Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 25 : Why Did you Kill My Father Om?

Chapter 25

~My Heart Broke at The Same Place Where It Had Learnt To Smile~

“Husband”..”Hmm”..”Are We going to be Like this Forever?” ..”I Don’t Mind Staying Like this With you in my arms Forever “He embraced her tighter as she smiled against his heart ..”I Don’t Mind But My Legs” She whined as he let out sigh and released her ..She chuckled seeing his annoyed expressions He could be a baby at times …They sat again on the sand as Gauri rested her head on his shoulder She did not know why ? But she feels that her happiness would be snatched away blame on her intuition she wants to hug him so much without letting him go “..“Gauri Let me get your an ice-cream” He got up leaving him as she looked at his retreating figure with a smile it felt suddenly as he was her everything since the moment she had thought to let go of her past and embrace the future …Her staring session comes abruptly to a halt when her phone pings a message From a unknown number ..Gauri clicks on the whatsapp message to find a video ..She downloads it Shock would be an understatement to the whirlpool of emotions she is feeling right now anger betrayal & much more ..Her Hands trembled as She saw the Video Playing Her Dreams Shattering She Stumbles Shocked She tried to Stifle her cries yet it went impossible her love her hopes her trust shattering into pieces ..

Om comes back with two ice cream cones in his hands a Look at her he knew something wasn’t right she was trying hard to fight her tears ..Her hands wrapped around her knees looking forward at the waves hitting the shore ..He did not know what would have happened ..But He knew it Was Disastrous ..”Gauri” his voice came out in a whisper..She did not look at him “Take me to an isolated place “..She got up without facing him .He sighed “Okay”…While Om was driving he was continuously Looking at her expressions she was trying hard to fight her tears ….He Stopped in a park area which was away from the town .

She got Down without sparing a glance at him ..He sighed ..She sat in a bench as He took his sit beside her .Silence prevails..Her limps shaking & her lips quivering She tries to suppress for a few more moments ..She drinks in the silence to counteract the fear that threatens to engulf her , What if He?.. Her minds cloud with various scenarios..He looks at her intently He knows she is trying to Keep herself from breaking .He Knows the truth is out and He Will not be able to do anything to escape it ..She raises her eyelashes to look at him She tries to stay firm “Did you kill my Father ?” Her voice betrays her it comes in a hoarse whisper breaking the chilling silence around them..Her orbs start dropping it jewels ..He stares at her underrated his eyes which speaks volumes is expressionless at the moment “Yes” He affirms it as She looks at him Startled …”Why?” She asks him in a soft voice She does not pounce on him as Somewhere in her heart She believes him Trusts him to an extent She knows He will not be wrong..He turns away from her unable to reply ..With her shaking palms She holds his chin turning him around ..”Why?” Her lips quivering ..her jewels dropping continually unstopping ..”It was a mistake!” ..”No” She yells at him cupping his cheeks “Please ..No !!.Tell Me you did not ..please ” She begs banging her fists in his chest ..It exhausts her She feels betrayed ..”Please say you didn’t” She tells against his heart ..He does not hug her back ..he holds the bench as She cries her heart out ..”I know you didn’t please …Stop lying..My Husband will never do that !! ” ..She pleads as She weeps wetting his shirt ..He doesn’t reply ..She cries her heart out “I Believe you please ” She repeats her heart aches ..“please!!“..She buries her face more into his chest her arms wrapped around his waist tightly She cries …Each minute her muffles grow louder but He just sits there seeing her breaking into pieces his arms doesn’t come around pulling her closer whispering “We’ll be Okay!!” as always he holds the bench clenching it ..

