Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 6)

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Chapter 6

Twinkle was laying down on bed while doctor was examining her.. and kunj was standing near the door thinking what must have happened to her??

All types of bad thoughts were crossing his mind but he stood strongly over there fighting with all his bad thoughts and looking towards Twinkle.

After examining her.

Doctor came towards Kunj.

“See Mr. Sarna. Your wife is fine now. She fainted because of weakeness maybe. Bring her tomorrow to my clinic and if possible along with the previous reports.” said the doctor to kunj.

He nodded and thanked him.

He left doctor till the gate and then went towards his room taking a last glance on her and switching off the lights.

He entered his room and some memories of past again flashed in front of him… 

● Flashback

Same room.

“I am sorry Kunj.. pleasee baba leave me.. I wont do it again..” Twinkle said runnning in the whole room.. and laughing holding her stomach while Kunj was trying to catch her.

“This you must have thought before teasing me.. Mrs. Sarna..” he said trying to hold her wrist but she saved herself and ran….

“Please. Kunj. you were so busy with your meeting so I was getting bored so thought to look around and I found him.” She said it with a wink.

“Hmmm..” Kunn made a sound and stopped following her and stood near the window thinking something…

Twinkle became shocked with his behaviour.

“What happened to him now?” She thought and went towards him..

She quietly stand beside him and kept her hand on his shoulder.

“I am sorry. Twinkle.” He said apologizing to her.

“Sorry but for what? What happened? Why are you sad?” She asked him being concerned making him turn towards her.

“We are here for our honeymoon but still I was working forgetting  you and without thinking… I am so sorry ” He said feeling guilty with some unshed tears in his eyes.

“Hawwwwwww…..” she said dramatically.

“Who was seeing me every minute then? Checking on me from the glass window of the office room?” She said with a smirk..

Kunj was shocked as how she get to know.

“Dont be so shocked, Sir. I am your wife and I get to know about your activities.” She said encircling her arms around his neck.

“Aha. Is this so?” He asked wrapping her arms around her waist.

“Yes.” She replied with a smile on her face…

“I Love You Twinkle.” He said resting his forhead on her’s.

“I Love You too Kunj.” She said and slightly hit her head on his..

“But haan I am still angry.” He said.

“Why?” She asked

“Dont you know. Huhh. How the hell he was touching your hand?” He said being jealoused remembering the scene in the office he witnessed.

“Cool down baba. He was just checking the ring which you gave me as he wanted to gift the same to his gf.” She said..

“His gf.” He asked happily.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Huhh. Acha hua otherwise I would have killed him.” He said.

“Aww. My jealoused baby. Dont worry I am only yours.” She said looking in his eyes.

“I know that and even I wont allow anyone to take you even.” He said pulling her close by her waist.

He kissed her forhead…

Flashback ends…

Kunj was having tears in his eyes….

“I just want a life full of love with you. Twinkle. But you broke my one and only dream.” He said and picked up the pillow and blanket and went out in the hall and slept on the sofa.

Whole night he was just turning the sides..

Next day..

Kunj woke up first and gets fresh..
He left towards the Twinkle’s room and saw her shifting in sleep…

He stood leaning to the door..

After 5 minutes she started rubbing her eyes and and tried to sit on bed.. she finally opened her eyes fully and looked around and found him staring her standing on the door.

She tried to remember what happened last night and all she remember is she felt unconcious and woke up now and now she is well aware that what is coming up right now for her…

She tried to get up from bed but before she could.

“Ms. Taneja.” He called her out

To be continued.

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  1. SidMin23

    Wow nice and twinj fb were cute back to back episode love it

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    Hey ridhi loved it yar fabulous update

  3. Hey ridhima
    Aaj tho two episode
    Awesome amazing
    I loved dat jeolousy kunj sarna
    Amazing awesome
    Love u keep smiling

  4. SidMin

    Loved it ….. feels like Twinkle betrayed him ….?
    Love you ?

  5. Baby

    ohhh god ridhima di fabulous☺
    loved it d flashbacks too cute n adorable……..♥
    bt which reports wat hv hpnd to twinkle……
    srsly osm marvalleous loved it ☺☺
    love u lods♥♥

  6. RUTU.....

    Fabulous episode dear

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    Woaaaah!! Lovely ???loved it. Awesome ??

  8. fantastic ridhima….

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    That flashback.. just soo good how adorable that was..

  10. amazing ridhima!! plz update soon!!

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