Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 5

Hello everyone… Thank you so much for the response I’ve been receiving on this story… Although it’s not as great as I had hoped, it’s really special… And if you guys aren’t interested in this story, please let me know… I’ll atleast be able to devote more time to the other one…

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 5

A quick recap: Leela gets Twinkle to agree to get married to Kunj, Kunj receives a call informing him of an accident

“Ma!! Ma…!!” Kunj managed to call out, wiping the tears streaming down his cheeks, as he rushed through the corridors of the hospital.

(Surprised? Wait for it…?)

Seeing Usha sitting on a waiting chair outside a ward, her head lowered, one hand bandaged, shocked him. “Ma..? Are you alright?” He spoke slowly, cupping her face, making her face him.
“Kunj!” Usha spoke, breathing heavily. Kunj looked at her carefully, noticing all the wounds, small and big. “Ma…” He began to speak, but didn’t know what he had to say.

“Kunj… What have I done?” Usha spoke, knowing where his thoughts were leading to. “Alisha… Poor thing!” Usha uttered, and looked up at him to observe his reaction. She noticed how disturbed he sounded. Meanwhile, Kunj’s mind drifted back to what he had heard on the call.
“Mr. Sarna? I found this phone at the site, and called the first number I found on the log. The owner of this phone has met with an accident… She crashed into your mother’s car, and both of them appear to be seriously injured…” The caller had informed him. When he had asked the caller if he was sure, the caller had confirmed the news to him.

“Alisha…” Kunj uttered, his mind going blank, as he realised he hadn’t paid much attention to the fact that she wasn’t around every since he had seen his mother. “Kunj!! It’s all my fault…” Usha spoke, and was about to explain herself, when a doctor stormed out of the nearby operation theatre.
Kunj stood up immediately and rushed to him. “Doctor… Alisha?” He managed to question. “I’m sorry to inform you Mr. Sarna, that the patient has suffered many deep wounds, and the accident has put her in a trauma. We might have to send her to a rehab facility for some months until she recovers, so that she doesn’t harm herself or others accidentally.” The doctor’s words left Kunj dumbstruck. He sat down on one of the chairs with a thud, and tears flowed down his cheeks, all over again.

Usha stood up immediately with a victorious smile. “Check mate Alisha!!” She muttered, wiping away her tears. “Mr. Sarna… The patient was drunk. In fact, our paramedics even informed us that she was driving on the wrong side… I believe it would be better if you would handle the cops, else this could cause you huge problems…” Another doctor informed him, while Kunj quietly nodded.
“Haww Alisha!! What is all this about? You were drunk? Tch-tch!! Although this wasn’t pre-planned, you’ve turned things further into my stride…” Usha spoke to herself, but continued her pretence of being hurt when Kunj turned to her.

“Kunj… You were going to get married to her… She was going to be my daughter-in-law… What have I done? It’s all my fault…” She began, while Kunj held her hand, quietening her. “She was drunk ma… Besides, she was driving on the wrong side… None of this is your fault” He spoke emotionlessly, while Usha hugged him tight, consoling him.
Usha recalled how she had some men pull Alisha’s car to the wrong side, and destroyed proofs, after she had intentionally rammed her car into Alisha’s. She had made sure the work was done before the paramedics or other people arrived at the scene.

“I’m so sorry Kunj… But I know too well of how Alisha had no genuine emotions for you… She was interested only in your name, fame and wealth… And when I saw all my attempts of bringing her truth in front of you failing, I had no other choice… Besides, I had no much time either… Please forgive me…” Usha’s thoughts were screaming, but she couldn’t utter a single word.

On the other hand, Twinkle and Chinki walked down the stairs together, while Leela waited for them in the living area. “Twinkle, I need you to understand this… Kunj is a very nice guy, and…” Leela began to speak as soon as the girls had seated themselves. “Ma.., I’m ready to get married” Twinkle declared, cutting Leela short. Leela seemed to be dazed momentarily, but then, her bright smile returned, and she caressed Twinkle’s cheek, exclaiming how happy she was that Twinkle had agreed. “I knew that my lovely daughter would definitely understand and agree. I had also already assured Usha Ji that she could go ahead with the preparations…” Leela informed them.
Twinkle turned to Chinki and whispered, “You were worrying needlessly… Ma had confirmed the alliance to the Sarnas” Chinki nodded at her, but didn’t seem convinced. Twinkle then placed a hand over Chinki’s, and nodded assuringly, making her smile.

