Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 7)

Chapter 7

“Ms. Taneja” He called for her when she was about to move up from the bed.

She stood there but instead of turning she moved away ignoring his voice.

He moved forward and stopped her from moving by holding her arm by his hand.

“Twinkle Stop. Dont test my patience.” He said with a dangerous voice.

She moved towards him but kept looking down.

“What happened to you?” He said calmy with a concerned voice.

“Nothing.” She replied and tried to move but he tighten his grip on her.

“Then how you fainted?” He said in a deep voice.

“Just because of travelling and weakness.” She said  and tried to free herself.

“And this marks.” He said raising her arm and showing the injection marks she had on her body.

She became quite for a while but then

“None of your business, Mr. Sarna.” She said and pushed him with force.

He pulled her back to himself holding her tightly and looked in her eyes with a dangerous look.

“It is my business. You are my wife and I do have every right to know about you.” He said with slight anger in his voice.

“W-I-F-E….. let me make you remember Mr. Sarna..
I am no more your wife. I am your Mistress whom you paid for getting intimate with you. So you have your rights on the bed not in my life.” She said this sharp words hurting him as well as herself.

He lost grip on her hand and moved back.

Taking it an oppurtunity she went inside the washroom and bolted the door.

She slid down with the help of door saying

“I am Sorry, Kunj. But I have no right on you. You are married now. I dont want to tell you anything and create problems in your married life.”  

She sat there crying silently while outside the room Kunj was standing like a statue and tears were flowing down his eyes.

The words she said are true but are also very painful to handle.

He left the room and came outside in the garden to inhale some fresh air.


A swing is been placed in the centre of the garden.

Both Twinj are seen sitting on it.

Twinkle was resting her head on his shoulder while his one arm was wrapped around her shoulder protectively.

His other hand wad holding her hand and both were playing with the fingers.



“I was thinking that….”

“What were you thinking Mr. Sarna?”

“I was thinking that life is so beautiful na. Me and you. It looked perfect and a dream.”

“Yes.” She said with a smile.

“And after 2 kids perfect family also. Isnt it?” He said dreamingly.

“Yes. But it is not a dream remember. This is reality.” She said looking in his eyes.

He also looked at her and kissed her forhead.

“A perfect Life.” He said in her ear.

She smiled and hugged him and he hugged her back.

Flashback ends.

” Every inch of this house makes me remember you. I love you so much Twinkle. I know you are not my wife. But I know you are only my soulmate. Just tell me once what is your problem.. i swear I will do anything for you but please dont make me stay away from you.”  He thought to himself and went again inside the house.

“Twinkle…” he called out for her.

She getting ready came down and then looked at him.

“Have you breakfast then we have to go to Doctor.” He said looking at her.

“I am fine Kunj.” She said not looking at him.

“I didnt asked your opinion. You have to come with me.” He said her with a threath in his voice.

“Kunj. Stop behaving this way. I am not your wife.” She said trying to sound angry.

“I know but you are a employee in my company and morever staying in my house. I dont want you to die and me to be blamed.”

“And yes take your previous reports as well.” He said and left outside.

Kunj was sitting in the car when Twinkle came outside the home holding her files and bag.

“Get in.” He ordered her.

She without saying a word sat inside.

Soon he stopped the car outside the hospital and asked her to get down..

While they were moving towards the hospital… Kunj was looking at her trying to figure out something from her expressions but she was always good at hiding her true self.. he thought…

While with every step, her hold on the file was tightening.

She went inside the cabin alone and asked him to wait outside till she come.

After 5 minutes..

It looked impossible for him to wait more as every possible bad thought was coming in his mind and his heart was sinking down with every thought.

He without thinking much opened the door slightly and heard some conversation.

“Yeah. A surgery.” She said.

“Hmm. I understand just take proper rest and dont take much stress. You will be fine soon.” Said the doctor assuring her.

She nodded and thanked the doctor and stood up to came out.

While Kunj just heard a single word “S-U-R-G-E-R-Y”

His heart started beating loudly.

She came out and looked at his pale face. She just hopped he havent listened the conversation between them.

“Shall we move?” She asked.

He didnt said a word and started moving.

They both get in the car and he stopped outside their mansion.

She looked around and

“Kunj. We were supposed to go to the office?” She questioned him.

“Which Surgery Twinkle?” He asked her looking straight outside the car emotionlessly hoping for something which is not serious.

He by now started blaming himself for leaving her at the stage may be where she needed him the most.

He cursed himself.

“Nothing Kunj. Lets leave to office. We have word there.” She said trying to divert the question.

‘Which Surgery Twinkle?” He repeated his words but with a louder voice then before still emotionless.

She didnt spoke a word and looked down tears made a way down her eyes.

He looked at her then at the back seat where her reports were placed.

He without wasting another second picked up the reports and read them.

She immediately looked at him and then closed her eyes.

He read the reports and then looked at her with red and teary eyes.

To be continued.

I guess this was long enough and If you want next episode soon then do comment.?

Thank you.?

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