Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with all the ghost family appearing infront of Sophia. Radha tells her that whatever Yug said is true. Ria says she might faint. Suraj says she is in deeply shocked and tells Yug that she will break relation with him, as no girl can believe this. Radha says she will shout. Sophia happily asks if they are all ghosts. She asks Yug, am I dreaming? She asks Ria, can I hug you? She hugs Ria, Dadi and Radha, and tells yug that she hug them. Yadav says we have lost it and she is very happy seeing us. Sophia says I can’t digest the fact that I am seeing ghost. She asks since when they are staying there being dead? Dadi says 25 years, 6 months and 9 days. Sophia asks him to introduce her with everyone.

Veronica comes to Keith and asks why he is angry? She says you was going to kill me? Keith asks if he is mad? He says he has changed his name and face, as he don’t want past to return. Veronica asks him to relax and says no one heard us. Keith asks her to accept that Peter’s death is an accident. Veronica says I don’t know what had happened to me, and I let that Yug enter the house. Keith says what nonsense? You can go to jail, but I won’t. I can kill 2-3 murders also. Sophia tells ghost family that Peter can never kill anybody. She says he had never raised hand on me, then how can he kill you? Suraj says we had doubtful about me before. He says Peter was his friend, and used to bring samosas. He never let me do exercises. Radha says Suraj felt bad knowing he did a mistake by doubting on Peter and Yug made us realize this. Radha asks if you are angry with Yug? Sophia nods no. Dadi says she got a good grand son after death. Radha says he is a good brother of the world. Ishaan sits down in pain. Sophia asks if he is ill? Ishaan says I want you to understand why Yug had come to your house that day holding knife? Sophia asks if there is any twist? She says she has seen CCTV footage? Ishaan says body was of Yug, but soul was mine. He says I was angry with Peter and entered Yug’s body. One day he brought magical book and tells everything. Sophia is shocked. A fb is shown.

Ishaan says I am responsible for all the problems. Yug couldn’t tell you as he thought that you will never trust him. Today I have entered someone’s body again and that’s why my condition is bad. Sophia asks whose body? Dadi says your step mum Veronica and says I will make her dance. Ishaan says I made her dance too, and got the truth out of her mouth. Sophia asks why you didn’t tell me before, and asks don’t you trust me. She feels bad for hurting him, and promises to support him. They look at each other lovingly. Dadi coughs making them feel their presence. Sophia asks what happened next? Yadav says there is more twist. Yug says actually Peter sir was murdered by Keith. Sophia is shocked.

Keith gets a call informing him that Yug came. Keith is shocked and tells veronica that Yug went to Anjali Apte’s house. Veronica is shocked too and says you said that Anjali left the city. Keith says yes. He didn’t get anything, but how did he get the address? Veronica says let him try, he don’t have any proof against you. Keith asks her not to take him lightly and says your plan is right. We shall not let Yug and Sophia meet each other. Go and find out what they were talking about.

Sophia says Keith has killed my Papa. Ishaan says Keith is your Papa’s killer. He says Veronica is a big liar and playing a big game with you. He says Keith and Veronica are having an affair since many years. Sophia sits down in shock. All the ghost family vanish leaving Yug with her. Yug wipes her tears and asks her not to worry as he will be with her and will gather proof against him. He says Peter was coming here to tell some secret and that’s why he got him killed. Sophia says it means ghost family is also killed by keith. Yug says it seems to be. Sophia says how we will get the proofs? Yug says I have a plan. Sophia thanks Yug for telling all the truth. Yug says I did a mistake and should have told you before. Sophia says I am sorry for not trusting you and talks in his style. Yug smiles and looks at her. Veronica comes home and asks about Sophia. Amy says what happened? She went out. Veronica thinks I have to pretend to be a good mom and asks Amy where is she? I am worried as it is night now. Sophia comes. Veronica asks if she is fine and asks about Yug. Sophia hugs her and cries. She says I will never meet Yug, and will never see his face. I did a mistake by trusting her. She thinks even I can play game with you Veronica.

Veronica tells Keith that she has to give locker keys to Sophia. Keith says Peter might have left proofs against us. Sophia tells Yug that peter might have some proof against Keith. Yug looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Hasan ji plz jaldi update kr diya kro…. life ok ke sabhi shows itni late update hote hai sivaye uss dream girl ke…

    Overall it was a nice episode….

  2. finally sofia got to know truth

  3. I just enjoyed this episode a lot watched it like more than once Sophia’s reaction was epic 😛 loved it

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