Tumhari Pakhi 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 26th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman telling Ayaan that he will drop him to school. Ayaan asks why, do you want anything. Anshuman looks at him and asks him to sit in his car. He talks on the way about his new project and the wednesday market. Ayaan asks him to drive slowly. Anshuman asks Ayaan about Pakhi. Ayaan does not answer him. Ayaan says how did you bring Pakhi as you don’t have anything similar like her. Anshuman asks do you have any problem with Pakhi. Ayaan says no. Anshuman says if you want to say anything to me, you can say. Ayaan says bye and leaves for the school.

Anshuman says ayaan won’t him easily as he is my son. He says I have to find out by some other way. He says Pakhi should reach that market before 2pm. Lavanya talks to Girish about Bua. She says she is

not letting me know the address and the information about Naina’s parents. Girish is tensed. Lavanya says how can Bua not know anything. She says I think Bua is doing this purposely. She says I think she is hiding something from us. Bua comes there and looks at them. She says you wanted the death certificate of Naina’s parents, here it is. Lavanya says how did you make it. Lavanya checks the certificate and says whatever, our work is done.

Maa ji thinks of sending Pakhi to the market as Ayaan’s teacher goes there. She says the teacher has to see Pakhi there else our mission won’t become successful. Maa ji reminds Pakhi to go to the market. Pakhi says I came to know its timings, its open till 4pm. Anshuman calls Pakhi and comes to know she is at home. He tries to send Pakhi before 3pm to the market. She says fine, I will go now to the market. Anshuman thinks what is Ayaan planning. Anshuman cancels his meetings and thinks of going to the market.

Pakhi comes to the wednesday market and looks around. Even Anshuman is there. He hides seeing Pakhi. Pakhi sees the ropes and thinks of buying them. Pakhi sees Ayaan’s history teacher and greets her. Some goons tease Pakhi and misbehave with her. Pakhi says let me go. They hold Pakhi’s hand and she slaps him. They hold her shawl and stop. They try to slap her but Anshuman saves Pakhi holding the goon’s hand. He says respect women. Pakhi is shocked to see Anshuman. Anshuman beats the goons. They run away. Pakhi asks Anshuman are you fine. He says I m fine, lets go.

Anshuman and Pakhi are on the way to home. Pakhi is happy thinking the way Anshuman saved her. She smiles seeing him. She sees some blood on his hands and wipes it. Music plays………………….. He says thanks. She says you are welcome. She says how did you come there. He says this is not a good place. She says so, you came to see whether I m fine or not. She gets happy and says you fought like a hero and saved me, you were looking very handsome, you came from office, I want to talk to you, do you have some time. She says its about Ayaan. He stops the car.

Maa ji tells Ayaan that she spoke to the history teacher. She met Pakhi in the market. Maa ji asks him about his plan. Ayaan says see. Pakhi says Ayaan’s behavior has changed, I suspect it. She says there is something going on in his mind. Anshuman says no, it can’t be, why are you thinking so. Pakhi says he is a kid and can’t change in one day. Anshuman says maybe he has accepted you as you are so good, anyone will like you. Pakhi asks what did you say. He says you are good. She smiles and pulls his leg.

The rope falls and she bends to take to and her saree slips. He holds it and they have an eyelock. Bol dil se…………………… plays…………………….. She says I felt good knowing your opinion. He says shall we go now. She laughs.

Ayaan is playing at home. Pakhi comes home with Anshuman and talks to Ayaan. Ayaan tells about Hatim (The new show coming on Life Ok) Pakhi praises Hatim. Ayaan asks about the rope. She gives him and says first tell me what will you do with this. She says are you thinking about any prank. Ayaan lies to her and says its my project. Pakhi laughs and says I trust you, but if you break this trust then it won’t mean that you made me a fool, it would mean I respected you which you lost. She says you know when trust breaks, its hard to get it back, so remember that I trust you. Ayaan says shall I go now and leaves.

Anshuman thinks about Pakhi’s words and is tensed. Ayaan comes to his room and closes the door. He says yes. Maa ji comes to him and says your teacher came. Ayaan says now it will be fun. Pakhi greets the teacher and says Ayaan is in his room. Ayaan acts as if he is hurt and falls. The teacher is shocked to see Ayaan’s legs tied by the rope.

The teacher is fooled by Ayaan. Ayaan speaks against Pakhi. Anshuman hears Ayaan’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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