Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th July 2017 Written Update: Advay lays a trap

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advay clicking picture of the note. Jiji and sisters turn to see. He goes. He thinks someone else is also responsible for mum and dad’s death, only one who knows something can blackmail. He collides with Chandni. He holds her hand and pulls her in his arms. They have an eyelock. Rabba ve…..plays….. She gets away tensely. He asks her to address him as Aap. She asks what are you doing in my house. He gets close and holds her hand. He says I came to see if you are fine or not. Shilpa looks on. Chandni frees her hand and runs away.

Chandni says I m fine, leave from my house. He gets seated. He asks what’s the hurry, whatever happened…. She says it was bad. He says you fainted, how do you know I did bad or worst with you, truth is just one, right. He smiles and leaves. Kajal comes and sees Chandni. Chandni gets scared. Kajal asks what happened. Chandni says nothing and goes. Kajal says her face showed something big happened. Advay checks the note by zooming. He says what’s this, blood. Servant gets the breakfast for Advay.

He asks him to leave work and have food. Advay eats bread and ketchup. Servant jokes. Advay says someone is blackmailing this family, its clear, someone else is also involved than Chandni’s family, I have to find this person. Servant asks how will you find out. Advay sees Chandni’s pic.

Jiji talks to Bhavani. Bhavani says I can’t give you more loan, you did not even pay the interest for loan. Jiji signs no to her sisters. Kajal says we have to beg now. Jiji gets dizzy. They feed her water. Jiji says its about respect,, I will not bear anyone pointing finger at our family, if Mahabhog does not happen, we will become a joke. Chandni hears them.

Advay says my family’s destruction started by Chandni’s lie, she has spread the rumors about my mum, I will find the weakest link of this family, its Chandni, I will make her ladder and enter this family, then I will ruin everything. He breaks her pic.

Chandni opens a box and sees jewelry. Yash asks why did you touch my wife’s box. Chandni says your wife kept this bangles for your daughter, I was going to give this to her. He asks where is my daughter. She hugs him. He says Chandni and blesses her. She hugs him and cries. He gets away and goes. Chandni calls someone and asks is jewelry shop open today, I have to sell my bangles, I can’t come at the shop, can you send your brother here, I will give bangles and take money.

Shakun says your kundli had Rajyogya 16 years ago like its now, don’t worry, once the Divya door opens, it will be fine. Kajal says don’t know Yash remember the mantra or not. Jiji says the door has to open. Chandni tells Shilpa that she is going out. She asks Shilpa to shut door. Shilpa asks where are you going, shall I come along. Chandni says no, I m going to get items for bhog. Chandni looks around and goes to the door. She gets panicking recalling the kidnapper. She thinks to get strong for her family, parents… She wipes her tears and goes out.

She reaches the market. Advay looks at her. Chandni gives her bangles to the man, and takes money. She thanks him and gets leaving. Advay comes in her way and asks what happened that Yash’s daughter had to sell her jewelry. She says I did not sell any jewelry. He says one’s whose eyes speak truth should not lie. She says people are watching. He says I don’t care and takes her bag. She says return my money, I can sell anything. He says you could have asked money from me, you have to do my work, you have to meet me on terrace once. She asks what nonsense. He says just meet me on terrace, there is bhoj at your home, if you go missing for sometime, none will know, if what I want does not happen, I won’t let that happen what you want. He gives her bag and goes.

Chandni does arrangements of bhoj. She shows the gifts for pandit. Jiji asks how did you get money. Chandni says that’s not imp, just do preparations. Jiji asks where did you get money from. Chandni says I sold my bangles. Jiji asks why. Chandni says I can’t see your head bowed down. Jiji hugs her. Chandni says your respect is precious for me. Jiji apologizes. Chandni says you taught this to me, just do the preparations. Jiji kisses her forehead. Chandni goes. Her sisters ask her did she sell the bangles for bhoj. Chandni says you both would have done the same being in my place. They ask her to sell their bangles as well. Chandni says no need, bhoj will happen, you guys are lovely. Meghna, Shikha and Chandni say they are pure Vashisht and laugh.

