U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 3 Ragsan by suma

Hello ppl here is the new part and next will be os on Ragsan
After 2days
All students are waiting with their presentations in seminar hall and Ragini is waiting for Yash to come

Yash , lift the call seminars are going to start where are you??

After half an hour presentation are started and Yash still didn’t reached the college, Ragini was fully tensed and came out of the seminar hall and searching for Yash

Suddenly she dashed with one muscular body who is coming forward ,it’s sanskar coming opposite to her after attending a  call …..by that hit she fell down

” Can’t u see properly and walk ?? ” She shouted

” U mad woman ,u hit me and again u scolding me ??” He countered back

” You r mad , not me ” she said while rubbing her hand

” Did You just called me mad ?? “

” Oh, I thought u r blind …but now I understand u are deaf too ” she said

” How dare you ?? “

” Ok, we will talk about my dare later…now give me Ur hand …what a human , you are!!!!a innocent girl fell down and u just blabbering with out picking me up “

He looked around

” What are u looking for ? “

” Innocent girl ” he said

” Is it funny ?? “

” No, seriously I’m looking for a G.I.R.L who is I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T “

She got up and by rubbing her bum she started scolding him

Soon he holded her by gritting his teeth and she scared by his sudden act
” You , stupid girl ….don’t you know with whom Ur talking ” he said coldly

” Ummm…No ” she said innocently

His voice got cool by her innocence look,  he loosened his grip on her hands and for the first time the great sanskar maheswari felt something in his heart for a girl …just a beat got skipped ❤️
Soon he composed and said
“Sanskar Maheswari ”  he said

“San…San…sa…” She is stammering after listening to his name

What did u done Ragini…he is the one Yash told me….Omg now infront of him I have to give the presentation and I behaved this way…for sure he will complain to principal and I will be punished ???

” It’s not San…San…it’s sanskar…sanskar maheswari “

She is sweating now…He looked at her and said

” No, no need to be scared “

he handed over the kerchief to her ,She snatched and wiping her forehead with that kerchief
He is looking her like a miracle or just to say something in her is hypnotising him towards her….

By then one hand grabbed ragini and both ran to seminar hall

” What the …” He shouted

” Who the hell is he?? “


” Yash, wait…y r u dragging me ??”

” Uffooo ragini , we are late for presentation ” Yash said

” U came late and now u doing action , this is not fair Yash “

“Sorry sorry ” saying he kissed her cheek

Here one hand is fisted seeing them , it’s none other than Sanskar ..soon both ran to seminar hall and placed in their positions and then entered sanskar there

He watched all the presentation and only accepted Ragash (Ragini-Yash) ,Ragini is shocked as how he accepted her presentation after her drama with him
Mean while Yash is happy as he proved that he is smartest one and they both got internship in maheswari industries

Poor Yash didn’t get why they got selected for that company ???


Ragini moved towards sanskar leaving Yash there

” Ragini, where are you going ??” Yash asked

” I will just come Yash “

She walked to sanskar who is already watching her

” Thanks sir ” she forwarded her hand

he placed his both hands in pockets and said
” No “

Attitude sala???

” No for sir…u can call me sanskar ” he said

” Sanskar ?? But why should I call u by name ” she asked

” Because I wanted to “

” You have attitude from ‘Ur tip of Ur hair’ to ‘toe of Ur foot ‘ “

” I know ” he smirked ? like someone complimented him

She huffed by his smirk and moved towards Yash

” See u after a week ” he smiled at her

How to get her to me….if I ask her to be with me what will she reply yes or no…huh…how could anyone say No to sanskar maheswari ???


#Ragini home

You are right yash, he is full of attitude….”

” Whom Ur talking about baby?? ” He holded her through waist and dragged her and made her sit on his lap

” That maheswari “

” Uffooo Can’t we talk anything romantic now leaving Maheswari a side , from the time he left…u said this for ????? like 100 times “

” Hmmm….vaise toh, he selected us not keeping that in mind “

” Maybe he understood “

” What?? ” she stood up

” That u r mad ” he raised his eyebrow

” Yeah I’m mad…go …go and marry any other girl ” ??????

” Awww baby ko Bura laga …..sorry ” he said holding ears ????

” On knees ” she ordered crossing her hands across her chest ???

” Ok my highness ” he knelt down and asked sorry

” Accepted , but don’t repeat it…next time punishment will be serious “

He smiled and she chuckled at her and hugged him

#Maheswari mansion

” Ramu Kaka , I’m so happy today…..”

” What happend sir ?? “

He glared at him

” Sorry sanskar beta , what happened?? “

” I met an ? angel today….with her presentation our company got the deal and Mr.Donovan signed for this project after 3 years Kaka, this struggle just got ok after I met her ”  sanskar shouted in happiness

“Who is she beta ?? “

” My angel , my lucky angel Kaka “

” God bless u beta…I will make something sweet to eat “

” I’m happy….I’m so happy….Kaka what do u want anything ask me Kaka , except that and u know what it is , I will not say No today ” sanskar is shouting in happiness

” I wish I could ask u that…I don’t want anything other than that beta ” he said

He went out and sat with John

” I met my angel John….I met my angel….I will never let my angel go like she did …” He hugged the dog

He spent sometime with John and came in when Ramu called

” Beta sweet ” he handed over the sweet

” Kaka, I want her ” sanskar said without looking at him

Ramu is shocked as she is not any thing like to bring with him as he did with John…she is human and she will not accept and first what will he say to come with him like his boss asked to bring ?? If he bring her here by telling any reason…she will leave after some time but this man will kill him …what to ask… definitely he will kill him if he didn’t bring her and she will  beat him if he bring her here as which dumb girl will accept to come ???????

Lord Krishna aap bachaona mujhe issse plssssss ????????????

Ramu Kaka, did u heard me ?? “

” Beta, mere ear ko kuch prblm hai ….ye subah se kuch baath sunaye na deree ” he blurted out

He stood up and neared him and said

” I want her ”
Soon he gulped his saliva and looked horrified at him

” Now, u heard me ,I understood  “

” Beta , she is not a thing to get her….she is human…”

” Toh….remember , here  it is sanskar “

Toh….uss ladki ke pass ja Kar bolo…??? What u get when u said infront of me

” Beta…girl will not come that easily…and if you want her to be with you…u have to win her heart and marry her and bring her home and keep with you “

” Process is very big ??? Any alternative ?? “

Literally Ramu imagining himself as beating himself for not able to answer his questions

” It’s a girl life beta “

” Mmm….one thing is clear if I mark anything mine…it should be mine ? she is my angel ”
He smirked and left to his room and opened a bottle of alcohol and said cheers to himself and drank it and slowly dozed off in chair , aftersometime Ramu came to his room and made him sleep on bed and closed the door ?


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