Hum tum aur koi khaas.. Kaira, Archi and ishkara os by Meher for fenil Bhai.

Let’s start.
A room is shown where 2 boys r trying to wake one boy.
1 boy:bhai ud ja sooraj kab ka nikal aaya.
2 boy:now wake up.Not become small kid.
The boy who is sleeping:om,aryan guys let me sleep .Bache ko neend aayi hai.
om and aryan:bacha!!!!
om: karthik don’t be silly wake up.
(Yess that lazy boy is our kittu).
karthik:why both u r becoming mom.
He sleeps taking blanket.
om and aryan: soh ja .soh ja.Enjoy ur sleep.
om:Aryan aaj radio mei jo special segment aana tha kitne baaje aana tha.
Aryan-after 5 min.
karthik:what??mai bhool gya.
He goes and turn on the radio.
om and aryan:soh jao bache ko toh neend aayi thi
Radio voice:good morning India.
Me ur naira singhania is here with another segment of hum tum aur woh khas.Today’s special guests r Mr and Mrs khanna .aaj hm inse jaane ge inki prem kahanni.
(Guys that our sherni)
(She talks with them.).
naira:guys now its time for our today caller.
Phone rings.

naira picks it.
naira:namaaste ji aapka naam.
Caller:I m the same one .
naira: karthik aap phirse I was knowing it.
karthiko:yup me again.I want to ask to Mr and Mrs khanna a ques.
naira:plz karthik don’t ask the same ques.
karthik:I will.So Mr and Mrs khanna how r u feeling while talking to miss singhania
Naira:again same question.they r feeling good.(laughing)now call next time.
She cuts the call.
naira talks to them.
naira:OK friends now its the time
to say bye but don’t forget to be her e next weekend.I will be back with another sweet couple.Till then enjoy.
karthik:oh meri naira jaaan nikaal di.
Aryan:tu aur Teri naira.Kyun thang krta hai use.
karthik:ek baar milna hai use only 1 time.
om:tu sirf usse baat hi kr.
naira is in her cabin.
She is lost.
naira:aaj phir karthik ka phone he manage to call every time.
She reach her pg where she live.
Sanchi:naira aaj phirse wohi.
naira:yup yaar pagal hai.
Sanchi:shayad .
ishana:girls I have to tell a news.
Sanchi and naira:what.
ishana:my marriage fixed.
sanchii and naira:kiske sath .kab kaise .
ishana:OK so listen .My mum and dad have fixed this rishta.
naira:do u personally know the boy.
ishana: naira i like the boy he is the son of Manish uncle my papa friend.
naira: but do u know the boy.
ishana:yes I have met him 2 times in my childhood he have two brothers.I forgotten the name of his brothers but his name is omkara.
Sanchi:oh ho uska naam nhi bhuli tu.
Naira:can u manage with him.
isha:surely he is a nice boy.
nairo:how come u know.
ishay:yaar woh chod .next Saturday engagement.
naira:itni jaldi .Shopping.
isha:we have to shop 2day only.
isha :look girls mai toh ja rhi hoon Delhi to mum and dad.tum Dono ko shopping krke aana hai on Saturday.
nairo:yaar boss chuti nhi dega Saturday ko imp segment hai.
isha:naira what is this leave le le u have to come.
naira:sorry yaar not possible but shadi PR pakka .
isha:naira !!!!!maine nhi karvani sagaai not fair we r living for 6 years together and u
naira:oh ishana emotional blackmailing ..
sanchi:naira chl yaar.
naira:yaar imp hai .
isha:more than me.
Naira howays convinces isha and at last naira wins.
kittu ?
karthik:bhai ishana bhabhi is beautiful right .
aryan:she is so not fit for bhai.
kitto:kaha yeh ghada aur kaha woh malika.
om:shut up.
kitto:bhai tune toh shadi ka fanda ghale me dhaal liya wakt hai utaar de.
Aryan:bhai u gone.
Om:chip kro dono and get out.
(So guys om and ishana engagement)
kitto:yeah toh arrange marriage karva RHA hai mai toh luv hi karvaoga.
Aryanh:naira se.
kitto:kaha milegi mujhe meri naira.
Push:in Mumbai.

