Twinj: When I fell for you: Season 2: Episode 2

Greetings all you lovely people… Heartfelt gratitude for all the love and support that I’ve been receiving for this story… You guys are seriously the best!! You always manage to make my day!! Thank you very much!

Twinj: When I fell for you: Season 2: Episode 2

A quick recap: Twinkle, Pari and Simmi prank Yuvi, Kunj’s return

“Mumma… Mumma… Please wake up!! I’m so hungry!!” Simmi’s sleepy voice woke up Twinj. “Simmi…! It’s two in the night!” Kunj protested, sitting up lazily, while Twinkle was still rubbing her eyes sleepily.
“But I’m hungry Papa!!” Simmi argued, while Twinj sighed. They knew there was absolutely no point in trying to convince her. When she was hungry, she was capable of turning the whole world upside down for them.

“Let’s go then” Kunj spoke, giving in, while Simmi excitedly clapped her hands, jumping off the bed. Even before Kunj could get off the bed, she was off. He turned around and looked at Twinkle, who was about to go back to sleep. “Siyappa Queen!! I’m not letting you sleep comfortably now!! Your daughter has ruined my sleep anyway” Kunj declared, pulling her blanket, which she pulled back with such force that Kunj landed right on top of her.

Twinkle opened her eyes wide immediately. She was a little surprised to find Kunj so close to her, since she didn’t remember what she had done in her semi-sleepy state. Kunj winked at her, and placed a kiss on her forehead. “What are your intentions, wifey?” He whispered, and Twinkle pulled him into a hug quickly, so that he wouldn’t see her blushing, which would lead to him teasing her.
Kunj then got off, and pulled her too, reminding her that Chhoti Siyappa Queen had run into the kitchen all alone, and was very much capable of creating a big Siyappa if they didn’t go after her.

They walked into the kitchen right in time to find Simmi about to drop some utensils. “Simmi!” They called out in unision and rushed to her. She put her tongue out, and winked at them, earning glared from both of them.
“Simmi… You never listen to me when I ask you to finish your dinner… And see! We need to make something for you at this time of the night, losing sleep…” Twinkle began her motherly lecture, but stopped when she saw Kunj looking at her with a ‘Seriously?’ kind of expression.
“What?” She asked immediately, “We?” Came the reply. “Oh alright, Papa has to make something for you” She spoke, quickly correcting herself, making Simmi giggle.

The mother-daughter duo sat at the nearby table, watching as Kunj worked his magic. When he had finally finished cooking, he turned around, bringing Simmi’s favourite noodles, but was disappointed to see that both of them had dozed off right there.
“Simmi? Noodles?” He asked, hoping his efforts wouldn’t go in vain. “No Papa… Sweet dreams” Simmi uttered in her sleep, while Kunj smacked his forehead. He decided to put her back to bed, now that she had fallen asleep, and picked her up.

When he returned, Twinkle was nowhere to be seen. “Twinkle?” He called out, trying to keep his voice as low as possible, not wanting to wake the others up. Soon, two hands from behind covered his eyes. He smiled as he pulled Twinkle to bring her in front of him. “Not feeling sleeping now?” He asked, while she nodded in a no. “Noodles?” He asked, offering her the plate he had set for Simmi.
They sat down at the dining table, eating the noodles, when Twinkle spoke, “Kunj!! Bhabhi is coming home tomorrow, right? Why don’t we make something special for her?” Although she sounded pretty excited, Kunj knew something uncanny was coming up.

“We?” He asked again, raising one eyebrow, while she laughed. “Yes, we.” She replied, and continued, “Kunj… When I see you cooking all of Simmi’s favourites, I realise that I too should learn cooking, but I never find the time… So, would you teach me?” Kunj listened admiringly and smiled at her.
“Let’s make Bhabhi’s favourite pastry, and…” Twinkle’s list sounded endless to Kunj. “You want to make all that now?” He asked, while Twinkle gave him a ‘You are so silly’ look. “Of course! What else are you going to do now? It’s 4 already…” She spoke matter-of-factly, and he couldn’t agree more.

