U R mine forever Episode 5

Hi guys so this is my next episode

After 2 Years..

Ravish got a job in USA and he settled there only..

Here vividha completly came out of ravish thoughts and decided not do love marriage and she dont want to select a partner herself.. She want get married to a guy whom her parents select.

And she is enjoying her job life but always feel that something is missing in her life..
One day she went home for a vacation
Uma : acha beta time has came now for this discussion
Vividha : maa what discussion maa??
Uma : about ur marriage
Vividha : what to discuss about that ma its all ur wish but plz dont take this topic till next year i dont want to get married this much early im just 22 now
Uma : ok beta as ur wish we will never force u .. I just asked because i want to know either we have to search or u already selected ur own ( smiling face)
Vividha : nothing like that ma u have to search smiles and hugs her

And vivida comes back to office and one sunday she is going to shopping on her julia(her scooty)..

And suddenly she sees 4 old people standing on road with confused faces and its summer and its mid day temparature is above 40…
Vividha herself: oh god there is no place to stand under roof for them and they are very old its so hot its not good for them.. will do some thing ..And goes to talk to them
( they are illiterate people but for readers understanding will use english for their dailogues also)

Vividha : dadaji why r u standing here r u new to city?? r u waiting for anyone ??
One of the old man : ha beta we r waiting for our chotu he is like our grandson.. He said do to call him when we reach this place but we have only one cellphone and dont know y it is not working .. We came from village to meet chotu can u see this phone once beta plz
Vividha : ok Dadaji dont worry i will check
and takes the phone and she got to know that battery is down and the phone got turned off
Vividha : dadaji this battery was down come we will go to that hotel i think u dint have ur lunch yet and its soo hot outside and we will wait there for ur chotu ok
those people see each other faces and then
Old man: oh its ok beta we will have lunch at home this hotel look so big may be they dont allow people like us na no problem our chotu will come u carryon beta thanx
Vividha : y dont they allow u please dont talk like that please come with me not only chotu im also like ur grand daughter will u come with me or not
And they agree and they are having lunch
Vividha : acha dadaji do u have chotu phone number i will call him from my phone
Dadaji : no beta i dont remember he has saved in phone and he taught how to call him
Vividha: ohh Ok
and she asks hotel people did they have charger but they says that its old phone we dont have that type of charger and dadaji says i said my wife to keep charger but she forgot..
Meanwhile atharv trying to call some one but its not connecting
Atharv : ahh dadajii what happend to ur phone y its not connecting did u reached or not shall i come or not
Raman : beta what happend
Atharv : papa dadaji and dadi bua and our village people are coming here right i said them to call me when they reach main busstop but their phone was bot connecting what to do now
Raman :cool beta im going on that way only now i will reach there with in 10 min if they are waiting i will pick them up if not i will ask the info about their bus and will inform u ok
Atharv : thank god u r going papa im thinking that if i go to busstop if they come to home directly what should we do .. Now its fine If they come home i will be here only na
And raman leaves and atharv still tries to call them

Vividha asks the relationship between chotu and them
Old man: beta he is son of one of our village girl called sujatha .. And because of their family all our village people are living happy our chotu is a business man and he has taken the responcibility of our village 5 years back and he is helping lot of formers and poor people and they constructed hospital school water plant and more for our village . Now we came here to invite them for our grand daughters wedding
Vividha herself : woww how sweet these people are and who is this chotu he has same type of thinking as me .. I also wanted to adopt a village after 3 years but he is doing since long nice
And vividha pays the bill
Oldman : beta y ur taking burden for us and its getting late dont waste ur time for us u please go na
Vividha : dadaji ur chotu is doing soo much for u cant i do this much small thing for u ?? come i will book a cab for u and u said that u have address paper na give it to me
Old man : beta cab… Its so costly right no need of that we will walk just tell us the route and gives paper to her
Vividha reads the addres
Atharv sujatharaman,
House no 145
Prajay hills,
Vividha smiles for their innocence : dadaji its 10km from here u cant walk and cab is not costly and i have a free coupon so u can go with out paying( she thinks that she can pay online and as their self respect may get hurt if they know that she has paid bill and they cant afford cab fare)
old man : oh is it ok beta thanku so much for ur help and u also please come to our grand daughtrs marriage i will tell chotu to bring u with him
Vividha : smiles ok dadaji and Atharv sujatharaman it is ur chotu’s original name right? and his name it is quite different
old man : ha beta ur right .. Its our chotu’ s name and he added both his mother and fathers name thats why its looking different..
Vividha herself : how sweet he is..
And cab comes and vividha informs driver that dont tell them that is a paid raid and i have paid online already …Tell them its a free ride and vividha gives her mobile no to them
Vividha : dadaji just call me when u reach home safely ok dont forget and bless me
touches their feet
Old man : be happy always beta if u didnt met us today we dont know what happend to us…Bye

Precap: atharv himslef: wow how sweet she is she dont know who r they and she sent them home safly with her own money and i need to call thank her

Atharv calls vividha…

Thanks for ur support guys…Sorry if any spelling mistakes occures

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