Sanchi and isha were ready to go.Both of them hug naira.
Isha:naira soch le abhi bhi 5 days hai.U can come to engagement.
naira:isha wish mai aa skti but sooo sorry yaar.
sanchi:isha leave her uski marji.
naira:sanchi r u angry.
Sanchi:yup our isha is going to marry and it is our duty to attend each and every event.
naira:aapni zindagi karaab krne ja rhi hai vijay bhavo.
isha:hey u hate marriage not me.
Sanchi:isha bhool ja.
naira:aacha bs(emotional)leave old things let’s have girly hug.
They togetherly hug and isha nad Sanchileaves.
They reach Delhi.
sanchii:ish nairo bhi khash hoti.
isha:ya .Hey mom and dad.
They both goes to them .ishana hugs them and Sanchii sweetly greets them.
They all reach home.
om,Aryan and karthik were there.
isha and Sanchii enters there.
Isha:(looking towards om)om.
om:yup.and these both my brothers karthik and Aryan.
Sanchi was continuously looking towards Aryan so does Aryan.
karthik coughs.
They both comes to senses.
ishay: karthik and Aryan nice to meet u both.
Sanchii:me too.
aryan:ur name.
isha:oh I forgot to tell.She is sanchi my friend.
Sanchi:naira best and me just friend.
isha:my another friend.we three live together.
om:ok u both might be tired we should go.
isha:nhi .
aryanh:oh bhabhi rest kro will meet tomorrow for shopping.
kart: leave him bhai let’s go now.
The trio leaves .
Next day they did shopping and enjoyed.
It was engagement day.
isha’s phone rings.
She picks it.
Caller:aapni suicide ki pehle padav ke liye all the best.
isha:nairaaaaa come on meri jaan at least today don’t make me afraid.
naira:ok sorry but how’s going
.isha:very gud.tu aa ja
naira:u r going to get a surprise.
Isha:surprise what.
naira:will tell later.
She cuts the call.
isha goes to the hall.
After some time a girl wearing sky blue colour lehnga designer .Her hairs were covering her face.
karthik was walking in haste and they both colloid.It is shown the girl was naira.
They both see each other.
naira was about to say something that she got losted in his eyes.
our kitto was already mesmerized.
From back ishana comes.
ishay: nairaaaaa u here.
(naira and karthik have not spoken any word and r not knowing each other cause they only recognize each other voices)
isha:naira karthik karthik naira
kitto was seeing her and comes to senses and leave from there.
isha:ise kya hoya.nairavaruna?
nairo:actually surprise.
isha:tera toh segment tha
naira:woh segment pe jin logon ne aana tha they didn’t came.
So my segment got cancelled and I m here.
ishana was overjoying in happiness.
isha:come jiju se mil.
om and aryan were standing.
Isha:om naira.Maine btaya tha na.
Sanchi comes there.
Sanchi::naira u
naira:baad me btaougi.pehle jiju se toh mil liya jaye.
om:hlo me om.ur jiju.
Aryan:mai Aryan.
Sanchi:aur yeh naira.
There kitto comes.
om and aryan laughs.
aryan: bhai karthik bhai ko pta chl gya.
Sanchi: what?
aryan:(laughing) iski singhania kashow nhi aaya.
Sanchi:naira singhania woh toh.
nairu shakes her head indicating not to speak.
aryan:woh toh kya.
Sanchi:hmm radio Jockey.
Aryan:haan .(he laughs)
isha:kya hua.
Aryan:bhabhi he is mad for that naira.he never misses her segment .pr aaj aaya nhi .I don’t know kya hai uske ndar.he is mad for her voice.who knows ki uski umar kya hai isse badhi nikli she beautiful.only uski awaaj se yeh pagal ho gya.
kiSanchi:oh she is just 25 and very beautiful.
aryan:how do u know.
nairo laughs there.
Karthik hearing her laugh voice says.
karthik: naira singhania
nairo:yes Mr karthik goenka am I right.
om and aryan:what really .
naira:yes .Aryan so I can guarantee u naira singhania is 25 and beautiful also.
aryan:woh to hai.
sanchi:are u really that karthik.I can’t believe naira mili karthik se.
naira: karthik goenka uff mendak how can any1 so energetic that he calls every time.
aryan:pagal deewana.
naira: karthik plz speak something I m waiting to meet u and want the answer and now u r quite.
kitto:woh actually I want to say something u and ur voice sweet smile.
Sherni blushes little.
karthik:ms naira singhania u r very beautiful .
isha:naira tera mendak handsome bhi nikla shadi krle u will have great life.
nairo:shut up isha shadi never.
naira:cause I hate marriages. Marriage have always destroyed lives .It can never help any1.
Kitto:no naira at this point u r wrong.
nairo: karthik u might luv marriage but in my life its worst.
Kitto:if u don’t mind can u tell me why.
Sanchi: karthik I think u should not ask.
naira:no sats let him.u wanna know than listen due to marriage my mom and dad died they fight daily and at last they both were depressed they divorced I was feeling worst and due to depression they both died.Have u ever thought bout a girl without parents..
Their was silence for some time.
nairo:so for me marriage is useless.But zaroori nhi might it can be good also.Shayad isha om marriage will be big success.leave it meri ram khata toh chalti rehegi let’s njoy.
All went..
Kitto:kya yaar yeh ladki show krti hai marriages pr aur in reality she hates marriages.kaha mai bacho tak ke sapne dekha betha hoon aur shadi ke naam se hi use nafrat hai.
kitto was now thinking how to change sherni’s heart.
The engagement was over.
kitto went to sherni.
Karthik:naira u know my mom and dad r living happily from past 25 years silver jumblee completed.
naira:good phir do u want I take their interview for my show.
karthik:no I mean .
naira:OK see I said na some marriage could be happy.
karthik: will not u marry ever?
Naira:no never I just hate marriage.
She went from there.
karthik:yeah ladki kaisi hai koi aur tarkeeb soch karthik.
It was next day.
naira:isha shadi kab thi Teri bhool gyi.
nairo:tell na.
isha:after 7 days.
naira:itni jaldi.
isha:mom have already shopped for my marriage.
sanchi: naira how is Aryan? He is so cute ?.. and very sweet na?
naira:oh my girl kisi ladke ko chod de.
Sanchi:kisi ladke ko toh pakhad le.phirbhi I think Aryan is very cute and this time it’s nt for maazak yard. Seriously I think I am falling for him.
naira:mein aur ladka no need.and Teri aur Aryan ke barame pata nahi par Haan tum donoki Jodi acchi hein.
The 3 girls went for shopping .
It was mehndi time.
kitto was curiously waiting for sherni .
kitto:aaj toh sherni will change.
naira was enjoying mehndi function.karthik comes.
karthik:tumhari mehndi kitni aachi lgi hai.
karthik:Btw naira marriage ke karan zindagi ko ek nayi shoruvat milti hai.Two person together could understand each a times both girl and boy understand each other.
naira:why r u telling dis to me.
karthik:naira tum fayade suno ladki ka toh fayada hi fayada hai pati ko jitna marji mar le.aakir chlti toh wife hi ki hai na.
naira laughs.
kitto mesmerized seeing her smile.
naira(laughing):yeh toh fayada hai.
Karthik:so marriage bare kya socha.
naira:sochu gi
She went.
kitto now daily tries to convince naira.
(Chlo let’s reach to marriage now).
Every1 was enjoying the marriage.
karthik:naira shadi toh karvani chahiye .
naira:mendak tu toh piche padh gya.
karthik:will u marry.
He stops.
Sumo:sochu gi.
(naira’s thought was changing but she was unaware and she was also started having feeling for karthik.she don’t want to have )