Advay says I have to play a long game with you and holds her hand. Chandni says don’t touch me and runs. Advay makes her fall and holds her in arms. Pandit asks what’s happening here. Advay says Chandni called me here. Chandni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hello guyzz…….todays epi was nycc…that eyelock nd rabba ve…oh my god??? luved their expressions
    Truth is just one nd after that his killer smile….
    Shivani is really doing a gud job fr her role….we jst have to b a lil patient….m sure we will also fall in luv wid them like shivika….
    Gud nyttt guyzzz

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi…that “SMIRK” stole my sleep away with his naughty double meaning dialogues full of naughtiness. Well ASR does that always.Good night.

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    “Mujhe koi fark nahi padta”- From the husky voice of Advay Singh Raizada and his smirk after interlinking their fingers is amazing.
    “Bread!!”- gave old voice of “Toast”. Hari prakash of this generation “Harmonium” know his boss well.
    Advay threw the paper weight to break the glass frame but could not tore the photo of Chandni. Still love is there covered by hate. Alas his love story with revenge.
    Advay trust chandni deep in his heart so only he revealed this much to her about his motive.
    The single “Bali ka bakri” in all this race of property is Chandni. One side Vashist family is using her for gaining property and the other side Advay for destroying Vashist family after he zoomed the photo. Glad to see ASR romancing his first wife-“Laptop”!!!
    The forward- backward walking game is creating magic.
    Chhotu actress did very well.
    Again ASR gutter thought double meaning words are back..”Mujhe chhat pe milo”. What will he do after meeting on terrace( wink wink). move to enter inside his own house.
    Miku missing fever attacking me. Wah wah wah!!! this is called ASR magic on screen.
    The more Advay will try to take revenge, the more he will get “trapped by his own game” of Love.
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???” continues.

    1. Deepu

      Hi Astha I have not watched a single episode till now..but ur comments makes to do so.. by the way I have a qstn for u..? how can u be so perfect in explaining the states of both ASR and SSO…ur analysis fits with them perfectly..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Deepu…I don’t know I am perfect or not but I know I am not emotional. I just put my thoughts in to words. Its you girls who find it interesting.
      You should start watching it soon. Its turning out to be very very interesting and Barun is not an actor to be missed on screen. In my view, I will not miss a single minute with ASR.

    3. tania-the fairy

      Hi, are you?after reading ur ff I become your fan.really you are a good writter.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Tania…I am fine dear. Thank you. Take care. Happy weekend.

    5. Nivedita

      Haan Astha–, I agree that that’s the charm of this story, the more he will try to harm Chandni, the faster he will fall in love. And I suspect while his motives for revenge will motivate him into taking steps that will end up helping Chandni in the end.

      Lovely write up dear! ?

    6. Nivedita

      Suspect *that his

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Nivedita…Of course Advay will be the guardian angel of Chandni just the way he was in childhood unknown to both of them.

    8. The show is interesting.I like the dialogue “Aap”,”Chandni ki bachchi “

    9. Nivedita

      Yeah Astha– very true! ?

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah Nivedita I think it that way as Hating childhood puppy- chocolate- ice cream love completely is not possible. Advat kya cheez hai, Pyaar ke aage toh bade bade haar maante hai.# Arrogant Singh Raizada.

    11. The more he try to take revenge, the more he will get trapped by his own game……well said….nd his first wife ‘laptop’ lol?true…..
      Well i m a lil confused whether to call u astha or astha dii??i m 18

    12. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi…Are you some other girl with the same name .Actually I know one Aayushi who has sea blue dp so only asking. Call me whatever you are comfortable at…Astha or Astha Di. I am ok with both. Let me clear you, I am elder to you ha ha…

    13. Nivedita

      Totally Astha–love is hidden behind his hate.

    14. Astha di…..i donno abt whom u r talking….i m that Aayushi who is commenting on ib page frm last 1 month….nd i didnt saw any other Aayushi on that page…maybe u know sum1 else…..hope ur confusion is clear now☺☺☺

    15. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi…. change in your dp colour make me think like there are two Aayushi.. one in pkj and other in this page.
      Its cleared now, I think. I only know one Aayushi ie. you.

  3. tania-the fairy

    ! Advay blaming Chandini.but sure it is a trap for chandni.he will not blame her but will save her gain her trust nd to get into the family.I m sure jiji did acting by seeing chandni.

