U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 27)

Back with the next epi! I want comments…… or else i will end at 30th episode…..simply….but i may end….who knows…..just comment guys…. even a blank comment makes me happy. I can atleast no the u read my ff. So readers do comment. N now with the episode….

At the gym
Twinkle ran searching for yuvi. She dashed a guy on her way.
Twinkle: ouch! Have eyes behind ur head or what?
Guy: im sor-rr-ry…
Twinkle looked up. The guys eyes were covered with bangs.
Twinkle: remove those bangs!
She sided them with her hands. The guys face was revealed. He had golden eyes with a fair complexion. He was tall. But not as tall as yuvi.
The guy tried to run away. Twinkle caught him.
Twinkle: dont need to run away from me.
The guy turned. His face was red. Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle: oh my! Ur face….
Guy: sorry!
Twinkle: u dont need to apologize…..whats ur name? Which section?
Guy: abhimanyu….section 4….
Twinkle: wait ur in my section…..but i dont no you….
Abhi: i dont stand out so much so…..
Twinkle: oh….my name is twinkle! Nice to meet u!
She keeps her hand forward to shake. He blushes but shakes hand back.
Abhi: nice to meet u too….
He leaves hand n runs. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: weird guy!
Yuvi: even i think so…..
She turns around n is shocked to find yuvi there.
Twinkle: when did u come monkey man?
Yuvi: i was always here. From wuen u banged with abhi.
Twinkle: u no him….
Yuvi: ya….he went to same school….but the fact here is that u dont even no name of ur own classmate….hahaha….so dumb…
Twinkle pinches him.
Yuvi: ouch!
Twinkle: first a goof n then dumb….im gonna kill u!
Yuvi runs. Twinkle follows. He enters sport room n hides behind basketball rack. Twinkle enters. She starts to search for him. She sees him move. She catches him. Sport incharge comes. He sees peeks inside. He doesnt check room n locks it. Twiraj get shocked.

Back at taneja house
Anita: very good! I am proud of u! I no u could do it!
Leela: so he is ur bff’s son…..does yuvi no about him….
Anita: no….maybe he knows his name…..
Leela: ok….best of luck abhimanyu puttar!
Abhi is shown. He smiles along with anita n leela.
Anita: now he will divert twinkle’s attention n as per i no yuvi cant tolerate his gf with other guys will breakup with her.
All laugh together.

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  1. |Registered Member

    Typical serials….gr8….evil leela….aww….twiraj ko judaa mat karo….aww….continue soon…

    • Risa



      twiraj to kabhi juda nahi ho sakte…..not at all…..meri ff mein jo twist ayega…..believe hi nahi kar paoge 😉

  2. Yashasvi


    |Registered Member

    this anita n leela..ohhhhhh god…….. yrrrrrrrrrrrr risa y rn’t u commenting on my ff yrrrrrrrr r u nt liking it, or it’s being boring day by day……….

  3. Maanvi

    Amazing!!! Sorry didn’t comment in previous episodes as I’m in USA and need to go here and there and will return by 5th July so won’t be able to comment till then but I’ll make sure to read ur ff. Add 1 comment in ur ff from my side

  4. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Arrreee..baba re seedhe seedhe dhamki ….sahi hai lagi raho …lollzz
    R haan don’t think to end ur ff ..smjhi or else I’m not gonna leave u..

    These mom’s urgghh!!! can’t leave Twiraj alone …again nd again creating problems for them …
    Nd if again thought arise in ur mind to end ur ff …then do read my comment… love u nd I’m always their to support u my frnd

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