Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani’s Determination To Punish Anupriya

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kalyani fixes massage parlor advertisement pamphlets with Anu’s name and number on walls. A goon calls Anu’s house. Ahilya picks call. Goon asks if Anu does good massage and relaxes customer well. Ahilya scolds him and warns to dare not call back, else she will get him arrested by her ACP son-in-law. Malhar hears that and assures her to investigate. Goon yells some old woman was shouting. Kalyani scolds him to behave with elders and shoos him away. She tells her friend that she hates Anupriya, but not her family, they should not be insulted because of Anupriya. She then says Kalyani stays in Aurangabad, she will go to her house and insult her in front of family.

She returns to hostel with her friend and plans how to get out of hostel first to go to Anu’s house. Friend

suggests to kiss a boy in front of principal. They see a boy coming and ask her to kiss him. She sees Atharva and says no.. he is Anu’s nephew. Atharva asks someone where is principal’s office, he has to submit Kalyani’s guardian form. Kalyani walks to him. He shouts to stay away from her. She keeps Madhuri’s pic in between their lips and kisses him. Principal is shocked to see that. Atharva pushes her and shouts he does not like arrogant girl like her near him. She says even she does not want to, so she kissed her mother. Principal dismisses Kalyani from hostel. Kalyani walks with her bag and asks Atharva to take her to Anu’s house. He warns her to call her Maayi. Kalyani says for her she is Anu and thinks she will take revenge from Anu and make her life hell.

Anu at her home makes arrangements for pooja and tells her nieces that Sampada will give them Balgopal soon, so they should sprinkle gangajal on her after Pooja. She thinks of speaking to Ahilya about Madhuri and Kalyani and says Madhuri. Ahilya stops her and asks to bring water. She pours water in lamp oil and says both cannot mix, similarly they cannot mingle with Madhuri’s family, people have to die if they are born, so Madhuri also died, Anu need not worry.

Kalyani gets into bus with Atharva. After sometime, bus stops and Atharva goes out to bring food for her. Conductor asks to driver to start bus. Kalyani starts crying and tells conductor that she eloped with her boyfriend and he has gone to bring her food, if he misses bus, where will sye go, she will have to stay at conductor’s house. Atharva returns with vada pav. Everyone look at him. He sits next to Kalyani confused. Kalyani eats vada pav and gets stomach upset and diarrhea. She stops bus and runs out. He asks what happened. She shouts none of his business and gets into shopping mall toilet. He reminisces seeing people beating vada pav seller saying they got diarrhea with his vada pav, gives same to Kalyani and out of flashback thinks he will not let her go to Maayi and trouble her.

At home, Kalyani serves tea to Rao saheb. He yells at her for going out of city. She asks him to have medicine. He shouts he needs peace more than medicine. She walks out and thinks she cannot Rao saheb about Madhuri’s death for sometime.

Precap: Pandit asks Ahilya to sprinkle gangajal on Sampada and whole house. Kalyani snatches gangajal and washes her face. Ahilya asks why did she come here. She says to meet Anupriya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Who I’d anupriya to madhuri? The character if kalyani is beyond irritating!! Which makes me like atharva more lol PS. This serial has almost 0 comments, aren’t people into this show 🤔

  2. This show is hell confusing and this kalyani is hell irritating, what is the secret, that everyone seems to be hiding. personally i will give this show a week more then i may move on.

    1. Ikr I hope the twists aren’t cliche, where madhuri actually stole atul from anu ( kind of illogical that madu didn’t recognize the name when it showed up on atul’s phone!? 🤔🤔this would explain why she was always paranoid that atul was cheating :/
      Or something like, kalyani in actuality is anupriya’s child :/ whether through adoption, or stolen (hey it’s Zeke TV like anything is possible) …… But how would they explain away the divorce papers hmm or why the last name on madhuri’s mouth was anu….. Also the family itself seems to know madhuri, was madhuri actually anu’s sister, hopefully the story gets better by next week, cause at this pace and kalyani’s annoyingness, it’s not that enticing to watch.

  3. I think… Anupriya is probably Atul’s first wife, maybe Madhuri was her sister who eloped with her husband which is why Ahilya is against Madhuri’s existence. Madhuri seems to have suffered from mental illness, possibly bi-polar. Kalyani is very annoying… she lies so much without a care as to the cost of her lies, I really hope she gets into actual trouble and no one believes her.

    1. yes , in a episode they said madhuri had registered a complaint , guess because of her mental illness , she always reacted to things hastily like she tried to threaten atul before she died

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