Santoshi Maa 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devki seeing Santoshi. She says I have seen many people breaking today, you passed this test. Santoshi says you may have broke criminals, but no one has power to break truth, I did not do anything, I reached home and tells everything what happened. Devki says decision will be taken in court, we don’t have time. Devki thinks any innocent life should not be troubled because of me. She goes. Santoshi says sometimes truth to fight needs much time, devotion has much power. Kaka and Bittoo come there. Santoshi says devotion teaches to bear and fight.

Bittoo asks will you just bear and not fight, Dhairya is marrying Riya tomorrow, you can’t save his life from getting ruined then. Santoshi gets shocked. Kaka says Bittoo is saying right, Dhairya and Riya are going court to marry. He tells everything. Bittoo asks her to save Dhairya. She shows the video of Riya cutting the wires. Santoshi gets shocked and cries.

Bittoo says you are getting punished for Riya’s crime. Santoshi says if I fail to save Dhairya from Riya, I can’t forgive myself. The lady asks her to run away. Santoshi says its wrong. The lady asks her to just save her husband. Bittoo and Kaka ask Santoshi to run away. Kaka tells Santoshi that police is corrupt here. They try to convince Santoshi. Santoshi prays for some way.

Devki comes there and asks whats happening, I heard everything, I caught the prisoner running and did not spare her, think well and do what you want. She throws the keys for helping Santoshi. She leaves from there. Santoshi takes the keys and says Maa, forgive me, but I have to break laws to save my husband. Bittoo asks Santoshi to hold her neck. She screams and Kaka acts along.

Santoshi gets the lock opened and takes inspector’s gun. Kaka says don’t do anything, I m old, don’t lock us. He signs Santoshi. Santoshi locks everyone inside the lockup. Bittoo thinks she will stay here till Santoshi gets outside safe. Santoshi runs away. Gaumata says Mata gave me permission to help Santoshi, but what to do without her guidance.

Bittoo goes to Madhu and Pratap. She shows them the video. They get shocked seeing Riya cutting the wire. Bittoo says we made Santoshi’s run away plan and helped her, Kaka went to find her, if you support us, we will get courage, we need some officer who can teach lesson to that corrupt inspector. Madhu asks Pratap to help Bittoo in finding Santoshi. Pratap agrees and goes with Bittoo..

Santoshi runs on the road. Kaka and police try finding her. Dhairya tells Riya that they will marry tomorrow morning. She says I m so happy, no one will be between us. Santoshi hides seeing police. Police finds her. Inspector says you made my work easier by running away, now I will do your encounter. She gets shocked.

Madhu worries for Santoshi, and says Pratap did not come till now. Riya comes there with suitcase. She asks her to pack her bag and leave this room. Madhu says what nonsense. Riya says Dhairya and I are shifting here, so you better leave, get out. Madhu gets angry on her. Riya says I m sure you don’t want me to throw your belongings, hurry up. She goes. Madhu fumes.

Nupur tells Devi Paulmi that inspector would have killed Santoshi by now. Kaki comes and Riya collides with her. Riya scolds her. Kaki asks her to mind her tongue. Riya shouts on her. Madhu comes there and slaps Riya. Riya says I m not Santoshi to bear your nonsense. She slaps Madhu back. Kaki gets shocked. Madhu gets angry and asks how dare you slap me. She holds Riya’s neck and says I will not leave you. Dhairya comes there. Riya sees him and starts acting. Riya says please leave me, its my mistake, don’t beat me. Dhairya looks on. Madhu says this house runs on my fingers, you have to understand this. Riya says I m sorry, leave me. Kaki asks Dhairya what girl did he choose. Madhu realizes Dhairya is behind her and leaves Riya.

Riya cries and hugs Dhairya. She asks him to see how Madhu was beating her, tell her that Santoshi is gone, I m bahu now, I will manage this house, ask her not to beat me. Kaka comes and says Santoshi is bahu of this house, not you. Madhu smiles seeing Santoshi. Nupur and Devi Paulmi get shocked. Kaka and Pratap bring Santoshi with them.

FB shows how inspector accepted he took bribe to kill Santoshi. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. Gaumata kicks the inspector and saves Santoshi. Pratap and Kaka reach there and stop inspector. Devki asks inspector not to act smart and arrests him. Kaka says we reached on time. Pratap says we informed commissioner and he has sent his team. Madhu asks why did you take so much time. Pratap says I took Santoshi to commissioner to prove she is innocent, he has made papers and legal work takes times. Madhu says its good you did this on time, else Santoshi would have got trapped. Pratap says yes, Dhairya is supporting Riya now.

Kaki scolds Riya. Riya says I will break your leg. They all get shocked. Santoshi stops Riya and asks her to get out. Dhairya says but…. Santoshi says don’t get in between, you know what she did with Devi Paulmi. Devi Paulmi asks who are you to kick out Riya from this house. Santoshi says I m something, who are you in this house. She asks Devi Paulmi to get out too, else she knows to kick her out. Nupur says she is our guest. Santoshi says that’s why I m talking with respect, ask her to leave, else I also know drama.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that she won’t let Riya ruin his life, this is promise to myself. Devki comes there. Pratap thanks her for coming. He shows Riya. Devki arrests her. Riya says its not my mistake, leave me, Dhairya tell them. Dhairya says Riya did not do anything. Devki says shut up, we have video proof against her, its attempt to murder and defamation charges against her. Riya is taken away. Devi Paulmi gets angry. She realizes someone wants to contact her from Devlok. Everyone pause. Brahmadev appears there and asks her to come back to Devlok soon, reach the place where you stepped on earth. She nods. Santoshi asks Devi Paulmi to leave and scolds her. She asks why is she jealous with her. Devi Paulmi says I won’t stay here now, Santoshi made fun of me. She thinks I will get my powers and explain jealousy to Santoshi.

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  1. Highly idiotic what was the need of santoshi running

    1. Hi Renu,

      I believe it’s to make the scene more dramatic…ha ha . Some parts i find silly, for example, would you keep a guest in your house who is causing chaos and friction? Personally the guest would have been thrown out a long time ago, especially after the rule change last minute dance comp. Besides, who allows a guest to decide who is DIL and not? I enjoy this series, I really hope that Santoshi finds happiness and finally Madhu treats her kindly. Its getting interesting now, especially after preview of next episode…when he treat to pull Santoshi maa charm away from Santoshi neck.

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