Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 44


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The confiti fall on Twinj and they share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.
UV comes and says this Twinkle is stuck to Kunj only like super glue is stuck between them.He leaves angrily and sits on the floor and says Yuvraj Luthra what is not there in u that Kunj is so great,UV remembers Chinki’s words and thinks to ask help from her.
UV-Hi Chinki.
Chinki-Hi UV.(not bothered way).
UV-Actually u were saying something about Kunj I think u were right we should separate them.
Chinki-Ohhh….so that’s way u came and faced me just to break Kunj’s heart.
UV-Chinki Kunj is like my brother but he hangs around with Twinkle everywhere which irritates me.
Chinki-Even I used to get angry with them but u used to shout at me.
UV-Chinki I am sorry but will u help me in this plan.

Chinki-Only for Kunj,no one else.
UV-As if I am doing it for u.
Chinki-UV u r acting so mean I don’t want to help u I will fight myself.
UV holds her hand and pulls her close to him and he says I’m sorry but pls don’t destroy this plan,Chinki just shows her angry face to him UV says please.Chinki acts the same and UV pulls her closer and says Chinki I beg u pls,aChinki says only for my Kunj and not for that Twinkle.UV says fine,and they see themselves in that position.Manchala plays.
They leave each other gently and Chinki goes to Kunj.
Kunj-Chinki I’m going to bring Twinkle’s cake so if she asks where I am tell her that I’m gone for some work.
Chinki-Shall I come with u?

Kunj-No u stay here I wl go and come in an hour.
Chinki-K I’ll stay here.
Kunj-Pls take care of Twinkle and tells her in her ear to be careful about the truth.
Chinki-Yes,Kunj don’t worry I wl not let her know from anyone else.
Kunj-Remeber u swore on me and u can’t break my promise if u break it u wl break me.
Chinki-Don’t worry Kunj have faith and trust on me.
Kunj-Bye and take care of Twinkle.

Chinki-Ya don’t worry…Bye.
Chinki says I’m sorry Kunj but that Twinkle stole UV from me though I love u,when I was in love with UV,UV treated me like a dog not a friend.He kept talking about u it was like he forgot about me and it was like we were three magnets that one can’t get stuck to another he just left me and left to the other magnet which stuck and that magnet that he found was u.Twinkle bcoz of u my Friendship,Love,Career,Everything got spoiled just bcoz of u,I feel ashamed of saying that u r my sister Twinkle Taneja.Chinki says Twinkle I know that u might be fake loving UV but this time ur love is going to be true since I wl marry Kunj in front of u and wl see ur heart shatter and break into millions of pieces.It would be nice to see that happen and says Get ready Twinkle di no not di Twinkle Taneja.Chinki thinks to tell UV bcoz he might get more angry if she doesn’t tell him that Twinkle is adopted and that she knew about it.Chinki sees UV with Twinkle and says such an annoying face to see with a great face and says to talk to UV I have to talk properly to this Twinkle.Chinki calls UV and says I want to tell u something very important.UV says nothing is more important than Twinkle now leave and I wl talk later.

Chinki says fine but don’t ask me later if u do I wl just give u one thing,UV says at least that one thing is there and Chinki says u want to know what that one thing is,UV sayz what….Chinki says it’s a……..tight slap.UV is shocked and signs Twinkle that he wl be back in 2 minutes.UV says what is ur problem why do u always disturb me when I am with Twinkle .Chini says it’s something
Very important and if u come to know u wl break down so don’t react before the matter is spoken.Chinki says:
Chinki-UV the thing is that…

Chinki-How to tell u it’s really hard and thinks the make it emotional to make UV believe in her.
UV-It’s easy with ur mouth u can tell…it’s not easy but very easy.
Chinki-It’s not a time to joke UV.
UV-Understands that it is serious,he says Chinki pls tell what happened.
Chinki-now u understood that it is serious.
UV-Chinki,pls tell me what happened I am feelin very scared.
UV-Gets angry and says What!!!
Chinki-Twinkle is Adopted in a scared tone.
UV-no no,what u said I didn’t hear.
Chinki-Holds his face and says this is the truth and u have to accept it I’m sorry but this is the truth.

UV-no Uv this is a dream,Chinki gets irritated and says can’t he understand and throw water on his face and says it is reality not a dream.
Chinki says now I have to tell this to Twinkle,UV looks at her and says if she comes to know she will break down how can u think of telling her r u out of ur mind,Chinki says UV if we tell her then she will leave the country and tell u to accompany her and then Twinkle is out of my life and Kunj is out of ur life so do u agree or u r too emotional to do this with Twinkle and cry and spread out ur fake tears to her.UV says did I say anything that u r just questioning me and not listening to the answer from my mouth.I wl just put tape on ur mouth no actually I wl spread and stick glue that too super glue between ur lips so u can’t open it and keep it shut only.I agree with u go and tell her the truth and that too in front of everyone so she gets more deeply hurt and wl share her sorrows with me not that Kunj though he is my bro but he is more close to her I love her and she loves me why does he have to come on between us.Chinki says excuse me he loves me not u so chill.Chinki comes on stage and collides with Twinkle and says can’t u walk blind bat and get angry.Twinkle puts her hand on Chinki’s shoulder Adam says what happened Di,Chinki says I’m not ur Di.Twinkle says Chinki what r u saying and Chinki says oh no what did I do(this is her plan to act as if she said it by mistake)Twinkle says why r u saying like that Chinki says nothing,Twinkle puts her hand on her head and says Chinki tell me what happened.Chinki says Di I can’t lie when my head is on ur head actually the thing is that u r…u r…..ur Adopted.Twinkle is shocked and cries and Chinki fake consoles her.

The colleagues and boss come and comfort her too.Twinkle says u’ll know about it too,they say yes.Chinki says even Kunj knows about it.Twinkle is shattered as Kunj knew about it too and runs to her room and locks it.FB is shown UV tells everyone that she is adopted and she doesn’t know about and she shouldn’t come to know too and if anyone tell her then he will break them.FB ends.Twinkle says in her room Kunj,Chinki,Uc why u didn’t tell me earlier now I understand u all hate me nut fake love me now I understand the real thing.The screen freezes of her crying.

Precap-Kunj comes home with the cake and sees Chinki sitting with the colleagues crying(only Chinki is fake crying).

The news for Tashan-E-Ishq is there will be a dream sequence.Twinkle wl dream that her dori gets opened and Kunj comes and ties it.There we go another romantic scene for us.Thanks for commenting and hope u’ll like the episode and the length of it too tried my best to make it long???????God Bless…

Credit to: SMC

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