Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 22)


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Twinkle goes to cafeteria and sits on her regular seat and searches for kunj
Sm1 comes and sits on her table .its poorab
T : don’t u have manners. ..u must sit on the chair and not on the table
P : that’s my way , I’ve got liberty as u said earlier
T : well then this one’s my seat and u can’t sit here
P : well I think u were the one who was saying something like we could sit wherever we want and no one can question us
Twinkle gets pissed off
Poorab orders 4 an chocolate milkshake
Waiter gets it and twinkle stares at It and recalls she and kunj having milkshake
P : excuse me !! Y r u staring at my milkshake
U order one if u want
T : M not interested

An guy comes to poorab and tells him that principal sir is calling him
He leaves.. kunj comes to cafeteria with aliya
They sit together on other table
Twinkle feels sad looking at them and has tears in her eyes but she wipes it out with her hands
Kunj orders for 1 chocolate milkshake with 2 straws
Twinkle is shocked to hear this and comes to them
Twinkle asks kunj to come with her
She holds his hand and walks away with him but aliya stops her
A : excuse me whoever u r can’t u see that I m speaking to him and how dare u take him with u without asking me?
T : oh really! !! He isn’t ur property that u r asking me to take ur permission. … and 4 ur kind information I am his gf … so kindly excuse us
A : wt is she speaking kunj … u r his bf?
T : kunj y r u silent ? Speak up and tell her how much u love me
Kunj frees himself from her hold
K :i am quite it doesn’t mean u will speak all sorts of rubbish
I don’t even know u and u call urself as my gf
And who told u that I love u
I don’t love you
T : kunj have u lost it? I know u r angry for wt I said
I shouldnt have said that , but how can u Declare me as nothing to u ?
I asked u to forgive me but u forgot me ? Srsly kunj ?
Kunj plz tell her how much u love me and that u can’t live without me. . Kunj y r u silent ? Speak up kunj
Plz kunj speak up

Kunj shouts
I’ve already told you that there isn’t anything btwn us
Twinkle moves aback in shock
Uv comes to kunj and holds him by his collar
Uv : Wts wrong with u ha? Y r u hurting her in this manner? Y kunj ?
Aliya pushes him away
A : excuse me !! Mind ur own business
When there isn’t anything btwn them then shd he nod in an yes ?
Uv gets angry and is about to punch kunj but Twinkle holds his hand
Kunj looks at twinkle
T : uv let go of it. ..let’s leave from here
Uv : but Twinkle
Twinkle cuts him short
T : uv I don’t want to discuss anything further..when he is saying that he doesn’t know me then even I shouldn’t care of my love for him
Twinkle runs way crying badly
She goes to the washroom and recalls kunj’s words and cries vigorously
Teri aahatein nahi hai from ek main hu aur ek tu plays
Twinkle wipes her tears and rushes towards her car and drives it off
Uv keeps searching for twinkle everywhere but doesn’t find her
Sh : hi darling. .wt happened? Y do u look so tensed?
Uv tells her everything
She thinks in her mind
Oh wow this news is great! Well now twinkle won’t have kunj to help her out anymore
Now it’s easy for me to clear off this hurdle of my life
Sh : don’t worry uv I’ll go find her
They both leave
On the other hand twinkle is driving her car too fast recalling kunj’s words
All of a sudden an truck comes b4 her car and she turns her car to the side with full force and the car collides with an huge tree
Twinkle falls on the steering wheel and doesn’t show any movement

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Credit to: sanam

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