U r Angle of Light n Me King of Darkness ! How v will b toughter ? – Raglak Intro

Hello guys its me Kristen sory 4 not posting my ff but i will sure post n this is my new ff i write frist time this type of ff love story with supernatural fantacy so plz support me n comment

Laksh- king of dark world very powerfull heartless,rude but kind always helps poor people loves his sis swara every1 respect him also Angle world bcoz of his loyal habbit

Swara-like his bro but naughty n has a special powers if she touch any1 got to know everything about them n gives immsen pain to any1 from his eyes

Ragini-angle of angle world n failear in magic lovely daughter of king n queen shemish love laksh secretly no1 knows this except his friend sanskar

Sanskar-friend n protecter of ragini know everything about her n love swara but scard to say bcoz of laksh he has power to read mind n seeing future n he see laksh n Ragini toughter frist time when he meet laksh

So how they vill meet n their love story start u got to know in episode n ya i will also include villain who they u got to know latter


  1. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Omg omg omggggg dr
    ……its soooooo interestnggggg!!!ahhh!!i loveeeee supernatural storiessss soooooooooo soooo soooooooo muchh…thnku very much for dis dr….loved raglak 😉 wohooo laksh d king of dark n rags an angel woowweeeeee….itsss damnnnn amaznggg!!!m eagerly waitng for it!!keeeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉

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