Girls On Top 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha comes home, slaps the door and shouts at Rave how dare she insult Sahir, why is she interfering in her life. Rave insists this decision effects their sisterhood. Isha tells Rave she can’t live without Sahir, their relation is already so fragile but because of her Sahir left and she couldn’t tell him about her decision. She never understands and is the same selfish Rave. Rave was offended and shouts back. Gia stops her but she leaves, telling them to do what they want to. Isha heads towards her room.
The next morning, Isha was jogging. Sahir comes to underground dancing club and dances alone. Isha jogs alone across the city. In the office, Isha gets a call and asks Azher if he came to know about something, she shares her worry. Azher assures to tell her as soon as she comes to know. UC shouts at Isha to send the videos, else tell the producer her priorities are something else. Isha comes to argue UC why he gave Sahir a leave, she can’t manage the work without her complete team, he must learn to stand by his decisions now. UC leaves irked. Isha gets Guru’s call, he wanted to ask her for something. He asks if she has taken a decision, Isha says she took one last night but Sahir left without knowing. He shares Rave’s worried. Isha says that Rave must first set her own priorities.
On the set, Azher tells Gia that this is only girl’s problem, first they push boys then complain. Gia asks him about Sahir, Azher says Sahir isn’t a child, he needs space and when he feels better he will return. She then turns to talk about Isha, Azher interrupts if they are here to talk about others only. Gia apologizes as she didn’t realize. She looks towards him and says he hates this, so much blood over his face no matter its fake. Azher suggests to wipe it, she looks down. He asks if she is afraid to come close to him, she denies. He hands her cotton and stands close to her. She wipes the blood off his lips, both share an eye lock. She asks him again to talk to his director change his character, she complains he never consider her opinion. Azher qualifies this isn’t opinion, this is interference.
Isha was cooking when Gia enters, her phone was ringing. Gia asks if she came to know about Sahir. Rave comes ready to leave, she informs them about going to Shekhar. Gia questions her clothes. Is she changing her dressing sense for Shekhar, Rave argues it’s her choice. Gia tells her to look at herself, Shekhar is controlling her and she is getting manipulated. Rave insists she is changing by her own will. Isha says this is the brutal truth that she is doing it for Shekhar. Rave tells Isha to stay away from her decision and concentrate over her owns. Both girls look at Guru watching them.
Sahir ignores Guru’s call at night. He watches the list of his conversations, Guru had sent him a message that he needs his help as Rave is involved with Shekhar. He was confused and wanted him and Azher with him. Sahir now takes Guru’s call, Guru cheers and wants to meet him. Sahir tells him he is out of city, and doesn’t know about his return. Guru says he is also leaving the city, they will meet again if its in fate. Sahir insists on him to stay for a few days. Guru wasn’t ready, Sahir forbids him tell anyone and calls him in the underground area.
Sahir shouts in frustration, then dances. He notices a hand over his back, Isha stood there. Sahir drops his hands, and turns to face Isha. He asks if Isha didn’t even leave Guru, and used him to black mail him. She is so Isha, Isha qualifies everything is fair in love and war. Sahir asks what this is, love or war? Isha tries to hold his face, he holds her hand in the middle. Isha asks him to come home, Sahir asks if she wants him to come, is she coming his home with him? Isha’s grip loosens and she cry. Sahir says she is taking her decision. Isha nods, tears roll down her eyes. Tears roll down Sahir’s face as well when he asks if Isha isn’t shifting with him, and she nods again. He backs up, forbidding her to say anything; right now they are done, over. He repeats, it’s all over, never again. He stops Isha from moving to him, and forbids her come close to him again. He leaves Isha crying.

PRECAP: Sahir was frustrated and throws everything. Ashima shows Isha a letter where Isha was stated to be associate producer and not creative director, Sahir hears this from his desk. Azher wants Gia to remember their first official kiss forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

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