Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh is in pain due to lava.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh screaming as his body heats up. Ganesh sits down and says brother my stomach is paining because suddenly I am feeling too hot inside my stomach as if lava was flowing in my stomach, it is paining and hurting me brother. Kartikeya is worried and he sits near ganesh and says please breathe ganesh. Indra dev says kumar kartikeya, it is happening because ganesh ji ate andhlasura and now his immense fire and exceeding temperature is hurting ganesh ji’s stomach, we have to do something. Suddenly ganesh screams in pain and says mother! Mother! Kartikeya is worried and says ganesh is in so much pain that he is calling mother. All gods are worried and say we have to do something. Suryadev sees a tree of neem and says we should make ganesh ji sit under the shadow of

the neem tree, he will feel better. Everyone agree. Kartikeya touches ganesh but his hand burns and he says oh my god, ganesh’s body has turned so hot that the heat is hurting me as well. As ganesh is in pain, he says everyone I can see you are worried after looking at my condition but I will be fine. ganesh screams again and kartikeya says I will help ganesh sit under the tree even if my hand burns. Kartikeya holds ganesh and takes him under the neem tree, ganesh sits. Everyone stand around and gods think if mata parvati comes and she knows then she will be so angry!
Kartikeya says it is right, we shouldn’t trouble mother now, we should do something. Vayu dev says I have an idea, I will try and use my cooling power and blow cool air and winds on ganesh ji’s body, it will reduce the temperature and calm him down. Ganesh’s body turns red. Vayu dev comes and uses his powers on ganesh as his body’s temperature calms down. Ganesh feels good and kartikeya says the idea worked. Suddenly ganesh temperature turns more and he screams. Vayu dev says it did not work. Agni dev says maybe I can control the temperature of the fire, agni dev creates a circle of fire around ganesh and tries to control its temperature but fails and says even I cannot do anything because anhdlasura’s fire has some evil power that is very strong. Chandra dev appears and says I can help, I can use the calm and cold air powers that I have, maybe it can help. Everyone agree and Chandra dev tries, as ganehs feels good for sometime, suddenly he breathes fire and the condition turns worse. Ganesh screams in more pain. Kartikeya is worried and says I cannot see ganesh in this pain.
Mahadev appears and says the ahswanikumars can help us. Ashwanikumars appear and say we can help ganesh ji and use shailya chikitsa on him. all gods get worried as they remember the time when ganesh’s head was cut. Ganesh says no, don’t use shailya chikitsa on me, do something else. Vishnu dev and brahma dev appear and say maybe dhanwantari dev can save ganesh, he has the knowledge of all medicines in this universe and he can help ganesh. Dhanwantari dev appears and says I have the chandan paste, it can calm down ganesh. Dhanwantari gives ganesh chandan and says rub it on your stomach. Ganesh rubs the chandan on his stomach, in some minutes ganesh screams again and he breathes more fire, the sky turns red.
There parvati sees the red sky and says what has happened? Why hasn’t ganesh and kartikeya returned yet and even mahadev has gone. Where have everybody gone? Parvati hears ganesh saying mother!
There dhanwantari dev says we have to spray holy water of ganga on ganesh ji, it can help. All gods help and spray holy ganga water on ganesh, ganesh says nothing is happening the water is falling on me but it evaporates instantly, do something. Ganehs then screams and says now I cannot bear this pain more.

Precap: parvati comes and says where is ganesh? Ganesh screams mother. Parvati is sad and has tears, she says why does my son have to kill all demons every time?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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