Times passes each minute it feels heavier ..She pulls herself back pushing him and stands up “You are not my husband ” She yells as He looks at her expressionless ..”Get out of here !! My Husband would be coming ..My Husband My Om will never let me cry he would hug me and whisper Everything will be Okay ! Go away ” She shouts ..” My husband would be coming ..I am calling my husband “She hurriedly speaks to herself taking her phone ..She calls him the phone rings from Om’s pocket ..he takes it out and looks at her ..She keeps moving calling him “Husband Answer ..” ..”You are not my Om ” ..She mutters looking at him wiping away her tears “You are not my husband ” She tells him angrily trying again to his number ..Unable to take more he moves forward pulling her to himself ..”She looks at him Startled by his action she struggles to free her from his hold and pushes him away from her other hand “Go away “She screeches …”My husband would be Coming..Go away ” ..She yells at him exasperated . ..”I am your Husband ” He tells softly as She hits him until her body gives in..He continues to hold her placing his arms around her waist ..Tired She leans onto him as He wounds his arms around her ..

“Our marriage is the best thing that happened to me How & Why you ended up that day to save me I Do not know ..As much as I wanted to know I Believed you and consoled myself that it does not matter what matters to me is you Only YOU!!” …She pauses tightening her hold around him more “The moment you placed sindoor in my mang I Felt As If For the first time I belonged to Someone , The Possessiveness In Your Voice The Day We Married “ Dammit Gauri I am Your Husband ,Only I have right to touch, Only me , You belong to me Only , Tum sirf mere ho ,sirf mere”,Samjhi “ ..The Feeling of Belonging It Gave Me An unknown Confidence That I have someone to depend upon but I was reluctant to accept you as My Mind was plagued that You was Ishu’s husband ..The time she told she was not I felt as if Flying in the heaven .An Unknown emotion & an unknown happiness flooded inside me !! But Still I Did not want to stay in the marriage “..She paused and removed her face from his chest and raised her orbs straightly looking into his eyes “Because I Did not want to Overshadow you with my past ! Your Life Was My Priority…But You ? Why did you Kill him ?” She accuses him holding his collar ..”Why?” She cries …

“It was a Mistake !!”..”It was not The Video Clear Shows it isn’t Just spit it out ..I know My husband will not hurt anyone intentionally Let alone Kill ” She tells with so much confidence & trust in her voice that triggered something in him .. “How long do you know me Gauri?”..Merely Four to five months ..and you Believe I will be always right ? ” He asks sarcastically..She blinks her eyes twice to confirm it’s him “I know My Husband very Well!!”.. He leaves her & Laughs “Then Why did you try to Kill me?”…She is not shocked with the fact he knew …”I thought you were…” He cuts her off “Thirty Six Attempts Mrs.Oberoi “..She stumbles a bit ..”Okay Let me Start With !!” ..He sits in the Bench Crossing his one leg over the other leg and Looks at her ..”Remember Holi?.” She presses her lips together quivering ..as He continues “In the Act of Applying colors you were trying to stab me with a knife from behind !!”..She cries remembering shaking her head “But You couldn’t as I held your wrist and pulled you front you were so lost in the proximity that your hold on the knife loosened and fell “..She cries unable to answer …”

Remember the Day Daadi and Mom was Back home ? You went alone to meet Kali & You had the Nerve to Lie”..She takes a step forward “Stay there !!” His voice sounds firm …She shakes her head as tears pour down “But I…” she cannot give him an answer ..”The Chandelier Fall you did it To Kill ME” His Voice held’s Anger & Pain ..”But I Saved you ” She tries to reasons “Many more attempts ..The Belief You are talking about you could have asked me straight away but you back stabbed me!” He tells with anger …

“Stop!! ” She yells as She moves forward pulling him on his feet “I Back Stabbed you? How could you ? You were the One who did everything behind my back from Our Marriage to Abducting Kali Twice & And Roaming around with that Girl ? , Have I ever pointed a finger at you ? It is the Trust & respect I Have on you , Yes True I tried to kill you Thirty Six times but each time it was me who saved you !!..I Believed You ! Each time you were closer to death I cringed as I Felt like my soul was ripping away I could Not Kill you ” She tells him burying herself into the crook of his neck as She cries …”Please Tell It Wasn’t A Mistake Please Om ..I have Dreams ..I wanna live my life with you & your kids ..please..It depends on your Answer “..She wants to Stay by his side now & forever ..She is left in a Situation to Choose between him & her Father Who she had looked up to since the time her parent’s left her ..Can She? ..Let him Go Or Get justice for her father ?..She is torn apart between her Father & Her Husband ..She is yet to take a decision it depends on his answer “Please..”…”It was a mistake!!”..She pushes him away aggravately “Stop Calling it A Mistake !! Even if it was your blo*dy mistake caused me so much misery I had to go through so much in life & Hide Myself Protect my Dignity Getting Away from the people I have Known.. Step into a New Land with A Broken Heart “” She yells at him throwing her hands up weeping out loudly.

