Hii…helllooooooo……..bhul toh nhi gaye na…….

Well let me introduced me…I m snehal…..writing this ff on five serials







Sona: yaar plzz..someone take me out from these khadoos….bcz of him I m here

Dev: ohhh…hello because of you I m here

Sona: who told you to save me

Dev: someone told

There nok jhok cont. by which all were tiered

Asad: dev sona now stop it…wait I will save you

Abhi: nooo noo I will take them out

Asad: then go

Abhi: pragya..lets go

Pragya: who said I m coming

Abhi: I said ..now come

Abhi takes pragya forcefully……..but instead of helping them he also falls in tub (not by mistake ha)

Abhigya were fully wet

Abhi starts to romance with pragya

Abhi was eyeing pragya with love

Pragya becomes shy…makes her head down…..abhi lifts her face with her chin

Raman: abbey oeeyy……first let me do some then you can do….after our marriage

Abhi; shadi ki date kya fix hui??

Raman: its tomorrow

Ishu : raman..kuch bhi mat bolo

Raman: let it be…lets see some more fun 2morrow

Ishu and raman smiles a little bit which was catched by bihaan and thapki

Bihaan: we need to go there…lets go

Thapki: where??

Bihaan points towards tub

Thapki: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Until she was saying no…bihaan lifts her in his arms and jumps in tub

All others laugh at thapki’s reaction


In this way asya also reach towards tub….and all 10 people enjoyed their day with full on masti……

After an hour….

Lagori gang reached ishu’s home by late night..

Devil also stays at raman’s house for one day..
In late night…

Lagori gang:-

Someone’s phone is ringing…all are sleeping peacefully….but cont. ringing of phone was disturbing their sleep ..their all’s phone were kept in one bowl…

Zoya(in sleep):yaar whose phone is ringing now…who have called late

Sona: ishu first check your phone…that idiot duffer raman may be calling you…

Ishu: no…yaar he will be not calling…….he is not that much idiot

Thapki: yehh pragya na…..abhi tak uski needh nhi khuli

Ishu: it must be of pragya’s phone…..

Sona: I will wake her

ISTZ wakes up pragya

Pragya: aree let me sleep na….

Ishu: wake up some one is calling you

Pragya: who is calling me

Zoya: we don’t know..pick your phone

Pragya get her phone…….and lagori gang saw RAMAN’s name flashing on the screen

Thapki: raman….why will he call pragya…late night….

Sona: just pick that phone

Pragya picks that phone

Raman: hello pragya

Pragya: yes..speak fast…why you have call me

Raman: bcz I want to

Sona: are you in sleep

Raman: pragya I love you so much…I cant live without you

Pragya: yess….

Ishu was abt to talk but raman cuts the call

All lagori gang was shattered….ishu was broken down

Pragya put her hands on ishus shoulder …but in a vain ishu ask her not to touch her….

Pragya became sad…and she was also shattered by that phone call…..

Aagar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha) plays in bg

Their night end without talking to each….sadness was filled in that night

Precap: ishu’s anger towards raman….devil gang unknown abt fight b/t ishu nd pragya and their preparation for ishra’s marriage ..

Will lagori gang be able to unite pragya and ishu???????

What do you think abt that phone call???????

Is this the reason for the breakup of lagori??????????

Guyzz so sorry for not posting these day…as I m really very busy…not getting time to read ff also……today bcz of independence day I got some time…….. next epi will be posted soon

  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey snehu finally u updated it
    the first half was full of masti yaar haha the way abhigya, thahaan and asya joined devakshi and ishra in the tub amazing XD and loved their nok jhok and chupke chupke romance, I am sure nothing is between raman and pragya maybe they just know each other well I got what is it not sure haha and I hope MU between ishita and pragya gets cleard
    And how was ur exam yaar

    1. thnxx a lot joyee……
      i m happy that u liked it…
      and also happy bcz u r the 1st to cmnt..
      ..dont worry..MU will be sloved asap…
      my exam was goodd…next will be on 26-27aug………
      again thnx…
      ur ff is also awesome of devakshi and sharman

  2. superb yarr……………………..i think abhi called from raman phone

    1. thnx nannu,,,wait for next epi…to know
      happy that u liked it

  3. nice and please give some abhigya sceane

    1. thnx raj…
      i m trying to give….there are 5pairs so i cant include all’s romance in one epi only…
      but in further epi you wii be able to see

  4. Kash ma Allah se kuch aur mang leti ma ne kal hi ap k ff k bary ma socha aur aj ap ne post b kar diya isi liye toh kehty hain dill se dill ko rah hoti ha btw epi was dhansu loved it

    1. thnxx nanina for this cute cmnt

      i know you all must have been waiting for my ff….
      so i tried to post a small epi..
      thnxxxxxxxx a lot again

  5. RiyaDcruz

    Is tht abhi who called pragya ???????????? Epi was sooppperrrbbb yaar luved it…………..

    1. riya u want to know mstry abt that phone call?????
      thn wait for next epi..it will be Revealed ..
      thnxx for cmnting…keep supporting

  6. love your ff i think call pragya by mistake he want to call ishita

  7. Bhoomi

    i missed u soooo muchhhhhhh….
    Superrrrrr….. ohh noo…. fight ….
    plz post next one soon….??


    Wooow nice yaar…waiting for next episode pls upload soon…

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb!!!!!Waiting for ur next Epi…….

  10. Manya

    Hey Snehal it is me ayushi finally registered bcoz had to write my ff and epi was awesomeeeeeee????and I guess that was a plan of devil gang to irritate them or they must be playing STD and he got this dare

  11. I think that phone call will be by Abhi…He should have mistakenly called using Raman’s phone
    Episode is good..
    Plz update soon dr

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