Spoilers 12th July 2017 Revised

Mere Angne Mein:

Someone drops the oil box on the ground. Aarti passes by and slips. Chandra holds her. Chandra believes Aarti is a nice girl, and helps her. Shanti sees them in strange situation and slaps Aarti. She says you left the baby in cradle and romancing here, you are really a bad character woman. Chandra asks Shanti how can she say this, it means she is pointing at him too, knowing he is a Sanyasi. He says Aarti was falling down by the oily floor, I have just saved her.


Sita is lost in Ricky’s thoughts. She makes the garlands in the temple. Everyone comes to her. Kokila gets the shagun for Sita from Ricky’s side. Everyone suggests her to marry Ricky. Sita is not able to convince herself, recalling how Ricky left her in the mandap last time. Kokila says Ricky has changed now, he will not do any such mistake again. Kokila says I know Sita will not refuse to shagun. Sita gets thinking. She loves Ricky a lot. She forgives Ricky. She accepts the shagun and happily cries. She hugs Gopi and Kokila.

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  1. Oh God!Neha Laxmi Ayer is back….. Hope we get to see some Rumya scenes now

  2. Nandhana

    Hope she will be the pair for rudra hereafter..plz CVS..

  3. Thnku for this dhmaka udan spoilers hapy to knw that kn ji back with his real atitude.maja aayega.lv u udan.

  4. What the wuck!!!guys wats going on…i mean who will be the lady love of rudra,bcoz he has unkunown love feeling for both bavya and soumya??????????????

  5. Hopping for rumya track nd not ruvya

  6. Aisi diwangi spoiler please

  7. Can get any spoiler about gauri and omkara in ishqbazz??

  8. Is Saumya really back???????
    BCoz I couldn’t find any info on net

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Whatever lets dance for Soumya back spoiler. I don’t want her to be a cry baby remembering Rudra . Cvs mind my warning!!!
    Please make a strong Soumya. Hope this spoiler is not a spoiled one to give us fake hope about Sumo and Rumya.

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