  4. Antara


    elders ko aap, itna jaldi kya hai, how do u know wat i did 2 u when u r unconscious – Bura ya bahut bura PRECAP IS JUST FANTASTIC DON’T TOUCH ME WOW WAITING 4 MONDAY 2 SEE CHANDINI’S ANSWER

  5. Aashi26

    A very amazing episode………….
    loved the rabba ve moments……..
    feeling really bad for chandani how badly she wants her father’s but…..
    loved the shat pratishat vashishth …………
    looking forward to Monday to watch my barun……………………………………………………………………..

    1. Aashi26

      father’s love

  6. advay is rocking
    chandni really cute
    love both of them

  7. Archiya

    So anyone can enter such a big home an take a pic an get out unnoticed ..seriously CVS atleast some logic

    Loved that scene where chandini hugged her dad.. So so emotional.. Got tears was so moved by it

    So is chandini actually jiji step daughter.. The way she said ‘your wife kept bangles for ur daughter’ to her father..

    An the temple doors open only by mantras which only mahant I. E chandini father knows.. An for sure the temple opens only Every 16 years

    It’s getting interesting day by day, mystery is going deeper

    Liked chandini white blouse today

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Archu… “ASR can do any thing” ..Kuch bhi so that clicking photo is negligible.
      Yeah…Some mantra of childhood bed time story from Grannylike ” Khul jaa sim sim” is damn funny to open a door. The way Advay will be finding the mantra will be interesting.

  8. Hi astha,ayushi and everyone else..aaj ka episode was just ok..dat dialogue..sab dhek rahe hai..mujhe koi fark nahi padtha..uff ASR ..luvd it..dat killer smile jab advay ne chandhni ka hath pakad ke woh smile more character” harmonium” ab yeh bhi samhal lega comedy part..aaj bhi mikku missing..dat last girls part’ shath pratishath vashisht’ was awesome..perhaps was damn gd..eagerly w8ng for mon..gdngt everyone

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…. hi yaar. Yeah Advay’s love with hate and romance with aim of revenge will be interesting to see. Bura yaa bahut bura stole my sleep yaar.

    2. Heyy manu….how r u…nd one more character ‘harmonium’???lolzz…..nd yeah that killer smile ufffff

  9. Nawazia sultana

    Wow yaar nic 2 c asr back his magic begins

  10. Falling for this show??
    And advay singh rai zada and his dialogues
    ?Loved the Bond between sisters and their Shat pratishath vashishth
    Eagerly waiting for nxt episode ??

  11. Yazhu

    Again a wonderful epi… Loved the Rabba ve moments… kya dialogue delivery hai yaar… I’m going gaga over Advay…. Can’t control my excitement for him… Barun is Rocking as Advay… Love him sooöoooooooo much….
    Loved the whole sequence of Advay and Chandni’s eyelock… Their convo… Everything is amazing….
    Loved the sisters bond….
    Precap is also too good… But feeling sad for Chandni…. Loved the epi on the whole…

  12. tania-the fairy

    eagerly waiting for next.

  13. Gayathry

    Superb episode..advay confronting chandni in house is my favourite scene??…He enjoys teasing chandni??…adni???perfect pair…so excited to watch tomorrow episode…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Gayathri…. on Monday.

  14. Sunanda guchhait

    Dont understand why little chandni lied that day. Does someone manipute her. Little chandni is so cute. And our smirky ASR is so damn hot man. Can’t handle it. Egarly waiting for Monday episode. Precap is damn good.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Sundana! Maybe some one has created such situations which forced Chandni to believe that Dev’s mother does black magic.

  15. Nice epi

  16. Aquappz

    Well don’t you think the show is overdone? Bright, noisy, heavy and mismatched costumes. So much of add on music is this necessary? Cannot relate this to a real life situation.

    1. you r real fan of barun .even i thought same ur every word is true.if this show moves like this it will fail i am too worried about that ipkknd 1’s success was its a story happend in next door.

    2. tania-the fairy

      yes I m also think so.They should do single make up with beautifull arting.heavy costumes are not realated with its plot.

  17. Hey astha wassup…. hi archiya nice comments sach me koi bhi aa sakta hai kya aisey…. hi manu hru…… i also think tht jiji is step mom…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku..Hi yaar. I am fine dear. Take care. Happy weekend. Lots of love to Jr. Reddy.

  18. Great episode and would like to watch more scenes of Advay and Chandini.

  19. Ditya

    nice update…omg advay yaar….his looks?his dialogues?? and his smirk❤❤❤❤❤ enough of u Mr.sobti….u r killing me???

    loved their conversation….waiting for more…
    love Rabba ve love AdNi❤

  20. does chandni even know advay?doesn’t seem so…??

