Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 13


Kunj wakes up and sees twinkle sleeping and eyes him lovingly and think she has not changed at all . He goes to wash room ,twinkle gets up and starts to remove her Bangles
She gets hurt kunj sees this and asks her to be careful ,she asks him why is he showing her concern as she to marry him he said that but I loved you . SAJNA VE PLAYS

Kunj’s car gets repaired and they starts their journey to office , twinkle and kunj have a fight on choosing the FM.twinj reaches office and goes to their desk . Hina comes and tells kunj that they losted Mr.gopinath’s contract. Kunj is shocked , kunj enquires why hina tells him that Mr.gopinath is a sick person that he won’t give contract who didn’t get married .


Mr.gopinath comes to kunj’s cabin . twinkle was in kunj’s cabin. Kunj was talking with mr.gopinath,gopinath sees twinkle badly , kunj says that twinkle is his would be wife . twinkle is shocked . mr.gopinath says OK I will take all expenses of their marriage, kunj tries to stop him but he couldn’t , twinkle was still In shock ,Mr.gopinath makes twinkle and kunj stand together SAJNA VE PLAYS. He says I will talk to a pandit and fix the nearest date for their marriage . twinj are shocked ????.gopinath goes , twinkle shouts at kunj for telling lies.


Kunj pins her up on the wall and tells her that it was because of some circumstances,and tells her that she was his would be wife and leaves her and goes , twinkle feels sad.
Kunj gets a call from Mr.gopinath gopinath tells kunj that he have talked to pandit ji and tells him that they will get married in 2days . kunj is shocked .

Twinj is tensed mr.gopinath tells them to get ready . twinkle (she is wearing a blue lehanga and hair opened with curls at end ).kunj (he is wearing a blue sharvani ).They both unwillingly takes rounds around the fire they finish the 7 rounds around fire and kunj puts sindoor on twinkle forehead (twinkle is crying) then he puts mangalsutra,pandit
Declares them as husband and wife twinkle is crying , kunj is also sad (but happy inside as he love her ) twinkle (she is happy inside as she loves him).

PRECAP : Mr.gopinath books a honeymoon suit for twinj. Twinj have romances.

Credit to: twinkle

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  1. Awesome twinkle..I loved it nice track <3

  2. Wow yaar loved it awesome episode

  3. wow… twinkle precap is quite interesting… waiting for the next track.. 🙂

  4. waiting…………..luv ur ff
    Fab epi.keeep going

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