Sinhasan Battisi 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is saying to vetla tat it is his dharma to help that ladies and then calls vetal and vetal appears while samrat says tat he needs his help as he wants to give mukti to those atma and then vetal says tat wat should he do now while samrat says tat it is essential to help them as they are wandering since 100 years while vetal says tat he knows how it feels samrat then says to vetal that he will alone go ahead to help them and then vetal says tat he will come back only wen he gets an solution on this problem and vetal disappears In palace chitralekha is worried for samrat and goes to varhamirji to ask him to see his astrology and after seeing the astro varhamirji says tat the time is bad now and chitralekha gets worried and then their comes a dasi who informs maharani that samrat is here chitralekha is happy to hear this and runs to meet him while samrat then tells her the story of wat happened with the ladies and then he tells her tat he will give them justice and then into old fort raja bhoj says to nallini now how will samrat give justice and nallini says tat he will give it with help of vetal and further narrates tat vetal is seen on the tree and he finds a solution and goes to samrat to tell him samrat asks him wat is the solution he has and vetal says tat he has to make alive the soul of bhoganand samrat asks him how is this possible while vetal gets angry and says to him tat wat kind of friend u r u didn’t even ask me wen I came here samrat says tat this is not the time to do all this and please tell but then vetal says he wont and then there comes chitralekha and says to vetal tat she will ask him and asks how is he and will he have something to this vetal says to samrat that see his wife has the manners to ask and then says tat wat are u thinking u r the representative of god and u have so many powers with u use it think hard how will u do this and then he dissapapears samrat then goes to varhamirji and asks him how will he do this and then varhamirji tells tat first he has to find out that is the soul of bhoganand still there and then samrat decides tat he will go to pitralok to aryamahi and find out. Vetal is walking is very angry and says tat samrat is stupid he don’t know how to be with his friend how treat wen he comes home his wife knows it but he dosent know and says tat he didn’t even ask me to have food his wife did asked but how will I say to her tat yes I will have and then the kids are seen behind the bushes who have kept the food on the stands and are waiting to see who eats it and talk tat this time they will catch him and vetal see s the food and stops and goes near it and starts eating the children sees it and goes near as they cant see vetal and then say tat they have caught him and ask vetal to come in front of them and then vetal scares the kids to go away but they don’t listen and then vetal plays his magic and scare them and then asks them to leave. Samrat rides on his horse to meet Aryamahi who lives in pitralok samrat asks him about bhoganand aryamahi tells tat Bhoganand wont get mukti until 1000 years he has done many sins so he cant get mukti and then samrat says tat if he cant give mukti to those ladies then it wont be right and then aryamahi wishes him luck and disappears and samrat then decides to go to vetal again to take his help and calls him but he doesnot comes in front and samrat wonders may be he is sleeping and then appears vetal and says tat y did he wake him up from his sleep and samrat tells tat he wants to know how can he get alive bhoganand now and then vetal tells him tat he has to find his skeleton as bhoganand did so many sins so he was killed during the manthan between god and the devils and so his skeleton must be at the place where he used to do the anushthan or prayers and bhoganand is seen doing his last pooja after killing the ladies while the atma of the ladies is praying god to not fulfill bhoganand wish and then bhoganand gets killed and then vetal asks samrat to go to tat place and find his skeleton but also warms him tat making bhoganand alive is a risk and he should be careful and then samrat thanx him and leave vetal then thinks tat he should actually go to with samrat but he says tat he is very sleepy now and will go wen he finds the skeleton once samrat takes a dive in the siddh kund and swims to the cave and searches here and there wondering where must be the skeleton and he sees a place where it is clustered with rocks he removes the rocks and sees the skull and thinks that this must be the one of bhoganand and then decides to start the yagya.

PRECAP:– Samrat says to chitralekha tat to give life to this skeleton we have to pray to dharti ma and they pray together and appears bhoganand .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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