Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (episode 3)

I’m very sorry guys for the late update.actually a had my revisions so could not continue with my comes the engagement SPL epi.
Its morning.twinkle is still sleeping. Priya comes and wakes her up.
T: mom,y so early?
P: early ahh? Its already 9:30 now.have u forgotten its ur brother’s engagement today.come on wake up fast.
T: mom, y r u pestering me as if its my engagement today?
P: haan.. Its it( suddenly realising wat she was abt to say) I mean…its ur brother’s u have to look beautiful na? Now enough of arguments wake up and get ready.guests will be arriving soon.
Twinkle unwillingly gets up and goes to bath.then she comes and Priya gives her a new dress. She wears it and does her makeup.she is looking gorgeous with tat golden and pink lehenga and loose hair.she goes down.after sometime the engagement ceremony starts. Abheer and meher exchanges their rings. Out hero has already arrived and was talking with yash.

Suddenly a voice comes “so buddies,,don’t go anywhere the real masti and entertainment is gonna begin now.” Lights off”. It was none other than aakash( twinki’s cousin) and Samar( kunj’s lil bro). The lights go off. And after sometime the spotlight glows on ‘ABHI THE ROCKSTAR’. He starts his performance. He sings various romantic songs like tumhi ho,galliyan,sanam re,dheere dheere etc… Then starts the SPL Punjabi dance by professional dancers. Meanwhile twinkle goes to change her dress as a kid spilt juice on her dress. When she goes to her room.someone pulls her and closes the door.its yuvi.he comes closer to twinki and hugs her.he says ” see I won my challenge.afterall I’m Yuvraj luthra and no one can beat me in challenges” into her ears.
Twinkle pushes him and says” by the way mr.Yuvraj luthra u haven’t completed ur challenge yet. Remember wat u said.u said tat u ll dance with me in front of everyone.but u didn’t do it”.
Y: ohh so tats the’s not so difficult.I ll do it.
T: then go ahead.

Yuvi goes.actually he was dressed like a dancer so tat noone could recognize him. Twinkle changes her dress and goes more dance performance starts.yuvi is dancing in tat crew.a dancer pulls peehu and dances with her.yuvi does the same with twinkle.he says into her ears” now is it OK.I completed my challenge fully.” Twinkle smiles.the dance gets over.
Now the mike goes to ram and he starts to speak.he speaks abt vikram and neha.the relationship between the two families.
R: we have done two marriages between our families.end now its time for the next one.
Everyone looks on.
R: ya we have decided to marry my lovable daughter twinkle to my best friend’s son kunj.and today on this SPL occasion,we have decided to do their engagements too.
Twinkle, kunj,yuvi and Maya ( she is also present there) were all the others are happy.ram calls them to come and exchange rings.they hesitate. Raman and ishita pushes them.they goes to stage unwillingly. Twinkle thinks” ye sab kya hai babaji.I didn’t expect could I marry a person whom I hate to the core.BT there are so many people here.I could not stop this and insult my family.I have to do this for my dad’s happiness. Kunj also thinks the same.they hesitantly exchange rings.everyone claps and ram calls them for lunch. Meanwhile yuvi fumes and leaves from there. Twinkle cries seeing this.kunj doesn’t know wat to do and leaves from there.chinki comes and consoles twinkle.

PRECAP: twinkle calls kunj and speaks to him kindly for the first time.he is surprised.

Frndss I don’t know whether Im going gud or not.plss comment.and if you want me to do any changes plsss tell me.I’ll see to it. And sorry I forgot to say you tat Maya and kunj loves each other deeply.Maya is very kindhearted and polite.twinkle and Maya also know each other as she is also abheer’s friend.kunj is only 2 yrs elder than twinkle.plsss do comment guyzzz plsss.I ll update the next one soon.

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