Gustakh Dil 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo teaching dance to Lakhi and others. Sagar comes and sees her. Lajjo asks them to dance and smile. Sagar says you are the best. He asks girls to take a break as he has to talk to Trishna and Lakhi. Lajjo apologizes to him for bringing Lakhi. Sagar says no, you are a good dance teacher, you have patience, I want you to go for shopping with Anjali. Lajjo says fine, and I will take Lakhi too. Nani tells Ayesha that she cried when Nikhil was born, as she was annoyed, she wanted a daughter and she did not see Nikhil. She says then Barkha explained you and made Nikhil wear frocks, you had a strong desire and when Lord is giving it, why are you not accepting it.

Ayesha says I was kid that time, but not today, I can’t regard Nupur my sister, its different. Nani says

no one can change this fact, its better to accept it. She says I have seen Barkha in you and Inder in Adhiraj. She says Barkha has broke many relations, she made Inder leave his family, as she wanted to accept what she wants. Nupur hears them. Nani sees her and asks her to come. She stops Ayesha and asks her to accept Nupur. Ayesha acts annoyed and says Nupur is new here and will learn things slowly. Nupur says I m ready to learn. Ayesha says I m ready to teach. She laughs and hugs Nupur.

Rina tells Saraswati that she will make tea for her. Nupur says she is going to her friend’s house. Rina gets glad. Nupur says she is getting late, but will come soon, Rina says fine, I will make tea just for you. Nupur leaves. Rina gives ginger tea to Saraswati. Saraswati keeps it saying its very hot, I will drink later. She says till then I will help you in cleaning. Rina says no need, I will manage, have tea first. Saraswati tries keep an eye on Rina and fools her. She thinks she will not let Rina do her work. She says she had the tea.

She says you made the tea good, I liked it. She says she is feeling sleepy and goes. Rina smiles. Lajjo and Sagar talk to Shalini about Jasmine. Shalini says Jasmine won’t listen to anyone, even I wanted to tell this to Lajjo, but I was afraid. Jasmine is with Nikhil and talks about the assignment. He says we will do it, and asks about her friend having cancer, did she meet her. Jasmine says no, I did not have courage. He says can I come with you. She says no. Sagar and Lajjo come and greet them. Jasmine is stunned. Nikhil greets them and says Lajjo you here. Jasmine asks the same.

Lajjo says we went for shopping, and came to meet Shalini. Sagar says sorry to interrupt, but can I use your laptop. Nikhil says ya sure, why not, I will just check battery. Sagar brings a secret pendrive and Jasmine sees it. She says she will get coffee and asks them to sit. She shuts the laptop and leaves. She gets coffee for them. Sagar shows the pen drive and opens the laptop. He says he has work and want to show something to them.

Rina smiles thinking she can do her work today, as this is the right chance. Saraswati thinks she won’t let Rina steal anything. She prays that Nupur comes soon. Nupur comes and stops Rina, saying her game is over and she can’t go anywhere. Rina says I m not going anywhere. Nupur asks whats in this bag. Rina says nothing. Saraswati says she has stolen things. She exposes Rina. Rina gets angry and puts knife on Nupur’s neck to run. Saraswati is shocked as Rina threatens them.

Sagar says did Jasmine give the good news to Nikhil. Nikhil asks what. Lajjo says Sagar wants to launch Jasmine in his next show. Jasmine says no, this is a lie. Lajjo says Jasmine agreed for it. Nikhil looks at her. He asks Sagar not to create misunderstanding between him and Jasmine, I think I m done with you, you can go. Sagar says fine, I will go, but before going, listen to us. Nikhil says I won’t hear anything, you can go. Sagar says fine, you see it yourself. He connects the pen drive in the laptop and shows it to Nikhil. The file does not come. Sagar is shocked and checks again. He says I had the recording of me and Jasmine’s talk, its all gone. Jasmine is relieved.

Jasmine blames Lajjo for everything and fills poison in Nikhil’s mind. Lajjo looks on shocked and slaps Jasmine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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