Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak saying I decided to start a new life with my family, where I will have my identity. Meenakshi stops Ved and says no one will ask Kanak anything, what if she married by her wish. She make me meet your husband Kanak, where is he, I know you have chosen educated and cheerful guy like you, where is he. Kanak recalls Uma. Babasa says you did not do wrong, imp things is hearts meeting, just tell us what that guy does. Vikram says we are not annoyed you did love marriage, but we should know who is he.

Kanak thinks of Uma. She thinks I could not tell Uma about my family and can’t tell my family about Uma. Meenakshi asks Kanak to make them meet her husband. Kanak asks why to call him here to say that my family does not regard me family, I m regarded my parents’

murderer here, the family where I did not get respect, my husband won’t get respect here. Ved says enough, your thinking changed staying with that man. She asks do you realize the hatred I have faced, what could you do for me after knowing Bhabho’s thinking, till when will I beg here, I will be happy in my family.

Meenakshi says fights happen in every home, make me meet Jamaisa, I will beg him and convince him, I m also like your mum. Kanak says yes, you are like my mum, but you were Misri’s mum too, why is her name not taken in this house, tell me. Meenakshi cries. Bhabho asks Vikram to take her to house. Ved asks Kanak what happened to her, will she break everyone’s heart. Kanak says there is intention in hearts relations. Ved says Bhabho’s choice did not had any bad intention, Mayank was not bad, she has educated you and made you independent, she is our Dadi, you are not my Kanak. Kanak says I know you all got hurt by my decision, you all felt much bad, I did not do anything wrong, I m same Kanak, I took decision for myself, everyone is opposing me, I did not wish any drama to happen here, we will go home and talk, I have to talk to Vansh.

Ved says you have created drama, which house are you talking about, we brothers use to dream to get you home, you got hurt and we felt the pain, how shall I take you to home now, you broke Bhabho’s heart, this is not our Kanak, you don’t need this house and family, we became strangers for you, you did not tell us his name, its good, now go your home, I will go my home. He thanks guests for coming and asks them to leave. Everyone leave. Kanak cries.

Uma does puja. Maasi says such a person, Shiv’s devotee, who respects elders, kind hearted and loving, how did Lord give him wrong sign and gave such a girl in his fate.

She says Uma, you did not say a word since that girl run away, say something. Uma says its time to go hospital, patients are waiting, I will go. He leaves. Maasi tells Lord that Uma has drunk all poison and not showing pain on his face. Payal looks on. Kanak sees the shop. Chote chote armaan hai dil ke…..plays…. She sits crying. She says when Daisa asked I got married, I got to know this truth won’t change, why don’t I use this bitter truth for my goal, you could have not seen me sacrificing, I don’t know when will I get Bhabho’s shop papers, I could not lie to family, marriage truth had to come out some day, my goal is still incomplete, I have to get Bhabho’s shop back, this is the only way to enter that villain’s house again.

Ved says I can’t believe Kanak got married, she did not tell us, she has spoiled Bhabho’s happiness, why did Kanak do this. Kanak says either me or this shop’s decoration would survive, I did this Shringhaar to keep this shop decoration, I love Bhabho more than her hatred, I m going to give this test to get this shop, sorry I can’t tell this truth to you. Bhabho sits sad in her room.

Kanak says I m going back to complete my mission. She talks to a lady on the way. Maasi says we will not leave that girl who cheated Uma. Kanak comes to Uma’s house. Uma gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Fight between ved & kanak so sad episode where is vansh
    This show is becoming boring day by day

  2. supperb episode and guys please dont drag anywhear everybody acting supperb keep going on

  3. Aarti32

    I’m getting bored of it now

  4. Very boring serial

  5. Bhaana

    Are yaar aag laga de us dukaan ka,sab bigad gaye,feeling sad for ved,kanak is behaving is so foolish,she should not go back and let uma apologise for his act and take her back.
    Again dont show unche vichar of that 17th century family,kuch to change karo
    Where is vansh?
    What happened to mishri?

  6. I think Star Plus like the concept of force marriage thats why most of episodes aired on star plus have this concept only hate this show if kanak also fall in love with uma ………….hell

  7. Show is becoming boring ..

  8. Don’t be practical and that too even we don’t know clearly why uma has taken bhabos fingerprints and if kanak will go then only she can know what’s the truth and she should take that shop back and then only bhabos hatred will melt

  9. Hi….guys did anyone know the name of kanaks and babho emotional song?

    1. i want to know to!!!!

      1. me too!!!

    2. So do I ….

  10. I just love the song.

  11. Candiva007

    Yes she’ll go back to Uma’s house, he will accept her but the women of that house will hate her. We all know Suman and the one who is in love with Uma already hates Kanak and now she’ll have to taste the sting of Massi sa. I hope Kanak puts them all in their place, nicely…lol

  12. let’s see

  13. Hi guys I just wanted to know what happened to Misri?

  14. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kanak is a strong willed girl … she has no choice but to go back to Uma (sigh)

  15. Who is Mishri and what happened to her in Diya Aur Baati Hum? Is she older than Golu?

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