Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 7

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Oh, and here goes. I had totally forgotten to mention this. Karan Wahi shall play Rahul’s character, and u can imagine the actress who played Mahi in TEI to be Amaya.

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 7

A quick recap: Yuvi and Amaya’s engagement, Rahul’s entry.

Kunj looks on as Twinkle talks non-stop to Rahul. He couldn’t take the anxiety anymore. So, he went to Amaya, who assured him that she would find out about Rahul. A few minutes later, Amaya informs Kunj that Rahul is Twinkle’s childhood bestie and had been her neighbour when she was young, and they were meeting after a really long time.
That wouldn’t calm Kunj down. So much attention, for just a friend? He thought, fuming.

Slowly, the guests began to leave one by one. Now, only both the families were present at the venue. Amaya was discussing her observations on Kunj with her team, when Kunj walked over to them. He sounded extremely depressed. Now they were worried. Kunj told them that he wants to speak to Amaya for a moment. Amaya assured him that he could speak freely before them.

Kunj sat down on his knees, and said,
“Mujhe pata hai ki maine tum sab ko apni faisle se kuch zyada hi pareshan kar diya, dard diya. Please mujhe maaf kar do. Please… ”
(“I know that I have troubled and hurt you all with my decision. Please forgive me. Please…”)
Tears flowed down his eyes. They all were shocked. They had never seen him like that before. He was always a happy go lucky guy. Yuvi immediately made him stand up, and they all tried to calm him down.

Amaya insisted to know his reasons for that drastic decision. She was confident that he wouldn’t do anything like that with anyone, definitely not with Twinkle. When everyone began forcing him to speak up, he knew he had no other alternative. Besides, Amaya had threatened him that she would hurt herself if he didn’t speak up.

He began narrating.
“On the day of the reunion party, I had planned to take Twinkle on a long drive, since we hadn’t been able to spend any time together at all since she had come back to Amritsar. We were at the party, enjoying ourselves, when I received a call from an unknown number. I went outside to receive the call assuming it was something official. But I was surprised when I heard Alisha’s voice calling me from behind. She told me to become her boyfriend, and get married to her. I asked if she was out of her mind, everyone knew that I and Twinkle love each other. She was angry. She told me that she would kill Twinkle if I didn’t agree to her conditions. I laughed at this. She reminded me of that hair breadth escape Twinkle had from being run over by a truck on the day she came back….”

He broke down. He took a deep breath and cursed his helplessness before continuing.
” Alisha showed me the video footage of the incident, and she was actually present in the truck with the driver. She laughed at my foolishness, and warned me that I better follow her instructions, and if not, she knew one of the waiters inside, and could have him poison Twinkle’s cold drink if she wished to… I was helpless, I had to give in. You all know what happened after that. What else would I do? But, please promise me that you won’t reveal all this to Twinkle. Please. I don’t want to make her totally helpless, like I already am… I love her and I always will, no matter what. I hope you guys shall understand my situation and help Twinkle to get out of her sorrows. She pretends really well like she’s happy, but I can see her pain in her eyes… I came just to ask you all to return Twinkle’s happiness to her. You guys shall do this for me, right?” He asked, his helplessness evident in his voice.

Meanwhile, Twinkle had noticed her complete gang discussing something. She didn’t want to miss out on anything. She pulled Rahul along, and went to them. They immediately stopped talking. Twinkle grew suspicious, but forgot all that in her excitement of introducing Rahul to them.

Twinkle told them how Rahul could read her mind, and how he always gave up his chocolates for her. Everyone smiled watching Twinkle being genuinely happy after a long time. Rahul told them about how he had told Twinkle that her concept of a dream Prince coming on a white horse was not true, and that he would be the one to marry her. They all giggled and had fun, but wait….
Kunj’s face had an extremely hostile look, he was glaring at Rahul. He had been throwing daggers at him. His look was frightening. That’s when Rahul realised that Kunj was feeling jealous. He guessed that Kunj must be in love with Twinkle.

Rahul decided to play a prank, and put hand around Twinkle’s shoulder. He looked at Kunj and moved closer to her. No-one suspected anything since they thought he was just being friendly. But, Kunj’s eyes had turned red now. He had already killed Rahul a hundred times in his head. “Enough!” He said, before walking away, lest he should have beaten Rahul to pulp.

Twinkle looks on, shocked, unable to realise what’s going on. Rahul smiles, and thinks that his bestie is lucky to get a guy who loves her so much, unaware of the current situation. As it was getting late, both the families left the venue, and reached their homes, and retire to bed, tired with the eventful day.

To be continued.

Finally, the entire truth is out. What do you guys have to say about it?
Will Twinj reunite? Or will the story develop into a love triangle?
You’ll know pretty soon as long as you stay tuned.

Don’t forget to tell me if you liked it.
Love you all loads. Take care…
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      Thank you so much di. Your comments are one of those that matter a lot to me ?

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