Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 23)


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She Uv gets an call from twinkle
Uv : twinkle where r u ? Do u have any idea as to how much I was tensed for u ?
Person : actually the one through whose phone I hve called u has met with an accident
We r taking her to the hospital… plz try to reach there as soon as possible
He tells him the name of the hospital where she is being taken to
Uv is shocked to hear this and drops his phone
He hurries up and accidentally collides with kunj
He looks at kunj angrily and leaves
Kunj thinks
Where is uv hurrying up and y was he this tensed ?
I hope twinkle is ..
Uv hurries up to his car and drives it off
Kunj follows him
Uv is very tensed for twinkle and drives the car fast to the hospital
On the other hand Kunj is following uv …All of a sudden an lady tries to cross the road and kunj tries applying brakes but the car’s brakes have failed and he turns the car to the side and hits another car at rest
Ppl gather at the spot and takes kunj out of the car on time
The 2 cars burn up
Kunj is hurried up to the same hospital
Both twinkle and kunj are kept on the stretcher and the they move it towards each other
Kunj and twinkle’s hands meet as the stretchers r taken in opposite directions
Both are taken to the operation theatre
Uv reaches there and asks for twinkle
The person asks him if he knows her
Uv : yes how is she
Person : she has been taken to the operation theatre
Uv sits on an seat outside the operation theatre and cries badly
He calls leela through the hospital Landline and informs her about twinkle’s accident
Both twinkle and kunj are getting operated simultaneously in 2 different OT’s

Meanwhile shanaya gets an call from sm1
He is the same truck driver due to whom twinkle met with an accident
D: ur work is done madam
Sh : good job and what about that kunj
D: don’t worry madam even he is hospitalised
She cuts the call and smirks
Sh thinks
So sorry twinkle but u left me with no option
U have to die for my happiness as leela is only my mom .. only mine
But don’t worry the 2 lovers shall die together
Fb is shown
Shanaya fails the brakes of kunj’s car
Fb ends
I knew that kunj wd surely run after that twinkle no matter how much ever angry he wd b on her
But unfortunately now the 2 lovers wd bid an goodbye to this earth
Shanaya laughs evilly

Usha is informed about kunj’s accident
Both leela and usha go to the receptionist and enquires about twinkle kunj
Both r shocked to see each other
B4 they cd speak uv comes to them
Uv : twinkle is in OT, but r u doing here usha aunty ?
U : my son has met with an accident because of this twinkle
1st my maya and now kunj’s all because of twinkle
L : how can u tell like this daughter is in OT and u r saying all this
Uv : it’s not the time to discuss who is right and who is wrong
Usha goes to the OT in which kunj is being operated and sits on an seat outside and cries
Maya comes there and consoles her and even she cries
Operation is done and doctor comes out
L : doctor how is my twinkle?
D: she is out of danger but due to the accident her brain has got injured badly .. M sorry to say but she has an memory loss
The doctor from the other OT tells the same to usha
Both are shocked on hearing this
Uv consoles leela and maya consoles usha
Uv : when can we meet twinkle
On the other hand maya asks the same thing
The doctor replies after they gain consciousness but make sure they don’t feel any sort of stress
Both doctors leave
Episode ends at leela’s and usha’s crying faces

Precap : shanaya tries to kill twinkle in the hospital

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. Ohhh shit…..accidents ki toh line hi lag gayi….but sanam u r a born writer…..amazing…..muaaahhh????

  2. Please ni memory losss pleasssss do something..

  3. plz yaar kunj ka mmry loss mat karvana he was at mistake he shud go thru the pain too
    sry if i say beyond my lines

    1. exactly kunj shuld not lose because he should also go through same pain in which twinkle had gone. and I know ur a good writer so u hve other twists and sorry if I had gone Beyond my lines

      1. guys am extremely sorry for hurting u ppl but I used this concept so that I cd unite kunj and twinkle in an new way by they trying to recall their past
        once when twinkle gets to know her whole past , their love and then his betrayal kunj will have to go through the same pain as twinkle won’t forgive him that soon
        thanks 4 ur suggestion

      2. I totally agree with sanam….. U r fab…..

      3. Thank u rashi for understanding me

  4. Ur storyy… So creative… I hope this happen in real. . There will b a twist in the tale 😀

  5. oh my god!!! both of them have lost their memory …..sanam ur storyline is awesome but please don’t separate them

  6. awesome plot sanam…it is mindblowing………loved it

  7. hey…. plzzz dont say srry… really i m nt hrt at all….. ur concept is new and a bit different n I liked ittt… I just thought dat twinkle will forgive him easily. thanks for clearing my doubt n srry if I hurt u…. sry… n I love ur ff…. sanam

    1. no don’t tell sry
      well u just wanted to clarify ur doubt

  8.’s going on amazing…superb..can’t wait to read the next episode..hey can you check out my friend bella’s story.. it’s “music sheet” hope you will like you so much..

    1. Thanks a lot for ur comment
      well I will check that

  9. Fabulous

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