Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 18

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Twinkle cares for Kunj and touches his injures and feels the pain,she says sorry Kunj I am really very sorry I shouldn’t have returned our friendship thread or ended our friendship.She opens his hand and takes the thread and says that we started our friendship with this and will never end it today I promise u that I will never end our friendship even if I have to give my life for it and I will wear this thread till I die,I Promise.Sajna Ve plays.

She then holds his hand and says pls forgive me Kunj pls.She holds his hand under her head and sleeps.Kunj wakes up and sees Twinkle sleeping holding his hand and smiles.He says that u look cute when u sleep and gently removes his hand while removing his hand,he see Twinkle is holding the thread which she returned to him,he says that u can’t be angry with me for long,he takes the thread and ties it.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle wakes up and says Oh No!its 8:00am we had to go to the office at 7:30 she says that the boss will kill us.She wakes up Kunj and says we r late.He tries getting up but can’t,Twinkle sees him struggling and offers her hand to help him,Kunj pulls her on the bed purposely and Twinkle falls on him,They share a ilock.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinj compose themselves and they both say sorry at the same time and stare at each other,Kunj leaves before Twinkle can say anything.Twinkle says sorry Kunj I know u r angry with me.Twinkle tells him to get ready from outside.Twinkle comes after some time and enters see sees Kunj without a shirt and closes her eyes.He says Twinkle u could have knocked,Twinkle says sorry I thought u finished changing,and u should have locked the door.She asks shall she help him,he says pls.Twinkle comes closing her eyes,as she was walking Kunj notices a glass piece and runs and keeps his injured hand on it so she doesn’t get hurt.

Twinkle walks on his hand and while that happens the glass piece goes through his bandage and makes his cut more deep,while she walks on his hand she trips and he catches her,she opens her eyes in fright.Sajna Ve plays.

She stands and sees Kunj bandage on the floor and his cut became more deeper,she gets the first aid box and applys iodine,and both of them forward their heads to together to blow it,a romantic ilock follows.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle tells him why he did it he would have got hurt,Kunj doesn’t reply.Twinkle holds his face and says I’m sorry for yesterday he still doesn’t reply,Twinkle holds her ears and does sit-ups but he still doesn’t reply.Kunj says in his mind it’s nice to annoy u bcoz u look soo cute with that innocent face.Twinkle says Kunj u will never forgive me,Kunj still doesn’t reply,Twinkle says fine now u see,Kunj thinks what will she do.Twinkle starts tickling him and he starts laughing,he says ok u caught me.She says caught me meaning.He says he simply acted like that.Twinkle goes running behind him,and starts a pillow fight with him on the bed,Twinkle takes care since he is injured.While hitting the pillow tears,she slips since the bedsheet moves and Kunj also falls on her,and all the pillow feathers fall on them.Sajna Ve plays.

Just then Usha enters and sees them,Twinj r lost in each other she starts coughing and Twinkle tries getting up but her bracelet gets stuck on his
shirt she tries removing but fails Kunj tries and removes it.Twinkle quickly gets off Kunj and stands beside Usha and says actu..actually I was playing with Kunj and slipped.Usha says it’s okay and goes smiling.Kunj winks at Twinkle and she leaves.Kunj comes to Twinkle and says lets go to have gol gappe.She agrees excitedly.He takes her in his car.Twinkle puts the radio on and Dj Waley Babu plays,Kunj says u love this song right she say u remember he says how can I forget.She starts dancing in the car and while the song finishes she keeps her hand over Kunj’s hand.
Sajna Ve plays.
Suddenly a car comes in front on Kunj’s car and he takes a break fast,he keeps his hand on Twinkle.Twinkle says r u ok.He says yes.They reach and Twinkle says competition.She says I will win,Kunj says lets see.They start eating Twinkle starts coughing he gives her water and she hold his hand and drinks it.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj sees her happy and starts eating slowly Twinkle finished her last one and says she won and jumps in excitement.Kunj looks at her childish laughter and gets happy.Twinkle hugs him and says I won.Kunj says now he have to go to office UV and Chinki might be making excuses.They reach and the boss brother(his name is Mannu)looks at Twinkle and starts flirting with her,he says I wish I was Kunj I would get to go on dates with her,Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and tells Mannu that he there r many other pretty girls like me,UV and Sidhant.

Twinkle laughs.UV and Chinki think of doing something.UV suggests to play a prank on Twinj.Yuki come to Twinj and say that we told the boss about the incident(gol gappe)Twinj get shocked and Yuki say that he is calling u’ll.Twinj hold each other’s hands and walks to the cabin.The boss says Twinkle n Kunj come in have a seat Twinj look at each other.Twinj say actually sir we r very sorry,The boss says why u got us Badshah to sing for the promotion Twinj come to know about Yuki prank and says thank u so much sir..the boss say BTW why sorry they say actually sorry for coming little late he says no problem.Twinj scold Yuki and they apologise to each other.

Precap-Party in Kunj house.(Wanna know why keep readin my FF)

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