Karan(karthik friend): karthik tere bhai ki shadi hai aaj toh ek song suna de.
meera(karthik friend)yup karthik one song.
karthik:no mood nhi
naira:kar do u sing song also.
meera and karan:yes.
nairo: karthik please sing a song.
Karthik:u said so pakka
(Guys Maine bhut dhoonda lekin mere ko koyi ghanna nhi mila jo mai is situation me dhalna chahti thi so I have written a song from myself.plz and aur tamatar mat fekna.)
karthik sings:tu ru ru ,
Pehli daffa jab suni uski awaaj.
Itni pyaari awwaj uske piche chupe itne raaj.
Socha tabhi hi ki kronga usse hi shadi bnaonga usse bhai ki bhabhi
Lekin dharta hai dil .
Kyunki shadi usko pasand nhi .
WO ho wo hoooo.
(naira was listening the song very carefully)
Haan shadi usko pasand nhi.
Pehli baar jab dekha maine use.
Dil mera dhadkha tejhi se.
Zulfe uski dekh mera man khil gya.
Uski khoobsurat aankon se toh mai hil gya.
Rooo roo.
Uski hasi ne toh cheen liya mera Chen.
Ja kr puch use sabhi mujhe lge yehi baat kehen.
Lekin dharta hai dil.
Kyunki shadi use pasand nhi .
Tu ro rooo.
Ohh hoo hoo.
Naira was emotional listening dis song .she went from there.
naira started her car and went from there.
naira was talking to herself.
naira:nooo I can’t luv any1.I can’t change.I just hate marriage.I can’t marry.I should now never talk to karthik.woh toh aacha hai ki mai waha se aa gyi varna aaj Maine mendak ko sab bol dena tha.
Due to sudden going of naira makes tension for everyone.they call naira and sumo says to them due to her show she went back.
Every1 were surprised with this sudden going
She reaches Mumbai.
Its morning.naira have to do her segment 2day .
naira knows kitto will call so she have to face him .
naira:aaj karthik ne agar phone kiya naira u have to control.
Her segment starts.
She was interview ing her guests when.the phones ringz.
She picks.
Voice comes:naira singhania will u marry me.
naira listened it.she was emotional and started crying.
Voice was of u all know.
kitto:whole India is waiting for ans.
naira was not able to control and she said yes
Every 1 was happy and after some days Sanchi also propsed Aryan(thoda hatke hei larkine larke ko propose Kiya but we know Aryan hamari Sanchi baby ko propose to karega nahi so hamari dhandledar ne use propose kardiya?)after some days Archi and kaira marries in same mandap.
It was Saturday and naira’s segment.
A voice comes: gud morning!!u all might be thinking whose voice is this.where is ur naira.actually today with naira two more pairs are here.
So guys today we r going to interview karthik-naira urf kaira Aryan-Sanchi urf Archi and ishana-omkara urf ishkara. So,let’s know about their love story on hum tum aur koi khaas.

Thanks for reading……………

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