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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(24)


Twinkle’s room-
she was so excited today as she is going to roam freely today without any disturbance n ofcourse with her SLAVE of one day (ha ha ha)
she was so excited..
now clock shows 8 Am .. she is ready n is waiting for her mr. sadu. but he didnt come yet.. she became irritated thinking whether he will come or not..
she thought to call him n remind him about her condition.. she picked her phone n called him..
tw- (irritated) hey mr sadu… dare not to forget about our deal..
k- oh hello syappa queen.. i didnt forget anything.. just comming..(more irritated)
tw- first stop calling me syappa queen..(angrily) i m not any syappa queen.. samjhe..
k- ha ha .. i wont stop calling u that.. its not ur condition get that..(funny tune plays)
twinkle gets irritated n befor cutting d call she asked him to come withing 15 minutes otherwise condition will extend upto one more day..
k- (call cut) what the hell.. samajhti kya h khud ko.. (rushed towards his car grabbing his keys..) (frustated )
[ ha ha.. he was already ready or office but becoz of twinkle’s call.. he has to go there]

On the way to twinkle’s hostel-
k-(called someone) listen neha.. cancel all the meetings of today n please manage the project of mr verma for today.. i need to go somewhere urgently..
neha(his pa)- okk sir..
k- cut the call n rushed to twinkle..

on the otherside twinkle was ready n was eagerly waiting for kunj aka his mr sadu..
she was roaming here n there in her room .. suddenly she herd the horn of car n rushed to balcony n saw that sadu was standing n honking his car’s horn to signal twinkle..
she saw him n rushed downwards..
she went n sat in her car n asked him to drive..
k- oh madam.. dont u have sense.. u need to ask the person first to sit in his car..
tw- oh hello mister.. for today .. u r my slave.. so i need not ask permission from my slave..
k- (haww expression) composed himself
till today no girl had the guts to talk to me like this.. but isse deko.. mujhpe apna hukum to aaise chala re h jaise m iski personal property hu..(mummering)
tw- (lost in watching herself in the front mirror) kuch kha tumne..
k- nhi nhi madam.. kuch bhi to nhi.. meri itni mazaal ki m aapko kuch kahun!! (irritated but not showing)
tw- hmm.. good for u.. vaise i m impressed with ur behaviour.. mujhe to laga ki tum aate hi mujhe ghagda karoge.. fir mujhe tumhe apni condition fir se yaad dilani padegi.. but i

m impressed ki tumhe apne aap hi kuch akal aa gyai..
k- (mummering) jitna udna h ud le syappa queen.. sirf aaj ka din h tumhare pass.. fir m bataunga tumhe.. itna torcher karunga nna ki nahi yaad aa jayegi..(funny tune plays)
tw- jo bolna h zor se bolo.. kya apne man me hi ghun mun .. ghun mun karte rahte ho…
aacha ye sab chodo aur jaldi chalo.. i m very excited to roam mumbai..
wow kitna maza aayega na..
k- mimicking her… maza aayega na..(funnily)
tw- whatever..
k- aab bologi bhi ki kha jaana h..
tw- pahle hum log kisi aache se cafe chalte h coffee peene..
k- aab maharani ke nakhre bhi h.. cafe jaana h..(slowly.. not audible to tw)
to tw- hmm okk.. whatever u say miss hyness..
tw- hmm good.. now go..
he drove towards ccd.. she was continuously watching otside window n feeling the cool breeze..
screen freezes…

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