Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-1

Charecter Sketch


Ragini Gadodia- a 24 years old girl. She is a calm, sanskari & educated girl. she is a teacher. loves her family so much.

Swara Gadodia- a 21 years chirpy bubbly girl. she reads in collage. she is adopted child.Β  she thinks her di as god.

Shekhar Gadodia- father of swaragini. loves his childern so much. he is a doctor.

Sharmistha Gadodia- mother of swaragini. She is a proffecor.

Ayush Gadodia- Younger brother of swaragini. he is 20 years old. he also read in collage.

Parvati Gadodia- Grandmother of swaragini. Very Strict lady.


Sanskar Maheswari- A 28 years old man. very workholic but familian man. He works in their home company. His family is his first priority.

Laksh Maheswari- A 25 years old boy. He also work in their home company. he is a casanova and flirty type boy.

Uttara Maheswari- a 20 years old girl. Younger sister of sanlak. She is classmate of Ayush.

Durga prasad Maheswari- Father of Sanskar. He is a buisness man. he is a cultural & strict person.

Ram prasad Maheswari- Father of uttlak. he is also a buisness tycon.

Annapurna Maheswari- Mother of Sanskar. A holyhearted & sweet woman.

Sujata Maheswari- Mother of uttlak. She is a chirpy bubbly woman.


In a big manssion Durgaprasad is sitting in drawing room. A person enter the there.

man- Namaste durgaji.

durga- arre mohan ji come. please seat. Chandan bring tea. Tell mohan ji?

Mohan- durga ji i brought a allince for your son.

durga- Who is she?

Mohan- She is daughter of doctor Shekhar Gadodia.Β  Bahut pyari bachchi hai.

durga- Do you bring her photo?

mohan-Β  Here it is.

Durga- ladki to sundar hain. But i have to talk with family & specialy sanskar.

mohan- ji ji jarur. keep the photo. Call me after your desecion. ji namaste.

durga- Namaste.

In Gadodia mansion

Shekhar- Ragu beta mohan ji tell me about a boy.

Ragini- Papa what do you think will be better for me.

Swara- Papa di ki shadi ho rahi hain?

Dadi- Han chodi ab teri bari se.

Ayush- then i will be the king of the house.

swaragini glare at him.

Sharmistha- stop fighting and come to have dinner.

they all go for dinner.

Maherswari mansion.

All are having their dinner togather.

Durga- listen everybody i have a important talk with you.

Ram- What bhaisa?

Durga- Today mohanji came here with a allince of Sanskar.

Sujata- Mare sanskar ke liye rista aaye hain aur ap hame ab bata rahe ho se bhai sa.

Anu- Where is her photo?

durga- Herte it is.

suji- Hamein ladki pasand se.

anu- me to. Sanskar you see.

Sanskar- Ma if mom telling yes then mine also yes.

suji- nazar na lage mare chode ko.

utt- Suno suno mujhe designer lehenga chahiye.

all glares at her and break into laugh.

Today this much. hope you guys will like it.

lots of love…

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