TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 2

kunj was shocked to see the butterfly tatto on her back shoulder and spoke “princess jasmine”
twinkle stands up and was little angry and said dont you have manners,aand who is this princess jasmine?”
K “woow what a tatto.where did you have it?”
T “i dont know.i never asked from my dad about it.”
K “never ask dad means what?i mean is it on your back shoulder from your birth”
T “i think yes but why are you asking?”
K “ no one has a tatto like this”kunj was in a deep thought and feels something fishy
kunj pov

it is the same tatto which the mugals give threir girls when they are born and that style shows that she is a princess,it means princess jasmine.but how i need to find out and for that i need to go to her home
suddenly twinkle brokeup his thougts and said that “today i am having a party at my home.i had invited the hole college so come
k “ok i will surely come byeeeee”he said smillingly

at home twinkle is getting ready.her maid gives her a red dress which is very beautifull
she take a bath and comes out in a pink towel.she dries her hairs while singing song
all the time a pair of eyes were admiring her.she stands up and sings (to itni khobsuraat hai)while dancing.she take of her towel she was wearing a one piece shirt but very short and goes and wear he dress while the eyes who were gazing her was gone.

in the party everyone was waiting for her espacially kunj
just then his lady comes down the stairs.everyones eyes were locked on her

she was wearing this gown and open curl hair,red lipstick with matching ancesories
kunj pov
she is really princess jasmine,i mean her style her choice she even sings good dances good every thing like princess .just perfect.but i need to conferm

he goes to Mr kapoor and said she is lookimg beautifull and what about that tatto.where did she had this? mr kapoor was a little scaredon this question and sweats badly which was noticed by kunj when twinkle also join the conversation kunj asked about her mother while twinle again starts crying and goes.while Mr kapoor said to kunj
M “plz kunj never talk about her mother, i had told her that her mother died but even i am not her real father.(heraing this kunj was very happy)i just found her one day and i dont have anyone in my life and now she is my life.
K “its ok . i will take care of her.”
saying this kunj write a long email to someone and told everything about princess jasmine is alive and i am bringing her back to home.
he reached twinke room and saw her crying but he agined his strentgh and said
K “twinkle i am sorry i am doing this with you but i have to do this so you can meet your mother”
saying this he injects something in her arm and she falls unconcious.

he jumped from the window with twinkle like a hero and safely took her out of her home without being in the eyes of bodygards
kunj and twinkle are in a water ship and twinkle is still unconcious.her hairs fall on her face but kunj sey them aside
kunj and twinkle are in helicopter and its snowfalling twinkle gain semi concious and asked “how are you?” and again fall unconcious while kunj said “first know atleast who are you!”

then some man are shown in a black and red suits having sworlds in there hands with a paalki

kunj make twinkle sit in that and then the man took that up and started to walk .while going kunj was just admiring her.
next scene
twinkle is in a room but a very diffrent room.every where is traidional things

nobody was there in that room
T “ head.its paining.kunj kunj kunj.where did you brought me dammit”
she looked at herself and was just like “what the hell is this”
she was wearing a saari but like jodha is waering i uper picture and very haevy jewelry.she tried to stand but she was feeling her shoulders are about to fall and then break.just then two sodiers came but twinkle fight with them with her martial arts and beat then very badly(remember she is green belt in kraty)but it was very difficult for her to fight in that antire when lots of girls came in along with two men with kunj also.twinkle took up kunj collar and asked “where did you brought me.what kind of place is this and why all these girls are looking as aleins and who is this man and what is this place”lots of questions were running in her mind when a girl came and hugged her tightly and siad “i am your mother jasmine beta”
twinkle was shocked

PRECAP:twinkle fun with jodha akbar

sorry i tried to paste pics but i am unable to do that.if somone can help me as most of the readers must be confused with the things

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  1. Hehe! Original concept!!! Loving it?

  2. Baby

    mishaseher amazing episode osm post nxt asap acha cn u tell its a twinj ff? ryt

  3. Angita


  4. Fan

    Awesome epi yaar..loved it..btw a small doubt..the mughals r still thr in india??..i mean like akbar n jodha belong to the present century? ?

  5. Aamu

    hey sorry cant able to cmnt on previous
    it was just amazing,wonderful,awesome
    do cont asap

    1. Aamu

      i think u r misha who had wrote a ff before it u?
      ff name…i think i hate u something like dat…
      its only a guess

  6. Kruti

    Amazing?continue soon

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  8. Hey.. I love ur concept.. it’s amazing.. do continue soon ☺

  9. Mishaseher

    yes it is a twinj ff and try to remember when some english men also vcame in the last of jodha akbar with some mordern slike they dont wanna those stuff.and i dont write i hate you but i read it.thanks for your lovely comments
    love you all

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