Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 10) ECLIPSE !!!!!!!

.Hey guys couldn’t keep myself away from writing an ff well thanks for ut awesome comments

At luthra mansion:
Sana does an drama that she would kill herself if they don’t accept dad
A : plz beta just listen to me plz calm down
Ma princess plz put down the knife … I forgive him
S : no not until Bro agrees
Y : never
A : yuvi plz sana might hurt herself y don’t u understand?
Y : sana stop the drama put down the knife
S : 1st u have to promise me that u will accept dad
A : yuvi beta I beg of u plz do as she says
Y : Ok fine I’ll forgive him
Sana gets happy. ., she moves to the door and gets Aryan inside
S : welcome back dad
Aryan blesses her and hugs her
Ar:thank you so much beta

An month passes
twinj have realised their feelings for each other
Twinkle is scared of uv as to how he wd react

T : actually I want to tell u something
Y : tell baby
T : actually I love kunj not u
Y : well even I wished to tell u that I and shanaya love each other
Twiraj hug
Thank god now I can tell kunj my feelings
On the other hand Kunj also plans to tell his feelings for twinkle

Twinj meet at cafeteria
T : hi kunj
K : hi twinkle
T : u want to have something?
K : chocolate milkshake
Twinkle orders for 2
T and K together : actually I had to say something
T : u tell first
K : no u tell
T : no its Ok u tell
K : no u tell
T and K together : I love you
Both stare at each other lovingly and share a passionate hug .., tum mile plays
Mahi looks at them and leaves angrily
T : y did u take that long to tell this
K : even u didn’t tell me
They both are lost in each other

Mahi goes to washroom and cries bitterly recalling twinj proposing each other
Mahi thinks
This cannot happen .. kunj is only mine ., only mine
In that anger she throws stone on the mirror and it breaks into pieces
U didn’t do it good di …I won’t spare u .. she shouts I won’t spare u !!!
U took my kunj away from me and now I’ll take away ur happiness

Twinj have cute moments together
Twinkle gets an call from mahi
T : kunj I have got to go
K : this soon
T : yes , I’ll meet u tmr
Kunj comes close to her
T : wt are u doing kunj?
Kunj holds her hand and takes her to an empty class
He pins her to the wall
T : kunj am getting late . ! Let me Go
K : not that soon
T : what do u mean by that?
Kunj comes more close to her
She closes her eyes and he kisses her cheeks and says I love you siyappa queen
Twinkle opens her eyes she too kisses him back on his cheeks and says I love you too and blushes
Twinkle gets the call again
T : Ok then bye kunj meet u tmr
K : bye can’t wait for tmr
Twinkle blushes and leaves

Twinkle calls mahi
T : mahi where r u ?
Ma : di am at the *****
She calls her to some remote place
T : Ok I’ll come soon

At remote place
It was an hill Top
Twinkle arrives in the car , wind blows hard
T : mahi come fast
Mahi stays there quite
Twinkle comes out of the car
T : mahi wt r u doing? Come let’s go ..even weather is turning bad
Ma : so u finally came ( in an evil tone)
Mahi was standing at the edge of the cliff
Twinkle comes to her
T : Wts wrong with u mahi ? Is everything fine
Ma turns to her
Ma : how can anything be fine di? Nothing is fine. … everything is over
Twinkle holds her by her shoulder
T :wt do u mean by that? Wt happened mahi tell me .. mahi plz .. u r my sister I can’t see u in difficulty like this
Mahi pushes her away
Ma : don’t call me ur sister… wt sort of sis r u ? ..
T : y r u saying like that mahi? Wt have I done
Ma : u have done wt not di..? U couldn’t see my happiness that u took it away ?
T : wt have I done mahi? Wt r u just talking about ?
Ma : kunj!!
T : wt ?
Ma : yes u took away my kunj from me …
T : u love kunj?
Ma : yes I do but u .. u couldn’t tolerate my happiness and so u took him away (crying) how cd u do this ?
T :(crying) mahi I never knew that you…. (twinkle cups her face) forget mahi I’ll set everything right .. I will explain kunj
Ma :(angry tone) enough di I am done with u
Mahi pushes twinkle from the cliff
Twinkle shouts mahi!! And falls down
Mahi leaves in the car

Taneja mansion:
Mahi returns home
L : mahi putter where is twinkle?
Ma : didn’t she come ? She left Long back
L : wt r u saying mahi?
Ma : yes maa I thought she reached home
L : wt ? Where is twinkle then ? It’s too late already
Leela tries to contact twinkle but she doesn’t pick the call
L : oh god where has this girl gone ?
Leela contacts twinkle’s friends and asks about twinkle but they tell that she isn’t with them
Leela finally calls kunj
K : yes aunty
L : kunj putter is twinkle with u ?
K : no aunty She left Long back
L : she hasn’t returned home yet
K : wt ? (Shocked)
L : I hope she is fine. .am very scared. .
K : don’t worry aunty I’ll go find out
Kunj dries the car and cries thinking about twinkle
K: where r u twinkle. .plz come back

Mahi goes to her room and thinks
Twinkle has reached her destination, how can she come back?Try finding twinkle as much as u want kunj
..but u will have to come back to me only

Leela prays
Hai wahe guru gi meri twinkle ki raksha karna

Kunj goes searching for twinkle everywhere but doesn’t find her
He goes to gurudwar and prays to protect twinkle and get her back
He searches for her the whole night

Taneja mansion :
Someone rings the door bell
L : twinkle! ?.she opens the door it’s kunj
L : where is twinkle?
K : makes an no by moving his head
Leela falls down to her kneels and shouts twinkle and cries bitterly
Kunj consoles her though he himself is crying within himself and pretends to be strong
K : nothing can happen to twinkle aunty … she is very brave
Wherever she is she will b fine .. plz stop crying

Leela and kunj reach police station and informs them about twinkle gone missing
They assure their level best to find her

At college
Kunj is crying badly thinking about twinkle
Mahi comes there
Mahi puts her hand on his shoulder
Ma : kunj ( mahi enacts to cry) twinkle di
K : mahi don’t worry everything will be fine .. He hugs her to relieve her
Mahi hugs him back and smirks
Ma thinks
So sry twinkle di but u left me with no option
U enjoy ur ticket to heaven and I’ll enjoy here with my kunj .. she smiles evilly

Principal announces of twinkle going missing
And asks everyone to assemble at 6pm to pray for twinkle to return

Kunj sits at cafeteria and recalls his moments with twinkle
Yuvi and shanaya comes to him and consoles him

Mahi looks at them and thinks
Kunj u were mine are mine and will remain mine forever and whoever comes in our way will have to suffer she smirks

Hope you guys liked it … well do comment

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  3. nice episode. I’m waiting for next

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  4. Good episode. I think twinkle will try to ignore kunj after returning because of mahi.
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    Waiting for the next one.

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  5. Awesome sanam….its amazing…..

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