“Wait Let me Show your blo*dy Mistake!!.” She takes out her phone ..The Video Starts Playing Where After Gauri Shoots Kali and runs out ..Khanna opens his eyes slowly trying his best to stand up …Finally when he is on his feet ..A Bullet pierces through his heart gushing the blood out .Omkara enters in as Kali Smiles seeing him ..Om helps Kali stand up ..As it was a CCTV Footage She cannot make out what they had been talking …”Why did you Kill Him ? She asks Pulling him by his collars …” I said it was A Mistake !!” He tells loudly freeing himself out of her hold .. “Please ” She cups his face “Tell me the truth which you are hiding !!”…”You are getting ideas Gauri ..I am Not “..”Are you Kali’s right hand ?” She asks with a poker face ..”Yes I was ” He replies as She leaves him “Are you a Drug Supplier Om ?”..He Looks away disturbed “Yes!!”…”No I won’t believe you ..You cannot Do That !! You Will Not !!.Kali gave me so many proofs I am Not believing anyone ..you are not ” She mutters hurriedly ….

“It is the Truth I Don’t Care whether you believe or Not ..You Wanted To Take Revenge You Can Go Ahead !! But Before That ! Three Promises ” He pulls her close cradling her face in his palms ..With his thumb he wipes away her tears ..”Promises Are ….”…She cries more hearing him ..”Please” She requests one last time ..”Jaan” Her tears are stoppable as She Looks at him Jaan That One Name which makes her forget the world & the pain around ..She wants to smile but her lips betrays it quivers more ..He moves closer to her with their faces inches apart “One Last Time” He whispers ..Slowly Inexorably he presses his lips onto hers ..It was Soft and gentle A Tear dropped trickles down from the corner of his eyes ..The Kiss Tasted Painful .A Wave of Pain & Love Passes through them filling up the corner of their hearts .. She Refuses to Step Back from the Kiss Pulling him more closer locking her arms around his necks ..Breaking The Kiss Means A Goodbye to him But For Her Not Breaking Off Means A Reason to Hold On to Her Faith & Love . He moves back still having her in his embrace.. His thumb rests behind her ears as His Fingers caresses her face..She Lowers head as She Knows Once She pulls up He Would be Gone…

Bhulaa denaa mujhe
Hai alvidaa tujhe
Tujhe jeenaa hai mere binaa
Safar ye hai tera, ye raastaa teraa
Tujhe jeenaa hai mere binaa

“I Love You Jaan Now & Forever ” He whispers as She Looks at Him Shocked & Surprised as She Cries out more ..It’s unbearable…Taking her palm He places a gun as She Looks at Him With her Eyes Wide Open “Go Ahead ” He Says Softly Moving Two Step Backwards His Lips Curved up ..His Hands Raised up in the Air .. More & More Water Flows From Her Eyes ..

She Slowly Pulls her hand up Pointing the Gun To His Direction As She Tells him With Love & Pain “I Love You Husband” Making him Grin Wider as The Bullet Sound Hears in The Background.

Tu hi hai kinaara teraa
Tu hi to sahaara teraa
Tu hi hai taraanaa kal kaa
Tu hi to fasaanaa kal kaa
Khud pe yakeen tu karnaa
Ban-na tu apnaa khudaa..

Qhizaan ki shaam hoon main
Tu hai nayee subah
Tujhe jeena hai mere binaa..




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