Tum mile2 Arshi,SRK-Kajol SS Part 5

Tum mile Season2 Part 5
Arnav Khushi came.
Arnav:Sorry bhaiyya,I lied that Anjali di is against our relation.The truth is that she is the one who supports us the most.I lied so that I can make you meet di.
Rahul Anjali were shocked.
Anjali:You are Khushi’s brother?
R:Yes.And you are Arnav’s sister?
Rahul smiled:I always hear about Arnav’s sister as Arnav has only time to talk to you.But i never imagined that it’s you.

Rahul-Anjali shared an emotional eye lock.

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin

Anj:Rahul..where is Tina?
R:Tina is living happily in the US with her husband.

Anjali was shocked:What?I thought you both were married.
Rahul was shocked:What?Why did you think that we are married?
Anjali could’nt say anything.
Arn:Di had seen you saying I love you to Tina and That’s why she left the college all of a sudden.
Anjali was finding it difficult to face Rahul.
Khushi:Yes bhaiyya.Di used to love you a lot and she left the college thinking that you and Tina are in love.
Rahul was shocked.He looked at Anjali.
R:Is it true Anjali?
She was in tears.She nodded her head:Yes.
His eyes became wet.

Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa

R:Why did’nt you tell me earlier that you love me?

Anj:I was planning to tell you that.But seeing you confess love to Tina I decided not to tell you that.
Rahul said emotionally:The truth is that I was rehearsing how to confess my love to you and Tina was just helping me to do that by enacting your role.

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Anjali was shocked:It means…
R:I love you Anjali..but before I could tell you the sentences I rehearsed you left me.

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho

Anjali wept:Oh no..what did I do?I did a blunder by leaving you without finding out the truth.
Devayani who heard this was in tears.
Deva:Destiny has brought you both again on the same path to join hands together.Rahul beta…please take my Anjali bitiya with you.She has been living every moment with your memories.
Rahul:Yes Naniji.Once i lost my Anjali.I won’t let myself lose her again.
Devayani smiled.

Rahul held Anjali’s hand tearfully keeping romance in his eyes:Will you marry me Anjali?

Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Anjali smiled through tears in her eyes:Yes Rahul.

Kabhi na kehna alvidaAha ha ha o

Rahul-Anjali came closer rubbing their forehead with each others.
R:I love you.
Anj:I love you too.

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida…


Everyone smiled happily.
They all left the room giving them privacy.

Khushi grabbed Arnav’s collar and took him to another room.She kicked on Arnav’s shoulder:Now Anjali di is getting settled.Now you propose m Laad Governor.
Arn:But I have no ring to propose you.
K:You have gifted me many rings without proposing me.Now propose me without the ring.

Arnav pulled her towards him,”Can I kiss you and propose you?”
Khushi blushed closing her eyes allowing him to do that.He moved towards her lips passionately.

Mehendi function of Rahul-Anjali and Arnav-Khushi…
The brides did mehendi and danced with their bride grooms.

Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Nashe di pudiyaan
Gali de gunde..
O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..

O.. aa..
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna

Hoye.. hoye.. hoye..
Hoye.. hoye.. hoye..


Seeing them dance together Devayani smiled:I am so happy for Anjali bitiya and Chotte.Thanks to Matarani.


Both the couples danced with full heart.

Bano Ki Mehndi Kya Kehna

Bano Ka Joda Kya Kehna

Bano Lage Hai Phoolon Ka Gehna

Bano Ki Aankhen Kajrari

Bano Lage Sabse Pyaari

Bano Pe Jaaon Main Vaari Vaari

Bano Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori

Chhup Chhup Ke Sharmaaye Dekhe Chori Chori

Banno Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori

Chup Chupke Sharmaye Dekhe Chori Chori

Ye Mane Ya Na Mane Main To Ispe Mar Gaya

Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah


Haldi function also went well.

Secretly Arnav-Khushi and Rahul-Anjali romanced during the haldi function.

The wedding day…
Anjali could’nt believe who came for the wedding.
Her lips shivered:Tina!
Tina smiled:Yes..the same Tina..
Tina hugged Anjali:I am so happy Anjali that finally you and Rahul are becoming one.
Anjali smiled.
T:But tell me why did you leave the college leaving Rahul when you love him so much?
Anjali became dull.
Rahul and Anjali looked at each other.Anjali was feeling ashamed of herself for doubting Tina’s feelings for Rahul when Tina was actually trying to play cupid in their love story.
Rahul:Leave it Tina…what is the use of discussing the past?The biggest truth is that now Anjali and I are together.

Tina gave him a friendly hug:I am so happy for you Rahul.
Tina looked at Anjali:You know Anjali…everytime he talked to me on the phone he was only talking about finding you.When all the hopes were over he found you.This is true love.It can never fail.
Anjali-Rahul smiled at each other.
Suddenly a voice from behind:Will you guys talk continously or will you introduce me to your friend?
Tina turned back and looked at him:Oh Rishi…can’t you be patient for some time?
Rishi:Losing patience sweet heart.
Tina giggled.

Rahul laughed and hugged Rishi:Sorry for boring you Rishi.When we college friends meet each other we forget everything.
Rishi smiled.
Tina looked at Anjali:Since Rahul attended our wedding he knows Rishi very well.This is Rishi.My dearest husband.
Anjali smiled:Hi Rishi..
Rishi:Hi Anjali..Though i am seeing you for the first time you are familiar to me as you were there in Tina’s chat topics.
Anjali smiled.

Rahul-Anjali,Arnav-Khushi married on the same mandap with Devayani’s blessings.

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