Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 14) THE MYSTERY MAN! !!!


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Maya comes back home
Kunj is in his room lost in twinkle’s thoughts
Maya comes there and sees him like that
She thinks of diverting his mind
Ma : kunj bhaiyya see what have I got for u …
Ur favourite chocolate cone … won’t u have it
Kunj looks at it and recalls he and twinkle having chocolate milkshake in the cafeteria and tear rolls down his eye
Maya thinks of something else
She performs on itti si hasee from barfi
And finally manages to get an smile on his face
Even he joins her
Then he feels tired and goes to sleep
Maya turns off the lights and is about to leave his room but kunj’s phone rings
Kunj is seen deep sleep
Maya moves out and closes the door of his room
It’s mahi’s call
Maya picks the call
M : hi kunj ..well I know that u r feeling very lonely but don’t u worry am always there for you
Well I called to tell u that tmr will go out somewhere so that we feel a bit relaxed. . Um wt say?
Ma : now r u done and shall I speak?
M : maya u ? Give the phone to kunj . I want to speak to him
Ma : well for ur kind information it’s 10pm and this is not the time U call someone and speak rubbish
Well I guess u should relieve ur mom’s pain rather than kunj’s…so kindly u do ur work and I can manage my brother myself
She cuts the call
Mahi gets angry and throws the phone in anger and it breaks
M : what do u think of yourself maya ? I have to do something of u

Next morning kunj wakes up and finds twinkle at his window staring at him lovingly
He too stares at her and all of a sudden finds her gone
He finds her sitting next to him
T : so u miss me a lot Haa?
K : thank god u came back
He is about to hug her but she disappears
He realises that it was just his imagination
He goes to his cupboard and takes out twinkle’s pic and recalls his moments with her …jeena jeena plays

Maya gets the call from the doctor
Ma : what happened doctor? Is twinkle fine?
Doctor : don’t worry I called to inform that twinkle has regained her consciousness
Maya gets happy listening to this
Ma : thank u so much doctor
She cuts the call

She leaves to the hospital to meet twinkle
She is about to reach the hospital but finds mahi following her car
Maya gets tensed realising this
Mahi thinks where is this maya going?
Maya diverts her route and mahi follows her
Maya reaches to the police station
Mahi thinks y has this girl come here ?
Ma : ins when wd we get twinkle’s body for her funeral?
Ins: we’ve got to do an investigation so we will inform about that to u later
Ma : thanks a lot inspector
Mahi hears her conversation and leaves
Mahi thinks I simply wasted my time following this girl
And leaves
Maya sees her leaving and gets relieved
Ma thinks
Oh god now wt about the body ?
Fb is shown
When the group of inspectors are finding for the body below , maya calls one of them and tells them to make sana lie on stretcher and tell that they found the body
Fb ends
That day sana saved my day , now what if they get to know about the fake body act
She calls the same inspector and tells him to manage out everything
Ins 2 :don’t worry madam leave it up to me
Maya gets relieved

Maya thinks now if I go to the hospital mahi will doubt on me for sure
Maya calls sana
Ma : sana twinkle has regained her consciousness
Cd u plz go to hospital and take care of her and make sure no one gets to know about this
S : don’t worry maya ..I will make sure that ppl don’t even doubt on me
Ma : thanks sana
She ends the call
Episode ends at maya’s face

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Credit to: sanam

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