Tum se na ho payega – (Chapter 5)

Tum se Na ho payega…… (Chapter 5)
Hello people!
I am back with my second chapter of TUM SE NA HO PAYEGA. Sorry for being soooo late. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this.
Chapter 4

Scene 1
At Oberoi mansion
Pinky and Shakti are talking in their room;
Shakti: Annika! She is lovely! I like her very much. I want to know something about her from Shivaay.
Pinky: It’s okay that she is Shivaay’s friend. But she has no surname, we don’t know about her bloodline. She lives with her brother. We don’t know her.
Shakti: I only want to know about her. Don’t react so obsessive. Don’t act like she is going to marry our Shivaay.
Pinky: I will never let that happen.
Shivaay hears everything. He gets heartbroken after hearing his mother. He thinks;
Shivaay: What am I feeling? After all, bloodline is everything. No, she is Annika. She will not change. I like her because of her innocence and my love will not change even if I don’t know her surname. I am The Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I cannot change. He smirks and leaves.
It’s been a week that Annika is at home and she wants to go to school. She insists to her brother and after so much “please-please”, he allows her to go to school.

Next day, Annika’s brother takes her to the school. He helps her in going inside the campus while she is hoping and moving. ShivOmRu are also entering the school. Shivaay doesn’t see her but OmRu run and go to Annika.
Rudra: Hello Annika di!! Welcome back! How are you now?
Om: Hey! My super girl! How are you now? Come I’ll help you.
They both help her and take her to the class. Mallika sees her and laughs. She says;
Mallika: Look who is coming! A girl with a broken leg! Hahaha! If a person cannot support or help herself, then she should not interfere in Shivaay’s or others life. Huh! (She pushes Annika and leaves. Om holds Annika and makes her sit on the chair.)
Om: Leave her. She is like this only. She is the youngest at her home and is so much spoilt and frivolous. Look who is coming, Gauri. She is my……
Rudra: woh humari hone wali Bhabi hain, jaise aap humari hone….. (Omkara hits his hand on Rudra’s tummy and very slowly says shut up Rudra)
Annika: What were you saying?
Om: Nothing, (looks at Gauri) come meet her. She is Annika, the one whom I told you last night.
Rudra laughs and leaves. Omkara makes an irked face.
Om: He is silly, okay I must take a leave and Gauri you please come a bit early, I want to tell you something. (He winks and leaves smiling. Gauri blushes.)
Annika and Gauri talk a little and later Shivika joins them. Annika talks to Gauri while Annika knowingly ignores Shivika. Annika asks Gauri to go as Omkara would be waiting. Gauri wishes her “get well soon” and leaves.
Annika: She is so good. I like her. (Annika looks at Shivika who looks sort of jealous) what happened to you? Are you okay?
Shivika (shouting sarcastically): Oh wow! Gauri is just so good, I like her! My Foot!! You were only talking to her and you were ignoring me. Jao beti! I won’t talk to you now. Now you will only talk to Gauri and will break friendship from me.
Annika: (Laughs) are you crazy? I was doing this purposely to see this jealousness on your face. And are you dump! Tumhe chot haath par lagi thi par lagta hai asar dimaag par ho raha hai. Why will I leave you? You are my only friend to whom I can share everything. Never say this again that I will leave you and go with Gauri. Look, she is good. She is Omkara’s friend so I had to talk nicely with her. After all, she is Omkara’s GF. We can make a group here and we should also do friendship with girls of other sections also. This is a good habit. And dare you again say that I will leave you, I can never leave you. Even if I die, I will become “Phillauri” and stay with you, dumbo! (They both hug).
Shivika: Aww! I am really sorry for this. I will never leave you and will never say this again, my cutest Devdasi!
Annika: Stop teasing me! And I am no Devdasi, I am Annika! The Annika. (She does Shivaay’ signature step)
Shivika: Annika or Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi? Because the style you did is actually copied from Shivaay.
Annika: Shut up! Don’t tease me! (She smiles). You know what, when Omkara was helping me to come in the class, Mallika came in (and she tells everything about Mallika pushing and her words)
Shivika: Yeh Mallika ki bachchi kuch zyaada hi udd rahi hai. Zameen par toh ise lekar hi aana hoga. You just wait and watch Annika, what I will do tomorrow. Now, it’s time to show who Shivika really is. (she smiles wickedly. Annika laughs seeing her.)

It’s morning. Annika again comes to school and today Shivaay helps Annika and takes her to the class. Mallika gets jealous seeing them together and goes from the class. Annika gives a victorious smile. Shivaay looks at her, confused. Shivika comes there laughing and Shivaay leaves. The class goes for assembly but Shivika stays there with Annika. They discuss about Mallika;
Shivika: Did you see her face! Hahaha! She was going violet in anger and did you smell something burning? Omg! Her frowning face was red and the heat from her burning body is still coming. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing! Hahaha!!
(OmRu enter laughing.)
Annika: Where were you both? You know what happened? Mallika ki toh tai’n tai’n phis ho gai!
Om: We know. We only send Shivaay to help you.
(Shivika and OmRu tell her that it was their plan and it got executed so well. Shivaay listens them standing at the door. He smiles weirdly as if he was in great confusion and it was getting clear word by word. Annika looks at him. Shivaay sees her and calls OmRu. He tells them something and ShivOmRu leave. Before leaving, Shivaay looks at Annika, smiles then winks and leaves. Annika gives a shocking reaction like she gave in the show when ShivIka were doing arm-wrestling in mid-night and Shivaay made a kissy face, facing her.)
It’s their games period. Annika is in the class. She looks outside the window and sees Shivaay playing football. She asks Shivika to help her go at the class balcony. She is standing at the balcony and staring Shivaay. It starts raining but the boys are still playing. Annika sees her wet love (Shivaay) playing football and celebrating by hugging the boys as Shivaay kicked the ball and it went in the goal. Annika claps for her class, especially for Shivaay. She stares him. Baarish……..plays….. . Shivaay sees her winks again and laughs seeing her reaction. Annika goes inside the class embarrassed and blushing. Shivaay dances in the rain. Mallika sees him and starts acting like “OMG! Shivaay looks so good! Aww! He is so handsome”. She is not able to control herself and runs in the football court and starts dancing with him.

Shivaay: Are you CRAZY? Why did you come here? You will catch cold. Just leave from here, LEAVE!
Mallika runs madly to the shade. Her friends laugh on her. She covers for herself that he did send her back because he cares for her. All the girls say ”Ooohhh!” and laugh again. Mallika stares Shivaay.
Precap: Shivaay and Annika dream about each other. Annika wakes up and smiles. It’s raining. She goes near the window and sits there. Shivaay does the same. Annika talks to Shivaay and is about to confess her feelings towards him.
Alright everyone, hope you like it. Please do comment and let me about your views on my fan fiction. Actually I don’t get time to write because of my school. Whenever I get time, I do write little but not enough to post. Sorry for posting late. Keep reading and do give suggestion if you want me to add. I tried to add OmRi/GauriKa. Please do tell any suggestion related to them. I am not getting any idea how to continue their story. . Okay, thank you everyone for reading this and showing your love. Keep reading, keep commenting.

PS.: I have written some lines in Hindi because I was wrote them as the dialogues as I wanted them to write them in Hindi. Like here in my ff, Shivika said “yeh Mallika ki bachchi……”, “Tumhe chot haath par lagi…….” and “Mallika ki toh Tai’n Tai’n phis ho gai”. I can translate these dialogues if you want.
Thank you.

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