Kunj began teaching her, and soon they were having fun together, Kunj enjoying the silly questions she asked, and mistakes she was making. “Finally! Whew!! The kitchen is a world in itself… Who knew!” Twinkle exclaimed, jumping to sit on the kitchen counter, having ticked off all the items on her list.
“Well done! You are a good learner!” Kunj spoke, pecking her cheek. Twinkle leaned in to return the gesture, but Raj walked in right then, causing them a huge embarassment.

(In case any of you has forgotten, Raj and his wife too live at the Sarna mansion)

“Twinkle? My goodness!! The sun must have risen from the west today! You are up so soon?” He asked, chuckling as Twinj let go of each other’s hands quickly, and Twinkle jumped off the counter. She glared at him and explained how they had been woken up by Simmi, and how they decided to cook since they were already up.
“Ya… I can totally see what was cooking” Raj said teasingly, while Twinkle hid herself in Kunj’s embrace. “Oh love birds!! This is the kitchen! Public place people!!” Raj spoke again, and this time Twinkle ran away, after hitting him playfully.

Later, as they all gathered for breakfast, they had a visitor. “Rahul!!!” Twinkle screamed excitedly, and the two besties quickly shared a hug.

(Gosh! I had missed this character so much!)

They turned around when they heard Kunj muttering something. “Mumma! Papa says, Lo! The jealous villain guy of my love story” Simmi declared, while everyone else burst out laughing.
“Kunj!” Twinkle called out, giving him a warning look, and the laughter doubled.
Kunj laughed it off, and hugged Rahul. They too had become thick friends, but the teasing and fun had never really gone away.

“Hello everyone! What is all the laughter about?” Yuvi asked, as he walked in with Amaya and their little princess. Before anyone else could speak, Simmi and Pari rushed forward and hugged each other tightly, as they repeated, “I missed you!” and “I missed you so much!”
“Uffo Drama Queens!” Yuvi spoke, nodding his head, reminding the girls that they had met just the previous day. They both looked up at him, and then at each other, before they spoke, “But still we missed each other”, making everyone go spellbound.

“Bhaiyu… Guess who cooked today!” Twinkle spoke excitedly, as she served the food. “Definitely not you” Yuvi said casually, munching on his food. “It’s so delicious after all” he added, while Twinkle watched, evidently annoyed. “Jiju! You are so dead” Kunj whispered, and soon enough, Yuvi had to apologise to Twinkle, tired from running, since she had chased him all around the house. Everyone else had a hard time controlling their laughter.

“Di… How’s your health?” Kunj asked as he sat down beside Amaya. “I’m good…” She said, and then quickly added, “Kunj, don’t you think my baby will need someone to play with?” Kunj looked up at Twinkle, who had gone all red, noticing all the eyes focused at her. He winked at her with a questioning expression, while she simply looked on, unsure of how she should respond.

That’s it for now guys.
One of the main reasons I wrote Season 2 was that I wanted to make up for all that we had missed in Season 1.
Hope you all liked it.
Lots of love ???

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

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    amazing twinj daughter hehehe post soon ?????

  3. Kiya1234

    Superb love each and everything babes ????????????
    amazing twinj daughter hehehe post soon ?????
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  4. Hi ananya Di loved it and specially the last part twinj were so embarrassed and bechara kunj has to cook and twinkle is enjoying may God give all of us a husband like him loved it take are post soon love u

  5. Aamna_2690

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    Episode was Super Duper Amazing ❤❤
    Little Simmi is to cute ??
    She woke up twinj at night for food late at night and when finally kunj cooked for her she slept ??
    Then twinj vure conversation , their little fun and happy moments were super cute ??
    I so loved Raj’s teasing here ??
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  12. Awesome amazing fantastic episode dear
    Twinj & simmi scens fabulous
    Last scene soo cute dear

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