TU MERI RAHEGA _ SSEL SS ( ep 3 part 1)

hi guys its me Shilpa with the next epi of tu meri RAHEGA..

guys.. i hope you guys ate enjoying my ss.. so keep supporting and keep commenting guys…
suhani pov :
” mrs suhani.. remember watever ur action will be its result is going to be on yuvraj ” he said…
i did not have any other choice… i had to give in.
” ok .. ill do watever as you say.. but one condition you should not harm yuvraj.. u should inform the goons not to harm him.. ” i told him..
” sure ” he said and called the goons ans told them not to harm yuvraj.. i was relieved. but the condition which he kept forward to me was igniting disgust in me..

i was scared.. i didnt want to loose the self respect i had for myself…

yuvraj was the only man who touched me first and the last… i never wanted anyone else to touch me… ohhh god y r u doing this to me..
” come in suhani.. wat are u waiting for.. come to my room. otherwise.. my goons are waiting for my call.. ur yuvraj will be gone forever.. ”
i felt my world crashing down.. he was saying all these things infront of my kids….

i realized I had no other way… to save my life.. my yuvraj.. i had to give away my self respect…
i made one decision.. if at all sambhav,s bloidy hand touches me… then the next day no one will find me alive…

he came forward held my hand and took me to his room.. my dad and mom tried to stop him but he wouldn’t budge…

all this while.. i was thinking which way should i end my life.. as Sambhaav held my hand.. i felt like cutting that out from my body…. i never felt like this with yuvraj.. even before we confessed.. i never got irritated with his touch… i used to feel secure with yuvraj.. he used to care a lot for me.. i was sure if yuvraj came to know about sambhavs evil intentions he would hv killed him… he took me into the room.. he closeed it .. but forgot to lock it.. he came forward.. i was moving backward… he was about take my pallu of…… suddenly i heard a thud sound
i felt like a drop of water fell on my hand..
i couldnt open my eyes… my head was spinning… i felt immense pain in my stomach… but i felt his presence.. yes he was there beside me.. it was his tear drop which fell on my hand.. but y did he care so much for me.. eye gained all my strength and opened my eyes.. i found him near me.. he was holding my hand tightly… i looked around.. it was not my house.. it was a hospital room… ” suhani ” i heard him whisper .. ” are u alright.. is it paining.. ”
“im really sorry.. it was all bcoz of me.. ”
he sounded concerned as well as guilty…

so who is this ge.. yuvraj? sambhav? ..
wat happened to suhani?
did sambhav do anything wrong with her?

i know 4th these are the questions in ur mind.. dont worry guys this is just part one of this epi.. part 2
is on the way…




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    Woah. Shilpa. This is so amazing. I am too hooked. I love love loved this toooo much. Please update soon because i am on the edge of my seat xxx

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