’t worry, win the race and we will clap, all the best. Chakor thanks hm. Bhaiya ji calls inspector and asks him to fast and do his duty, to save Ishwar. He asks who is speaking. Bhaiya ji says the one who will do this accident. Ishwar takes Imli’s doll and smiles thinking about her words. He says where is the bus.

He asks the man. The man says bus never comes on time. The police leaves to safe Ishwar. A car comes and huts Ishwar, making him wounded and fallen on the ground. The doll falls aside. He thinks about Abha and promise made to Chakor. Chakor reaches the school and smiles. The people run to help Ishwar. She thinks about Ishwar’s words. Chakor asks Aditya about so many people present here. She says I will get old running here. Abha and Aditya laugh. Chakor says you always laugh on my words.

Abha asks Aditya to tell Chakor why everyone is here. Aditya tells about children’s day. Aditya tells about Udaan drawing contest. Abha thinks why did Ishwar not come till now and calls him. Vivaan comes there with Ranjana. Aditya stops Chakor and says Vivaan won’t see us, as his mum does not like us. Chakor smiles seeing Vivaan. Ranjana takes Vivaan and goes inside. Chakor meets Vivaan and says all the best for his drawing competition. He says all the best to you too. Abha tells Aditya that Ishwar is not taking call, don’t know whats the matter. Chakor says she will wait for them. Chakor’s family cries. The bus comes and Chakor says my parents will be in that. Abha says no, they will come in Ishwar’s car with him,

Arjun asks Chakor to go for race. She says she is waiting for her parents. Arjun asks her to win the race. Prabhakar informs Abha that Ishwar met with an accident and she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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