u r the one (Episode 4)


Next morning
swara boarded the plane ,after few hrs, she reached Mumbai,she without wasting a minute too k the address from the phone,went to the place.she didnt know that destiny is planning something for her.
she reached the place,she saw thesurroundings all were preparing ,and making aarangements for engagement.she went towards the entrance and saw sid and called out his name.
Swa:hey sid,how r u devil?where is bhai and others?
Sid:Sammie,atlast u came.im fine and bhai is in his room,getting ready,and others r in the hall.let
Me inform them that u came they will feel happy.
Swa;no,i want to surprise them,let us go inside and shock them.
Sid;nyc idea,lets go.

on other side,dp and dadi( groom‘s dadi and dada)were talking and dadi was lost in somewhere
dp;wat happened kakiji any problem u look so worried?
Dadi;nothing beta,actually im missing my granddaughter Sammie,i wish she was here,u know she was the one who was most excited for her brother’s marriage.
Dp;wat u have a gd?then wh y is she not here to attend her bhai’s engagement?
Groom:woh uncle,she has some imp work in London,so she stayed there.i also want the same,as a bro i want her to reach higher heights.
Dp;that’s so sweet of u arun beta
all were praising Sammie(all includes arun and his dada,dadi)while other family members including sanraglak hearing their praising wanted to meet Sammie.
suddenly a shout is heard,
swa:cutie,sweet heart, bhai look sammie is back,she literally shouted,she didnt noticed san there.
wen dada and dadi turned she was shocked to see dp,and she saw san and all other memembers her mom,her sis and etc.the whole world has stopped 4 1 sec,the same response was seen from sanskar’s side,while all others were shocked to see swara.
swara seeing them,went to her thoughts her mind got blank,she is about to fall down,in nick of time sid saved her from that,then he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the guest room.
san was fuming in anger seeing all this,but at the same time he was worried for swara so does the entire family.they were restless seeing swara’s condition,they were many questions in their mind,how did arun and his family know swara,how did swara was attached to them.but none of them opened their mouth.finally arun checked swara(as he is a doc)and stated that its due to stress she fell down.

after some time swara gained consiciousness.
Arun:how many times have i told u to not to take stress,but u never listened to me na?(angrily)
Swa:woo bhai,relax im fine now.hearing the word bhai adarsh was shattered.he thought that she gave his place to arun.
Dadi;never listen to others,sammie how can u do this,look at how tired u r?did u had breakfast in morning r not?
Swa:wah,cutie due to travelling na,i didnt feel hungry.anyways u r seeing me after a long peroid dont u hug me?acha ok im sorry,now pls smile(cutely wid pouted face).
Dada:now,if u ask soory this much cutely then we will fogive u,but for that u will be given a punishment.
Swa:now wat punishment sweetheart,see na im already tired,i think i have to take rest.
Dada:no punishment is compulsory,and it is u have eat the lunch now.
Swa;wat,no ways im not feeling hungry pl na sweetheart try to understand na.
Dadi:no sweet heart,no cutie,sammie u have to do thats it.no more comprise in health issues.
(they fought like they didnt even noticed that mm members r watching this,wen they noticed all r staring)
Arun:woo uncle,soory i forgot,this is sammie my sis no no more than a sis to me.actually she doesnot take care about herself,so u understood na.(pointing toward dadi)dadi u go and prepare some dishes,so that she can eat it,i will go and get some tablets,sid and dadu will go and arrange sammie’s room.saying this his family left while whole mm is staring swara affectionately.sumi was about to speak but intrepted by swara

Swa:i know u all r having questions in ur mind let me be clear,im not going to answer.i really dont know that u will be here,if i know that i would never come here.anyways leave it all,i dont want to creats any drama infront of bhai and others so it will be better if we remain silent and behave as a strangers.
Dp:beta,pls forgive us i know we did really wrong to u,im ashamed of it pls forgive us.(pleading tone)swara was not able to control her tears seeing dp;in such a condition.
Swa:uncle,pls dont feel sorry,and yes i have forgiven u all long back.saying this she wiper his tears.for a moment all became happy but their hapinees was short lived.
San;swara,pls forgive me i know i hurted u a lot,now pls come bak to me we will start a fresh life.
Swa:u r mistaken mr.maheshwari,im not that stupid swara who is madly inlove wid u,she has died 2yrs ago,now only Sammie exists.
Sujata:but chori,u only said that u have forgiven us.
Swa:aunty yes its true i have forgiven u all,but i dont want to come along with u,i have suffered a lot and i dont want to suffer again.so its better if leave things as it is to avoid complications,and also i dont want my bhai and others to know my past,its an humble request.(pointing to dp)uncle leave it all,forget abt past,think abt present for u im ur soon to be son in law’s sis and that is the relationship bet us.so let it be.if i hurted anyone pls forgive me(by folding hands).
shekhar was abt to say something,
swa:mr&mrs.shekhar gododia it will be better if we dont speak itself.
Shek:shona,pls im ur father,ur baba dont do this to me.
Swara:listen.mr.gododia ur shona has died 2 yrs bak,now dont shed urs tears for her.
meanwhile arun enters the room,seeing him all wipe of their tears
arun:now my sis will eat byimy hand.he feed her by his hand.
Swa:by the way today is ur engagement na,when it is going to start?
Arun:at evening 6pm,but y r u asking this.
Swa:actually,i need to attend a imp meeting a1 3pm so….
Arun:no ways u r not fine,i will not allow u.
but she continusoly pleads him,hence he agrees but on 1 cond that sid will com wid her.
every one watching their bonding was amused and left the room.

Precap:swasan working together…

Credit to: naina

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