  21. Very interesting episodes awaiting daily to watch ….???????

  22. Dear friends
    Aaj late aayi Hai I know that.

    First AdvIni scene ??.yaar in logo ko old IPKKND ko har back ground music add karna zaroori hai Kya.miss ArShi badly???but AdVini iss also rock.aur unke han lock scene??but ye ladki ka kaapna na mujhe pasand nahi aara ha Hai?kuch zyada nahi ho kaap raha.

    Advay and that man scene is interesting?????? Chandni ne joot kyu bola nahi jaana Hai hero ko.punishment dene main hi zyada interest hai.agar wo mystery person ko patha Chandni ne joot kyu bola Tha tho I think advay ka MU clear hoga.i hope so

    Mujhe bhi lag raha hai ki. jiji act kar raha tha chandni ki saamne.kyunki jab Chandni baath sunne ki baath wahase gaya uski baath tho jiji ka behave change hothe hua laga.

    Phir Chandni aur uski Papa ka scene.chandni”aapki biwi ne uski beti ke liye ye khangan rakha Tha main usse lota rahi hu”usse mujhe lag raha hai.chandni uss jiji ka beti nahi.but uss person ka beti hai.chandni ko ye bhi patha hoga ki wo jiji ka beti nahi.mujhe tho ye theen baath lag raha hai uss scene se.

    Market scene pe shivani ki eye liner ki thickness Kam tha I think usse light eye liner pe hi achi lagthi hai.thick eye liner pe tho darr lagtha hai.AdvIni scene advay ki har baath pe hi aag hai?patha nahi Kya chal raha hai uski man pe

    Chandni jiji scene.jab usne poocha Paisa kaha se hai.tho Chandni ne ye bola na main khangan bech diya.aisa kuch.uska Kya mathlab hoga.agar jiji uski maa hai tho usne aisa kyu nahi bola main aapki wo kangan becha.confuse yaar ki jiji Chandni ki asli maa Hai ya nahi.ya Chandni ko patha Hai jiji uski sagi maa nahi hai.jiji ka pyaar and care joota hai ye bhi samajh nahi aara ha hai.shikha is too fun?

    Precap,AdvIni scene.”don’t touch me”I like advay bhi waisa hi blame kar rahi hai jaise chandni ne child hood pe uski parent pe blame kiya tha.chandni ki shock expression se kya lag raha hai.wo usse slap karega.

    So that’s it friends.monday thak wait karthe hai.

    Aaj ki epi ke liye?????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. Hey everyone..I hav a doubt..chandini jiji ki beti hai ya nahi..aur uske baba ko actually hua kya hai..

  24. Riana

    Hey Guyzz…????

    Episode was totally amazing…loved it a lot…

    Adni scene ?

    Loan taking scene..??

    It was a quite suspense filled like episode…

    Last scene was sooo funny…vsisters n again dhiskayoon ?????

    Precap: Eager to watch it ????

  25. change the attire …everyone look toooo bad in the gul mam modern attire ke sb cartoon lg rhe h ye mam ko kya ho gya h modern dikhane ke chakkar me sbhi ko acha khasha cartoon bna diya h …aisi dress kaun phnta h bhala …

  26. Mahhi

    Eagerly waiting for Mondays episode…

  27. Hey nivedita… so nice to meet u here…. hey deepu I absolutely agree with u really the same case with me comments of astha archiya lax nivedita…. analysis of astha actually make us watch it…. thts how I started ishqbaaz DBO n now IPKMKND

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…Are you praising me for luring you to watch Gul Khan shows!!! ha ha ha…Then you are absolutely correct yaar. I am crazy for her shows. OMG!! you came for me , you never told me about it( blushing) . He he…here I am proud of myself lol (in full OmRu style!!).
      With lots of love.

  28. phle unka dressing sense kitna acha tha lekin ab sb ko modern dress phnyi h lekin mujhe ni lgta ye modern dress kyoki aaj tk m ne aisi dress phne kisi ko ni dekh …ptna wo designer kaun h jo sb ko cartoon bna rha h…

  29. plzzz mam barun ko aisi dress mt dena jaise isqbaaz me shiway ko joker bnaya h waise barun ko mt bnana ….plzzzzz

  30. Hi gd..hw are u..yeah May b chandini is step daughter of jiji

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