Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi looks for Ria everywhere in the house. Rukmani, Sheetal, Revathi and Dadisaa get tensed. Revathi says we shall inform Raman and Kailash. Abhi sees Ria in the corner, lying unconsciously. Everyone get shocked. Ria wakes up and calls Abhi. She asks why I am here. Abhi asks to call the doctor. The doctor checks Ria and says everything is normal. He tells Abhi that Ria is not psychologically fit and tells that may be she can feel that girl. Anything is possible. Dadisaa asks Ria to take rest and says you brought laptop even in the mandir. Ria recalls Aanchal attacking her and gets up. Everyone gets tensed. Abhi gives her medicines. He asks what had happened. Ria recalls Aanchal attacking her in the store room and tells Abhi that someone is making her do the things which she doesn’t do. She

says she saw her with her own eyes and heard her voice. Abhi says I know that you can’t do this. Ria says she can show the proof. Abhi says no need. I trusts you fully. He says we will find old Ria and asks her not to get that Aanchal rule on her mind. He says he likes that old Ria. She gets shocked as Abhi is not understanding her. Abhi says your Abhi loves you very much ( stupid Abhi). Ria tries to speak, but he doesn’t allow her and asks her to sleep. He goes out of the room. Ria thinks she have to proof the truth infront of everyone.

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Rukmani wonders why Ria went to outhouse. Sheetal says it doesn’t look like she is old Ria. Dadisaa says Doctor was saying something. Sheetal says she is worried about Abhi and suggests some idea. Abhi asks what? Sheetal says we shall celebrate your 1 month anniversary. She says Ria will get well. Abhi says may be Ria will get peace. Ria says she will get peace if she tells the truth. Abhi asks her to rest. Ria says everyone have to know about the truth. She tells that someone is behind her changed behavior since many days. She says Abhi didn’t hear me fully, but now he has to hear. She goes to the outhouse.

Abhi follows her with family in tow. Ria sees her laptop burning and tries to stop it. Abhi comes and tells her that nothing is there. Ria tells Abhi that Aanchal is burning her laptop to stop her from proving the truth. Abhi asks her to come. Ria tells everyone to believe her and says Aanchal was doing all this. Abhi asks her to stop. Rukmani asks Abhi to let her speak. Abhi promises to prove her that her laptop is fine. Kammo brings her laptop as Abhi asked her. Abhi shows the laptop to Ria and says it is all fine. She opens her laptop, but doesn’t find any video. She gets shocked as the song plays…………Tantrik is seen controlling Kammo’s mind. Ria wonders where is that recording and is in tears. Abhi says it is your superstition and asks her to rest. Rukmani says Guruji’s student said that everything is fine. It is Ria’s superstition. Dadisaa says Doctor said that she is mentally ill. Ria gets hurt hearing about her family thinking. Ria thinks to meet Guruji as he is the one who can help her. She says she can’t let anything happen to her Abhi, relation and family.

Ria leaves in a car to meet Guruji. Aanchal stops her and throws color on the car. Ria says she won’t get scared and will move forward. Aanchal throws kerosene on her car. Ria steps out, runs and collides with a tempo.

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  1. This show is getting stupid and ridiculous, it has reached a stage where I refuse to watch it anymore. If the writers of this show has nothing else to write then pls shut the show down

  2. I totally agree with the above comment…..please change the story line or shut down…. Don’t irritate…..worst show of the season

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