“Twinkle, Chinki!! What are the two of you whispering about? Did you listen to what I said just now? Usha Ji has just sent me a message that the engagement shall happen tomorrow evening… We have so many things to do… Let’s get to work quickly!!” Leela’s voice brought them back to the discussion. Twinkle’s happiness knew no bounds..! She was finally getting married to the prince of her dreams… So when Leela asked the girls to go and pick a dress quickly, Twinkle was finally more excited about the wedding than Leela herself was, bringing Leela a feeling of contentment.
Leela had never wanted to force her daughter to get married, and seeing Twinkle chattering happily about this and that calmed the rage her mind was at with her heart.

Meanwhile, Usha had got to work. She picked up her phone as soon as Kunj was within hearing distance. “What!! Engagement? Tomorrow? But who is giving you all this news?” She enacted as if she had been speaking to someone.
“Kunj! Thank goodness you are here… When did you announce your engagement? And why didn’t you inform us?” Usha asked Kunj, who looked at her blankly. He didn’t remember saying anything like that to anyone for that matter. “I did?” He asked back, to which Usha showed him posts on his own social media page that made things public, giving him yet another shock.

Usha then indicated someone to get going. Immediately, Kunj received a message from his producers. They had congratulated him in advance for his engagement, and also warned him to stay free of any controversies, lest he should end up losing any more opportunities.
Kunj looked up at Usha helplessly. She pretended to think for some time, and then suggested something, which Kunj violently opposed. She then went on to explain some more things, and after a long, deep discussion, Kunj spoke, “Alright then. I’m ready to get married”

That’s it for now guys.
Coming up soon: The engagement
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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice episode omg usha is too clever twinj engagement happing??plz post soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! The next episode will be out soon!

  2. Kiya1234

    Marvellous ????
    Episode yaar..
    waiting for next episode sorry for short comments??

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Kiya! The next episode will end out soon… It’s alright my prince charming ?

  3. Omg Di it was so interesting and tragic can’t tell u how much I waited for the episode plss Di pllssss post soon and abhi school shuru ho Gaye Hain so shyad less comment but don’t worry Di u r going great plsss psot soon love u take care

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hello Sia! I’m really happy that you liked it! Thanks k you very much!! The next episode will be out real soon… Love you too ??

  4. So amazing!
    Nice concept , loving the plot☺️
    Plzz post soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Aahsin! I’m happy you like fit! The next episode will be out soon..

      1. Ananya_DSK

        *liked it! Damn you autocorrect!

  5. Sameera

    Salute man ✌✌✌✌✌
    Loveddddd it soooooo much Yaar ..
    Seriously saying loving usha more n more by each episode she is really smart ??
    Made Alisha out of her way so smartly ..
    Twinkle should learn something from her mil
    Kunj said yes for the wedding ..
    Oh my god increasing the curiosity more n more lovedd it ..
    Post soon ???????

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Sam!!! It means so much coming from you!! Thank you very much! I agree that Usha isn’t exactly the hate-worthy kind of villain?. I guess I’ll let Twinkle remain innocent for some more time.. The next episode will be out soon!

  6. Great update dear.
    My thought was again right that accident would be of Alisha. But I didnt think of Usha being involved in this.
    Finally, Usha is a good mother and I’m glad to know this.
    Can’t wait for “The engagement ” episode.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Vibhu! I’m glad you liked it!! Like I said, you have amazing guessing skills! The next episode will be out soon… Stay tuned

  7. Awesome chapter

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Riya!

  8. superb man,
    usha is so smart, she is playing very smartly …
    kunj too agreed for marriage Thats going to be fantastic…
    post next soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Yashika!! You keep me going! Usha’s character is some what cool I guess! The next episode will be out soon!

  9. SSK

    Perfect, brilliant episode. Usha’s planning was perfect and now Twinj’s engagement, waiting eagerly for the next episode. The story is taking some great turns. Plz post soon dear. 🙂

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hello Sakshi! Thank you very much!! I’m happy you’re liking this! The next episode will be out soon…

  10. Superb fantastic awesome episode dear
    Usha ke kya kehne yrrr
    Plzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u dear

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hello! Thank you very much!! I’m glad you liked it!! The next episode will be out soon… Love you more ?

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