Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 8

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 8

A quick recap: Kunj’s jealousy over Twinkle’s closeness with Rahul, and Amaya and Yuvi’s engagement.

Sarna mansion.
Preparations are on since the Sarnas had to go to the Taneja mansion to finalise the venue and other things for the wedding. Usha and Manohar were inspecting if all the necessary things were ready, when Amaya and Kunj walked down, ready to leave.

“Aap sure ho na di ki sab aapke plan ke hisaab se ho jayega?
(“Di, you’re sure that everything will happen according to your plan right?”) Kunj whispered. Amaya chuckled and nodded in agreement. He had asked this question for the ninth time already.

They all reached the Taneja mansion and the elders asked the kids to go and discuss their necessities, and inform them later. Twinkle, Chinki, Yuvi and Aman were already present. They all sat around a low, round table, on which some snacks and drinks, and also stationery had been spread out. Kunj sat next to Twinkle taking advantage of Rahul’s absence.
That’s when Rahul stepped in.
“Lo aagaya kabaab mein haddi” Kunj grunted. Amaya snickered.

Rahul too had heard him. “Good morning baby!” He said to Twinkle, smirking. Twinkle gave him a weird look and just murmured a greeting in return. However, Kunj was burning in jealousy now. “So let’s begin guys” he said, making a hand sign to Yuvi and Amaya, who gave him a thumbs up.

They began division of the responsibilities. Chinki would handle the clothing, and Aman would look over the wedding planners’ working. Rahul would do the coordination, and Twinkle and Kunj would help the others. Satisfied with this, they decided to sit around and chat until they were called by the elders.

Amaya looked meaningfully at Yuvi, and hoped he caught the hint. Of course he had. He told everyone that since Aman was such an amazing journalist, he would take a rapid fire interview of each of them. They would not only have fun, but also hidden secrets would be out, he insisted.
They began with Twinkle. Aman initially asked her lighter questions like if she had ever cheated in an exam. Once she was in the flow of the game, he suddenly asked her if she still loves Kunj. “Of course!” She answered, not thinking even for a bit. Everyone clapped and hooted. Embarassed, she walked away. Kunj smiled victoriously at the others before walking out to attend a call.

Here, everyone gave each other a high-five, happy that they had finally found out what was in Twinkle’s heart according to their plan. They excitedly chatted on about how to proceed further to reunite Twinj, and asked Rahul to continue to make Kunj feel jealous, which was a part of the plan, hidden from Kunj. This was necessary since they had decided that it was necessary that Twinkle should realise that Kunj still loves her too, and if they had told kunj, he would never agree since he would be worried of hurting her again.

When they all went downstairs, the elders told them that they had taken a decision, it would be a destination wedding in Udaipur, and they would be leaving for the venue in two days since the wedding was just two weeks away. Everyone was excited and left immediately to make their preparations, after discussing the responsibilities that the kids had decided to take up.

That night, Twinkle was standing in her balcony, getting worried. She was frightened that if she could let her tongue slip once, it could happen again, and with Kunj around, the possibility was even brighter. She slowly consoles herself and calms down, knowing that her pain could destroy her bhaiyu’s happiness. That’s when Rahul walked in.

“Hey!” He said, as cheerfully as he could, since he had sensed that she was sad, and wanted to lighten up her mood. Twinkle simply smiled, and was about to look away, when she suddenly asked, “Wo subah mein tumhe ho kya gaya tha? Ajeeb se kyun behave kar rahe the tum?”
“Tum bhi to ajeeb se behave kar rahi ho. Tumne mujhe bataya nahi ki tumhe apna sapno ka rajkumar mil gaya hai?”
“Nahi! Aisa kuch kabhi hua hi nahi..” she lied, avoiding the topic, but she too needed to discuss it openly with someone and lighten the burden on her heart. Realising this, she let the conversation continue. Besides, she trusted Rahul completely, and knew that she could tell him anything, and it wouldn’t affect their friendship, nor would he judge her or tell someone else. She definitely couldn’t share her sorrows with her family, they would be worried learning about her actual state of mind.
“Jhoot! Kya main tujhe nahi jaanta? Waise bhi, maine sab kuch jaan liya hai. Mujhe pata hai ki tujhe bhi kisiki zaroorat hai apne gham baatne ke liye…”

Teary eyed, Twinkle gave him a side hug, and finally let her emotions flow freely. Meanwhile, Kunj was watching them, jealousy accumulating in his heart. He coughed to gain their attention, and sent Twinkle away, saying that Leela was calling her.

“Sun, mujhe is baat se koi lena dena nahi hai ki tum aur Twinkle kaisa rishta rakhte ho. All I know is ki tum is tarah usse chipak chipak ke nahi ghooma karoge. Am I clear?” Kunj almost shouted at Rahul, making Rahul smile inwardly.
“Kyun?” He asked, eager to listen to Kunj’s confession of love for Twinkle.

Let’s stop here for now guys. Thodi si suspense to banti hai na? Agar suspense nahi hogi, to koi anticipation hi nahi bachega na?

Do let me know if you liked the episode. Both bouquets and brickbats are welcome.

Take care.
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