Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 11) the mystery man

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Everyone gather at the college at 6pm as instructed …to pray for twinkle…. They all wear black head jacket and come along with lightened candles
Kunj is at front of all ..mahi also comes and stands there with other ppl
Everyone start praying for twinkle
One of the person comes to mahi from behind and whispers mahi
Mahi gets scared and turns back and finds everyone busy praying
Mahi thinks
Wt was that ? Was that an dream! !!
She turns forward .. All of a sudden her eyes fall over the paper ball nearby her leg
She opens it up and is shocked to see hers and twinkle’s photograph on it
She is totally freaked out and starts sweating badly
Shanaya sees this and comes to her
Sh : are u all right? U r sweating very badly ..
Ma : I am fine actually am feeling hot that’s all
Sh : but it’s cool out here …who sweats in an cool atmosphere,, have u got fever ?
Shanaya checks out her temperature and then mahi’s
Sh : u haven’t got then y r u sweating ?
Ma : actually am scared of dark
Sh : Ok u go to the washroom and wash ur face ..shall I assist you?
Ma : no I’ll go myself

Mahi goes to washroom and washes her face
Ma : what was all that ..was I dreaming?
The lights start turning off and on
Ma : oh god now what’s wrong with the lights ?
She turns to go out but stops
She turns to look at the mirror and is totally freaked out to see something
It had blood stains with her name written over it
Mahi runs out and shouts for help
Everyone reach to mahi
K : mahi wt happened?
Ma : ku..kunj ., M ., mm..mirror and points towards washroom
Everyone go to the washroom and find everything fine
K : Wts wrong with the mirror?
Mahi is hell shocked at hearing this and rushes to the washroom and finds everything fine
She starts sweating badly out of fear
Ma : but but ..
K : I think u need to take rest .,
I’ll drop u home .. mahi complies
Everyone leave.. an person is shown coming out of washroom wearing an black head jacket holding mahi’s pic

Taneja mansion :
Kunj and mahi arrives
L : (crying ) kunj did they find my twinkle? Where is she ?
K : no not yet ..They r trying their best ..don’t worry aunty nothing can happen to twinkle. . She has to comeback .. she has to
He leaves
Mahi comes to her room and is hell shocked on recalling she pushing twinkle from cliff and the incident at the college
She switches off the lights and goes to sleep
An shadow of someone is seen at the window
It is revealed to b the same person with black head jacket looking at mahi sleeping

Sarna mansion :
Kunj reaches home
Maya comes out crying badly and hugs kunj tightly. .He hugs her back and sobs
Kunj clears maya’s tears and leaves
Maya looks at kunj leaving and cries

Luthra mansion :
Yuvi informs about twinkle going missing
Anitha tries to control her tears but fails
Everyone at home starts to cry
A : I wonder Wts going on through leela
Y : am leaving to search for twinkle
He leaves

Next Day at college:
Kunj goes to the same room filled with twinkle’s memories
He recalls his moments with twinkle and cries badly
Tu har lamha from kaamoshiyan plays
He takes an photograph of twinkle’s childhood and recalls teasing her that she was so fat and cries
Someone looks at kunj from outside the room
It’s the same mystery man
Kunj feels someone’s presence and asks who is it
He moves out and finds no one

Mahi is searching for kunj
She accidentally steps on something… she takes her leg back and finds it to b kunj’s watch
M : wt is his watch doing here
She goes further and finds an arrow mark
Mahi thinks
I guess Kunj has planned an surprise for me .. so sweet of him
She follow the arrows
Mahi reaches to the same place from where she pushed twinkle down
Mahi is hell shocked on realising this and finds the last arrow to b pointing downwards
She is taken aback on seeing this ..All of sudden she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder and screams
Person :Wt happened y r u screaming?
Mahi turns back and finds kunj
M : kunj u ?
K : wt r u doing here?
M : how did you reach here ?
K : I followed the arrows and reached here
Kunj finds the last arrow pointing downwards and is shocked
K :wt does this last arrow signify?
Does that mean twinkle is ..
M : kunj let’s leave from here
K : no mahi
He calls the police there and informs the others too
Mahi is scared
All reach there. . Police starts finding for twinkle downside
They find some body .. It smells bad
They get an stretcher and places the body on it
They get it up
Everyone is shocked to see it
The body was covered with white sheet with blood stains
L : no it cannot b my twinkle
Anitha calms her
Kunj asks inspector as to whose is it
Ins: it’s hard to tell as the face is totally damaged due to hitting the rock
All of sudden hand of the corpse is falls out and it has the same bracelet which twinkle wore on that day
Leela sees this and shouts twinkle
The screen freezes at her face

Hope you guys wd like it … stay tuned to know wt happens .., keep commenting

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