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The Episode starts with Chagan colliding with Ragini. He gets mesmerized seeing her and says you are very pretty, I m sorry. She says you are Lakhan’s son Chagan right, I was coming to meet you. He asks what, you are Mausi’s daughter. She says no, I m Ragini, Bhaiya ji’s daughter. He says you got grown up, I m glad seeing you, how did you recognize me, its been 10 years. She says how can I forget, my childhood was spent here, I remember everything, I want to know what happened in haveli after I left, will you tell me. He says yes, I will tell everything. She asks him to say.

Suraj asks villager about Ragini, and looks for her. Chagan says all this happened after you went. She says I felt bad for Vivaan and Imli, and Papa’s death, I m feeling strange, Maa is living like before. Chagan tells

Ragini that Chakor turned selfish, she changed a lot. She says I will see what I can do. He asks what will you do, you are also part of that family. Suraj comes there and scolds Chagan seeing him with Ragini. Ragini says leave him, Chagan is my friend. He takes Ragini along. She thanks Chagan and leaves.

She tells Suraj that he still believes everyone as his bandhua. He asks her not to believe anyone, did Chagan tell about Papa’s death. She says no. Imli walks downstairs and does work. She feels unwell. Chakor comes and cares for Imli. Suraj says we will take her to hospital. Imli refuses to go with Suraj, and says I will just go with Vivaan. Vivaan comes and asks Imli what happened. Suraj asks him why did he leave Imli, why did he take responsibility if he can’t fulfill it. Chakor says we can talk later, I will come along. Vivaan says no need, we will go. Chakor says some woman has to go along. Ragini says I will go. Vivaan and Ragini take Imli.

Chakor tells Suraj that Imli hates you, if anything happens to her and her baby, you will be responsible. Vivaan and Imli talk to doctor. Doctor tells them that Imli is fine, it was just acidity, they can see the baby through sonography, but they can’t say baby’s gender. Vivaan says boy or girl, it does not matter. Imli says I want to see my baby, I can’t believe this. She cries. Vivaan takes her. Suraj waits for them at hope and is restless.

Imli and Vivaan smile seeing the baby movements, via sonography. Chakor says nothing will happen to your child. She finds Suraj worried.

Imli and Vivaan smile seeing the baby reports. Ragini tells Vivaan that I got to know its Suraj’s child. He says its my child, I take care of Imli, I m happy seeing the child, not Suraj. Imli hears him and smiles. Ragini says no, I meant you are still same and helpful like before, you always be like this. She goes to call Chakor.

Suraj is angry on someone for sending less money and says Chakor won’t come if you don’t give total amount. Chakor asks him why is he getting Imli’s anger out on others. He denies it. Ragini calls Chakor and says everything is fine, it was just acidity, we are coming home. Chakor says its good news. Chakor sees Suraj’s childhood pic and shows him. She says you look like Bhaiya ji. He says so what, he was my father.

She says my Dadi used to say, child goes on mother and father, child gets even their nature, think if your son gets your nature, its good this won’t happen, Vivaan’s nature and smartness will come in him, it will be fun when you will see your son playing and growing, and can’t hug him. She tells about Lord Krishna, and says your child will regard Vivaan as his father, its good you rejected him, else he would have not got Vivaan as his father. Suraj gets angry.

Ragini shows baby’s sonography pics to Chakor. Suraj sees it and Imli takes it away, saying this baby is not yours. She scolds Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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